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February 29, 2012

Nine Lives-Diksha Sharma

Imagine a perfect sphere of molten golden brown fluid,with dark charcoal spread very finely around its circumference.And then someone drops a gleaming,glistening,glossy black bubble right in its center.Now what if someone's hazel eyes were just like that,except...her eyes are possibly more ideal.Sounds bewitching,right?It doesn't?He he,yeah....I suck at descriptions.But take my word for it,her eyes are way more angelic than this.Of course,a radiant skin-glow,a ravishing smile and a twin set of refined eyebrows crowning her eyes don't do much harm either.

But of course,physical adorableness is only superficial.Except in her case,her moonlit smile and her lustrous,incandescent eyes seem to burn with an inner glow.She seems like a genuinely happy person,and eager to spread that golden,glittering,glaring cheer all around.Her blog's name is "Audere Agere Aufure".To dare,to strive,to conquer.Her blazing eyes do seem to convey her gumption to fight and defeat her demons.
Classical Greek Goddess physicality coupled with kick-ass toughness. Xena The Warrior Princess,anybody???:-D

And to add to all that,she is a brilliant writer.Don't believe me?Check this out-
and this...
Or this...
Along with all that overdose of awesomeness,she is also a
i. classical danseuse
ii.a smashing basketball player
iii.terrific at handball and
iv. heavy-duty shot-putter.Yup.A talent powerhouse.:-)

So just today I find that she has conferred an award on me.The Liebster Blog award.Imagine.Me??Bah!!!There are way more fabulous bloggers out there who deserve all this awards more than I do.

But all the same......thank you so much,Diksha....Wish you all the success and bliss you deserve in your life....

P.S.Diksha,my friend,your mission- should you choose to accept it,is to promote another awesome blogger who is relatively unknown in the blogging circles on your blog.Anybody with less than 30 followers is a good pick.Or just do your own pick.I won't try to dictate choosing terms here.For more info,feel free to click here.

February 27, 2012

Set Fire To The Rain

The windy rain lashed against his body and the betrayal burnt ugly holes through his soul.The rain drops felt putrid and foul.The streets were deserted.Save for some faceless folks darting about, seeking straw shelters to thrust themselves into.His face was twisted in a paroxysm of pain.But no one took any notice as he ignored the torrential downpour and trudged on.The sky was bleeding,his heart was bleeding,maybe his eyes were too.The wound just ran too deep.

"Is this some joke?Coz I am not the least bit amused,"he had spat out angrily at Simran.10 minutes ago.
"I only wish it was,Rohit,"she had replied,guiltily averting his gaze."I myself am at a loss at why I did that.The whole thing happened so.....I don't know why I did it..I.."
"You kissed another guy,dammit!!!"The rage in his voice hit her so hard that her feet involuntarily shifted a few steps back."Why the fuck?"
She just hung her head in shame.
No excuse.No explanation.Just a deafening static of contorted conscience.
"I am sorry,Rohit,"her voice quivered and trembled,as the first drop of rueful tears wiggled out her tightly shut eyelids.
"I don't need this,"he shook his head, disgusted and made his way for the door.
"Rohit,DON"T GO!!!!!!!Pleasee...listen to me!!!!!!"She called out to him,utterly downcast and disconsolate.
Only to have the door slammed on her crestfallen face.

And he had stormed out of her house.Out of the tainted stench of betrayal.And into the fetid rains outside.Her scent was still lingering in his nostrils.Her essence.It used to drive him crazy,fanatical,smitten.Now it just gave out the stench of decaying disloyalty.The smell.It was everywhere.Rank,reeking,rotting.It made him want to puke.

As he peeled off his glasses to wipe off the droplets,memories of happier times deluged him.
Memories which now lay splintered into a million pieces of torn embraces,tattered hugs,scalding kisses,meaningless gifts and broken promises.The nestling of her butterfly-like small body in his bear hug,her clutching his arm tightly,all the fondling,all the coddling,his patting her delicate hands,his grazing his nose against the nape of her neck,their cuddling on the sofa,their huddling on the carpeted floor;the nuzzling,the playing around,the rubbing,the squeezing,the stroking,the toying;her burrowing herself into his chest,her curling up into a tiny ball in his enfolding arms;the snug comfort of her hands fitting perfectly into his,the snuggling,her soft cheeks pressing against his,the brush of her hair against his face and the delightful tickling which accompanied it.Every thing.Every tiny detail,every peculiarity of her,every minutia,every trait.Seared into his memories.To remain there now and forever.

