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March 20, 2013

Getting published and other blah- II

Ahh well, finally the moment has arrived. When a good for nothing bloke like me actually gets to see the book he is a part of in online and physical bookstores. :-)
And the book is available in-
Flipkart (coming soon)
HomeShop18 (coming soon)

I wish I could say I am damn excited about it and all, but shucks, now all I can come up with is a 'bleh' kinda mood. :-P

Lol..kidding re! Of course I am darn excited. But..but..but..I'm excited about something else too..

I'm....wait for it...getting published in Urban Shots series as well. Didn't hear of Urban Shots? :-( Wait..What?

So..'s a series of books and one of my other stories is gonna be a part of the upcoming one!! :-D that's that. Posts like these usually end with the author humbly requesting/begging/coaxing/cajoling/threatening the readers to buy the books and all..but I'll spare you all that. :-)

I am grateful that maybe there are still a few followers of mine who read my posts even now. And I'm grateful for being able to share my happiness with the select few of you today. :-)

But a guy can't afford to rest on his laurels for too long.'s next? Ahh well..I iwill tell that to you guys too..when the time is ripe!! :-)




  1. Congratulations again, bro...will be picking it up for sure. :) All the best!

  2. Awesome news, Rahul! Way to go. :)Will surely buy the book. Congrats!

  3. Good good good! Keep going strong Rahul - hope to see more out there soon! :)

  4. I am a first timer and I must say "wow! congrats man :)"

  5. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.