But everything was in vain.She had spat on all his efforts.His love lay begrimed. Be-soiled.Blackened.Blotched and botched.

A car screamed past him,spraying up a grimy storm at the wheels,sloshing his already soaked body with mucky waters.Oh joy!Just what the doctor ordered to make him feel all the more messed up.

Yet all the grime on his soiled shirt felt strangely befitting his situation.Inside,he was feeling as scummy,as stained,as squalid as his clothes.He felt his cornea burning,tiny needles biting upwards through its surface.The prickle of pain,the trickle of tears,the sting of sadness.The blood of the heart pouring out through miniature wounds in the eyes.He looked up at the skies oozing out heaven's blood and sobbed silently.

His clothes dripping with the liquid fury of the skies,and with his eye fluids zig-zagging down his cheeks,he now understood completely why Adele wanted to Set Fire To The Rain!

He returned to his home,drenched and soaked.Pulling out his soggy clothes and soppy shoes,he changed into something dry.As he flopped down on his bed,he reached for his cellphone.Five missed calls.All from Simran.With all the rain outside,and his mooning about her,he had been totally unaware of his Samsung
Corby buzzing in his pocket.
She had even sent over a dozen texts.
"It's raining so hard.Please come back inside.Plzzz.We need to talk."
He angrily jabbed the Delete option on the touchscreen.
"Are you ok?Don't get wet walking in the rains please.You have barely recovered from that viral.You'll fall sick again.Please pick up the phone."
"Why aren't you picking up the phone?Please Rohit.Talk to me.I am dying to hear you say something.Anything.Say you hate me,say you never want to see my face again,say I hurt you,say I am a slut,say I am a whore.But please talk to me.Plzzzz."
He didn't bother to read the rest of the messages.He ticked them all and expelled them to his phone's trash.Almost immediately,his phone pulsated in his palms.Simran was calling.He let the phone ring briefly.His finger hovered over the Receive button for a fraction of a second.But in a flash,he disconnected the call.

His head plopped down into the pillow,exhausted.He turned his face to the side to see a picture of them together set beautifully in a photo frame which she had spent three hours picking.The frame boasted of a majestic craftsmanship.It was classy,comely and charming.Its pleasing symmetry and its refined polish reflected off light in resplendent beauty.In many ways,the frame was just like the girl in the picture.Dazzling,delicate,divine.Fair as honey-mixed snow,fascinating as the sunrise on golden yellow sand,eyelashes as fine as silk.Gorgeous twin black planets in her eyes,around which his heart floated around purposefully and rhythmically like a satellite.Splendid eyes which makes a weary traveler feel that he has finally arrived home.An angelic smile which almost felt maternal-gentle,kind,overflowing with compassion.

Just a kiss on her lips in the moonlight,just a chance to drown himself in her eyes so bright,just to set everything in her life alright.These were all he wished for.He could clearly see  everything in that photo.The thoughtful look on her face,as they cuddled together,watching the rain drizzle outside the glass pane.The misty reflection of her face on the glass.

The twinkle in her eyes.And her lips.Her heavenly lips.Their inviting wetness,which reminded him of hibiscus petals wet with early morning dew.Lush lips,he fingered them gingerly.Like he would the leaves of a touch-me-not plant,because they would fold inward and droop at the slightest touch.He gently played around with the mouthwatering,mellow moistness of her pout.And whenever he used to do that,she would blush.He would see them right away-tiny red rivulets climbing up the fine veins of her cheeks.It would start with a warm tingle in the sides of her face.Tiny pin-pricks of pleasure would scale down the walls of her face and down the flank and nape of her slender long neck.

They were just meant to be together.He knew it.He believed in it with his heart and soul.It was written in the stars,million miles away.Seasons would come
and go,but his feelings for her would never change.

But she had thrown all that away.Singed all that he held dear,scalded his faith in her,scorched his love.Everything.Reduced to ashes.With a violent jerk,he yanked the photo off the frame.Fuck you,bitch!!!He cursed,venom dripping under his breath,and ripped the photo apart through the middle.The piece containing her image lay in his right hand and the part contaning him in his left.He tossed his half away and proceeded to tear up her half with a cancerous chagrin.He kept on lacerating her portrait,punishing her,until he couldn't tear anymore.He flung those pieces away in the trash bin,his face convulsed in rage.Good riddance!!!

Five minutes later he was rummaging through his trash bin,collecting all the fragments of her shattered portrait.He spent the next two hours painstakingly gluing back every shred of the tattered Simran under the dim light of his study lamp.Once he was done,his fatigued eyes fell asleep,with her sewn back photo clutched tightly against his chest.

To be continued????
P.S.I am sad today.A friend of mine desperately wanted to crack an interview.And for some weird reason she didn't make it,despite being the only one in her institution to be interviewed twice.I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.She will make it one day soon for sure.
Anyway,this is the post I wanted to put for V-day but my writer's constipation beat me to it.So anybody wants to continue this story?Clarify the female POV?Anybody?Anyone?No one?Shucks!!!I knew my writing sucked and no one would give two hoots to continuing this tale.
Ok...I guess we have to wrap up the tale here.Unless,of course,one of you decide to end it for me.:-)
Do tell me what you think about this story.Comments and brickbats are welcome and warmly encouraged.

February 25, 2012


Life used to be simple once.Good and bad were easy to decide.I was always the good one.My parents were always the right ones.Anybody who hurt me or worked against the interests of my parents was the baddie.But then I grew up and everything became muddled up.I started questioning.Asking for answers.They say-you can only find the answers you seek when you start asking the right questions.I have been asking the same set of questions for so long.But the answers...they keep eluding me.One question keeps popping up every now and then.Am I a good person?
I am so damn selfish that I can only think of myself.Even when someone else is passing through a difficult time,all I can think of is how she is treating me.Even when I claim to ( or do I just fool myself here?) understand her,I go right ahead and act like the self-centered prick I have always been.I blame the whole world for being mean,and yet here I am,resorting to petty meanness just because my fragile ego has been slighted.

She says she is a simple girl,nothing 'unique' like the way I consider her to be.I don't care if she is unique or not.All I know is she is
creative and smart.She is attracted to sad things and fears doing the wrong thing;she is an observer,she is avoidant,she fears drawing attention to self.She is anxious,she is cautious, somewhat easily frightened.She is easily offended, she is private,she is easily hurt.She is socially uncomfortable, emotionally moody and does not like to be looked at.She is fearful, she is a perfectionist;I fear she can sabotage self, she is so vulnerable that she can be wounded at the core.She values solitude, she is guarded, she does not like crowds,she second guesses self,  focuses on peoples hidden motives.She is prone to crying, she is not competitive,she is prone to feelings of loneliness, she is not spontaneous, she is prone to sadness.She longs for a stabilizing relationship, fears rejection in relationships, frequently worried, can feel victimized, prone to intimidation.She is so strict with herself that her hands gets covered in her own blood.She is not perfect.She is just human.
Nobody will forget your faults and consider them as only mistakes done unintentionally on your part..Nobody will perk you up from bad hope ..Nobody will bother to make you stand up from a bad fall.. Nobody sees the individual in you who is also an insecure and a frightened soul.."...these are her words...
And these.."
 Others never understand you.Only you can understand what your heart desires.She gave away social life and started living her life her way.She began to cherish the other half of her face she liked looking at.She looks beautiful everyday.In the mirror.In her mind.She realized no man will ever see the beauty of the other side of her they are all stuck up on the wrong side."

I realize perfectly what Bruno Mars is trying to say when he sings-

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would changeCause you're amazing, just the way you areAnd when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a whileBecause girl you're amazing, just the way you are(yeah)

And to think,I just met her hardly a month back.Just talked a few times.No,I am not deluding myself.I just respect and admire her for who she is.I hope ..desperately hope...she finds the happiness she so desperately seeks.I hope her knight comes and picks her up from the castle,slaying all the dragons,monsters,ogres and baddies along the way.I wish the person she ultimately ends up with can do all that and more.'Coz she deserves all that...and more.I wish I could tell her all this.I can never bring myself to say all this to her without sounding corny.
But now it is too late.
For some weird reason,another Bruno Mars song is playing in my MP3 player in an endless loop-

'Cause what you don't understand is
I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya
I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain'

Wishing her lover/bf/husband/soul-mate feels the same way about her.......Nothing less would do justice to her..

February 24, 2012

Nine Lives-Red Handed

OK..I told you I will blog about 9 awesome bloggers,didn't I?So here is the first one.Ladies and gentlemen,be ready with your rounds of applause and standing ovations....This package of awesomeness deserves nothing less....

I really do not want to sound gender-biased here,but wit in the writings of female bloggers is a bit uncommon.That's not to say their writings lack humor and intelligence....maybe it's just a conscious decision on their part not to indulge the readers' funny-bones too much...But an exception to this..and a glorious one at Red Handed.She is a paragon of super-witty creativity which leaves a smile playing on my lips whenever I read her.Sarcasm,out-of-the-way insights,a biting free-flowing jocular style of narration-she has it all.And the pictures she garnishes her posts with...totally LOL-arious!!!!!:-) If you don't read her,I say you do so are missing out on a lot..Take my word for this...

Now that her humor has been dealt with..let me focus on other aspects of her writing.She is brutally honest.Regarding her short-comings,her flaws,her insecurities...she bares them endearingly..that you instantly develop an emotional connection with what she is trying to communicate..The take-away from this super-small paragraph which cruelly does no justice to her awesomeness at that her writings are multi-dimensional...You can laugh and you can cry...Her blog is that beautiful movie which provides you your weekly emotional nutrients in just the right doses....

And another thing-this might be treated as a corollary to her humorous outlook on life and issues....but this gal just knows how NOT to take herself too seriously..:-) She is one babe who the Joker can never attack with his 'Why so serious?" line..She happens to be a student of law.Hehe.I am sure the Indian legal machinery can use some of the oiling her wit and acuity will provide in dollops.Best of luck,Mole.....
Paint law RED!!!

Pssst...She managed to get 320+ followers in a matter of one year flat....;-) Made me immensely jealous...But what the hell...she deserves all of that..and probably more....So ladies and gentlemen,give it up for Red!!!!Give me Red!!!!

Yeah man!!!!*Usher style*
Yo Red!!!!I am wearing Red too...;-)Yeaaaaa Maaan!!

P.S.Red Handed,my friend,your mission- should you choose to accept it,is to promote another awesome blogger who is relatively unknown in the blogging circles on your blog.Anybody with less than 30 followers is a good pick.Or just do you own pick.I won't try to dictate choosing terms here.For more info,feel free to click here.
This message will self-destruct in.....................whenever I choose to delete my blog and shut down this business forever...Ha ha!!!!

February 23, 2012

Pass on the love

Look...I will be frank with you folks...
Blogging is getting boring...
Fresh new ideas are not doing the rounds anymore...It's kinda like running the same hackneyed script in an endless loop...
And on top of that..people are leaving..some are threatening to leave...some are still making up their minds on leaving..blah blah....
I have had enough of this....
So I have a simple proposition..a very simple one...You can think of it as a game..The rules are straight-forward-
Over the next few days,I am going to write nine posts....Nine posts dedicated to nine unique bloggers...Each individual post will be dedicated to one single blogger...What I like about him/her,hate about him/her,et al...
And what do I ask of you in return?Nothing...Just try to write at least one post dedicated to one blogger...Any blogger....preferably one who has less number of readers and followers...So that they get some exposure..
Now most of the nine bloggers I am gonna write about are very very popular bloggers........The idea is simple...If such a blogger puts up a post dedicated to one blogger who is not so well known....but is fantastic nonetheless....that unknown face will get more recognition...
A simple agenda....Of course,I can't make anything binding on anybody.....I will dedicate a post to you..I can only ask you to do a bit of favor to someone else...Pass on the love....Hope you people will be game....:-)
Hoping for the best....:-) Au revoir..

February 22, 2012

The Princess and The Scribe-II

"Fare thee well,dear princess,
Wish you all joy,may god bless!"
The scribe said,as he parted.
Hearing this,the princess started-
"My soul an' mind you keep reading.
All my anguish,my heart bleeding,
You so beautifully,poignantly portray.
You make my soul wander,make it stray....
A mind-reader you must be."
The scribe smiled,and said he-
"Not the minds of all,but just you,
Do believe me,I pray please do.
You and I,we are a pair of twin souls,
Born of the same mine,like twin coals."
"The truth of your words,I cannot assess;
This simple truth,I must confess!"
Said she."No matter",said he.
"Just merry make yourself be,
Bask and bathe in a sea of glee."
She queried-"Where do you go?"
He said-"Where love rains like snow."
"Where is it?"She asked amazed.
"In my mind,when it is dazed n' crazed."-
He replied."It's ruled by my  madness,
Just me- absent my monumental sadness.
Fare thee well,my dear princess.
May you always receive joy's caress!
Perhaps doing each other a favor
Being each other's life-saver-
Could've been.But now I bid thee adieu.
And resume my quest-for Someone just like you!!"

For The Princess and The Scribe-Part I,click on the link. :-)

February 21, 2012

Somebody stop her!!!!!

One awesome blogger suddenly decided to drop this bomb on the rest of us out of the blue here.She is one helluva writer.I ain't kidding....Many of you are already familiar with her....And now she just decides to call it quits!!!!!!
Somebody stop her....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't believe she is awesome???Check this out..
and this-
 or this..
 or this..
 or this...
I wonder why brilliant writers like her never get their due....:-( Somebody please stop her!!!!!!Halt her,stall her,freeze her in her tracks..................

February 19, 2012

Mush fest

Ahh well.....You know V-day is gone and all that....But I kinda missed the chance...I mean I really wanted to put up a super duper mushy story on that day on my blog..But as luck would have it,a severe case of writer's block knocked those aspirations out cold..

But I haven't given up hope yet...I still want to pen such a piece..and I want to bring it out soon..
So what's going to be in this ask..Ahh well,nothing new..One hero,one heroine,3-4 romantic scenes,some passion,some complication...No gyaan,no vigyaan,only entertainment!!!!!:-D

Yeah yeah...I know I know....How the F*** am I gonna make such a hackneyed and tried to death formula to work,eh????Well,that's the challenge..:-) Look at what magicians do..They take a little something which is ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary...That's not to say I am a magician or that I can pull of such a feat..But hell,what's the harm in trying???

Maybe I can even throw in a romantic dance sequence.You know,the kind where the hero and the heroine unwittingly fall for each other helplessly,hopelessly,without even realizing their whole world is going to turn topsy-turvy.The chests start thumping,heart-beats start getting skipped,a warm tingling sensation creeps up into the cheeks and all that.Throw in some intense eye-gazing and lip-locking and you have a moment burning with passionate intensity.....The problem of course will be to pack all these elements into one short story which won't seem to drag on and on.Another obstacle to surmount,another challenge to tackle.

Anyway,to make things interesting for me....I just decided to try something for a change...Base the description of the heroine on one of my fellow bloggers..Don't ask me,who that blogger is going to be...I can't reveal that....But anyway....many of my most recent posts have been based on one or the other of my fellow bloggers in at least some ways...Yeah,I draw inspirations for my writings from real life,real persons and real events..Sorry if that offends you...

So why on earth am I announcing my outlandish plans here? keep myself motivated...:-P Once I know I have made a commitment,I will slog my lazy ass off to honor it..Yep yep..that's one good influence the corny dialogue-baazi of Sallu's movies had on me...
Time to sign off....I will be back with mush....a little late....But I will be back nonetheless....:-D

Why this Followeri, di?

Yo bloggies
I am sing song
Blog song…
Flop song …

Why this followeri followeri follweri di..
Why this followeri followeri followeri di..
Rhythm correct

Why this followeri followeri followeri di..
Maintain please
Why this followeri.. aa di.

Aa.. animated la photo photu
Template colour-u white.
Header-u animated font-u
Font-u coloru black-u
Haan.. why this followeri followeri followeri di
Why this followeri followeri followeri di

89 followers-u followers-u
10 comments-u comments-u comments-u
No one reads u-No one reads u
My comments empty-u

Haan..why this followeri followeri followeri di
Why this followeri followeri followeri di

Maama, notes edhuthuko,
Appdiye kaiyla snacks edhuthuko,
Pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan
Sariya vaasi (@%#…….)

Super maama ready..
Ready.. one..e.. two.o.. three.. four.

Hun… um

Whah, wat a change over mama
Ok mama, now tune change-u

Kaila blog-u
-Only english-a
Hand-u la keyboard-u
Keyboard la typing-u
Mind-u empty-aa ideas-u
Empty life-u
Follower-u come-u
Life-u reverse gear-u

Aa..Lovv-u lovv-u
Oh my lovv-u
You showed my blog bouv-u
Cow-u cow-u, holi cow-u,
I want u hear now-u
My blog's dying now-u
You are happy how-u

This-u song for soup bloggies-u
We dont have choice-u..e…

Why this followeri followeri followeri di (Aahaan.. aa…)
Why this followeri followeri followeri di (hun tan ha meyyah)
Han why this followeri followeri followeri di
Why this followeri followeri followeri di.

P.S.Don't try to read too much into this post...Just wanted to try something wacky for a change...:-D This one flew off from the  top of my mind...LOL...And yeah,this post is dedicated to whoever is gonna be my 90th follower...:-D
Soup song..;-)

February 15, 2012

The Princess and the Scribe

Once upon a time,there was a princess and a scribe,
The princess was sad,her life missed the joyous vibe.
The scribe was lonely,his days were dark and his life was a mess-
One day,he wrote a sad song,and upon it chanced the princess.
In that song,he wanted to renounce writing,renounce the world and everything,
"Why foresake your passion," asked she."Look around,so many want you to sing.
You have a gift.So many are saddened to see you go,so many want you to stay.
Amidst a desert of dismay,your sweet harmony blooms like a lovely bouquet."
The scribe grew curious,he discovered the princess also wrote ,
Her metaphors were beauteous,although a very few took note.
With readers less than a handful,in her writings she poured out her sorrow,
And in them she poured out her pains of present and dreams for tomorrow.
In her words,he found an inexplicable something-they rhymed with his soul,
Somehow her torment he wanted to lessen,somehow her he wished to console.
"I loved a knight,"said the princess."I still do with all my heart,mind and spirit-
He alone could tear down my defenses,he alone possessed the grit,the merit.
But my parents,they deemed him unworthy of me,beneath our station...
I fought,I fought so hard,but finally I sentenced myself to resignation.
My parents are ageing,a prince of rich heritage for me they desire;
To marry me off soon,is a completion of a responsibility they require."
The scribe felt her agony,as if it were his own,the thorns in her heart made him bleed-
Her affliction he could sense so deeply,her cries for help he could so plainly read.
It seemed to him,a star in heaven split into two halves,in the burning midsummer air-
One half dropped down in his mother's womb,and the other-in the king and queen's lair.
"Why do you help me?"She asked him."Your generosity I don't need;
A selfish,cruel world we inhabit;no one helps others selflessly,without a hint of greed."
"But I'm being selfish," replied the scribe."Helping you feels akin to helping me!
Seeing you happy,brings a smile to my soreness,such a plain truth can't you see?"
"Be thy gone,you knave!"harked she."I do not believe ur gestures,nor trust thee...
Men seek profit in every venture,they do not offer their magnanimity for free.
I do not wish to be hurt.Not anymore.Inside me is a burning gaping hole.
I know once you are done with me,you will stamp my broken trust under your sole."
"Fare thee well,your highness,"said the scribe as he rose."I will trouble thee no further,
May you find your king,as gentle as Lord Jesus and as valiant as King Arthur."
"Such wishes I have no need for,hear me ye,you mischievous scribe?
Pray thee,leave this instant.Else,you will be subjected to more diatribe."
The princess was rude,uncharacteristically so,but it was only because she was scared,
His words seemed like an echo of her own,through them he effortlessly had her secrets bared.
How could a man be so similar to her,she asked her inquisitive mind,
In front,he is like my twin soul,but who knows whar lurks behind?
He said quietly."Tis ok,I know you well and know you are afraid.....
But it is only your friendship I seek,and for that-I'll wait,even a decade."
To this, she answered,"My friendship,many've sought,only to bite the dust,to return,
They have failed and given up.In my coldness's fire,their fingers did burn."
"Don't make it any easier for me,"he laughed as he left."I shall patiently wait my turn,
And your trust,your friendship,the privilege of sharing your sorrow,one day I shall earn."

February 12, 2012

Dance of darkness

... a better tomorrow..happiness... a reward -in exchange for the sacrifices she was making... .And the shoe-string thread which held all these together for her...Hope.

It was what kept her alive.She was never one who mingled with the crowd.She was always one who got lost in it.She was not one bubbling and frothing with social energy and enthusiasm.She was always one who quietly retired to the sidelines,content with just observing the people in and around her world.She found the world a phony place,where there were more masks than real faces.Faux,falsehood,lies,deceit.She knew life wasn't all about these ugly things.Somewhere beneath all that, the world was meant to be beautiful.But she saw people around her barely looking beyond the surface,failing to look beyond the deceptive appearances and gimmickry which people have so cunningly learnt to apply today.And she saw these very people burn,when they moved beyond the soft velvety bubble of affected goodness and peered into the ugliness within.She became skeptical.Cynical.Bitter.Angry.Love and companionship were meant to be playing in the cradle of truth and baptized with the holiness of loyalty and fidelity.But all around her,she saw love reduced to a travesty,a parody of its glory,a mockery of its inherent splendor.

She became unhappy.How could she find her prince,her knight,her inamorato,in shady times like these?She had so much to give,so much of affection waiting in her slender body,all locked away in the gilded chambers of her heart.Waiting,just waiting,for the right person to come and unlock the flood of pent up ardor.She had dammed up her river of devotion and adulation,desperately awaiting for someone to carefully dislodge the boulders of that barrier and offer her release.She had pulled down the curtains on her theatre of affection.If only someone would walk into her lonely theatre and enact her most cherished romantic fantasies.

And then like a miracle,like the odd flower that blooms in the winter,her delicate heart bloomed too.Producing beautiful flowers to bright up the snowing,gloomy winter in her life.He had arrived finally!But she didn't make it easy for him.How could she?She would surrender herself completely to him,grant him with the power of laying waste to her most fiercely protected wealth of vulnerability and softness.She had to be sure.

She reinforced her defenses.Made the walls around her heart harder to climb.He slipped trying to scale them.But he never gave up.From the topmost room in her fortress,she watched him.Watched him try,watched him fail.Watched him rise,only to fall again.She could feel it within her.She could feel his pain.And as the pain grew,she felt her resolve weaken.Cracks started creeping into the bricks of her imposing wall.The bricks couldn't hold out much longer.They crumbled under the weight of his persistence,his single-minded devotion,his unflinching loyalty to her...just her.So one day,inevitably,she raced into his comforting arms.She cried like a baby.She had finally got the release she had been waiting for so long.

But fate was cruel.And it had to shoot its poison-tipped darts at her happiness once again.Her parents never approved of him.And they were ageing.They wanted their daughter to lead a financially sound and comfortable life.She fought,for her love,for her future.A future she wanted to share with him,only him.He was her one hope,the singularity in time and space whose constancy and faithfulness she could count upon blindly.She didn't think there were too many people in the world who could even come close to understanding what she was all about,who could capture her essence,who could see her the way she wanted to be seen.In fact,she didn't think there were any.Save him.To give up on something so rare,so deficient in this selfish world,a resource so scarce-the thought tore her apart into a gazillion pieces till all that remained of her happiness,was a nebulous haze.But her sense of duty and gratitude towards her parents finally blunted her will to oppose and rebel.He was precious to her.And always would be.But he had to contest for her heart against over twenty-three years of care and nurturing by her parents.He really didn't stand much of a chance.

Sometimes she questioned her virtues,she questioned her goodness.Why was it so difficult for her to be successful in any relationship?Was she too selfish??So wrapped up in her  self-engendered trauma and troubles that she could never give her cent percent to anything?She couldn't be the ideal daughter,her ideals and dreams clashed with those of her parents'.She couldn't be the ideal lover.She had to desert him,shattering two people's dreams and desires in the process.And now she couldn't probably be the ideal wife either.How could she possibly love another man like she had loved him?She couldn't!!!She knew it.And it scared her.She was trying to make peace with it,but it still scared her...and scarred her.

Who knew?She could still be an ideal mother perhaps.Shower on her daughter the love she couldn't shower on anyone else.
These days,she stares at the mirror and sees a golden vision of lithe,lissome exquisiteness staring back at her.An angelic,cherubic face,dotted with two black circles of pain and mourning.She sees her brown tresses softly kiss her cheeks.How she wishes he could kiss them too.Her svelte frame has the finesse and suppleness of a nimble elegant classically trained danseuse.But she wishes to dance with him.Only him.Dance,for her,was a hidden language of the soul! When she danced,she danced like nobody's watching. She just let the music move her graceful,pliant body, let her feet dream, each movement she did was a symphony! Dance was an expression in happiness, joy, sadness, envy... she didn't think,she didn't need to,she just let her body take control! She couldn't explain to anybody,not even him,what the passion of dance meant to her.She could only dance to show him the meaning!Dance was her  pulse, a short-cut for happiness!

She stood up and let her body soak in the rhythm of the music.Her feet started speaking to her in a language of their own.Her body understood and fell obediently into the rhythm.Her dance had begun.The dance of darkness.....The dance which represented so much for her..... a better tomorrow..happiness... a reward -in exchange for the sacrifices she was making... .And the shoe-string thread which held all these together for her...Hope.

February 11, 2012

Second Guest Post...

Love happens through strange avenues.You never really know how it can happen and where and when.This blogger didn't know it either.But once she did fall in love,there was no looking back.They successfully translated a virtual chat relationship into a very much real and meaningful love affair.Congratulations,Rachika.You give me hope.
Rachika is an awesome human being.She and Philo are the only two friends I really have made so far through blogging.She believes the universe has a plan for everybody,including me.And a million-watt light at the end of the tunnel is waiting for me as well.I almost feel like believing her from time to time.:-)

But enough with the intro.One more awesome guest post awaits you....and here it is..
My dearest love,

I come to you every night with an open heart, with a bruised knee, with a broken leg, with a twisted hand and a pure heart loving you. I lay by your side in my dreams. Come now wipe these tears of my face.

I have seen you many a times in my dreams, I have tasted your tears and so have you tasted mine. I have given you pain in so many forms and yet you have loved.
Tell me my dear do you love me?
Tell me my lovely have you seen in me in ways beyond a medium to let go?
Am I the one who dances to the tunes you provide?
My dear, close your eyes and let yourself go when you’re with me.

This is just a request, this is just a letter from my heart to yours, it speaks to you as it does to me.
I know I am not the perfect person, but you are perfect for me in every sense. The love you provide.
The glimmer in your eyes.
The laugh-lines I see in you.
You are the hope I have been living so long to cling to. The very breath of you gives me life.
The source you have always provides me with such newness, I jump with peace.

I fear the gods might be jealous on some level, though I believe they have sent you to me.
But you’re my perfect angel, you’re the perfect blanket I wear around my heart, day and night.
I may not express my love for you in words, because words fail me, the very ground shakes when your with me, and you know what my love, I live in a world that is under turmoil, that is under siege from shakes and breaks, but you’re the safety table I hide under to be safe, to be protected.

This is the way I can tell you how much I love you.
This is the way I can assure you of the love we bare.

Our love is not of great love stories, it is simple, it is kind, it is gentle.

Our love to me is like the vast ocean My love, It is deep, it is filled with different fish and corals, it has predators that will eat us alive, and we will still live on and become a part of it, you know our love will live on, even if we are apart, I belong to you in every way, I belong to you in every sense and you belong to me.

I love you will never be enough to tell you of how much I love you.

But if I say you’re my ocean, you’re my table on my shaky grounds, those to me are words, for I already know, you will always know of the love I have in my heart for you, of the love we breathe.
 I will always know of the sweet caress of the night winter breeze will be you.
The warm pillow I hug at night will be you.
Come my dear sweet angel, lets just collapse into each other, let us just close our eyes tonight, for tomorrow comes and will keep coming till I am there by your side, touching you, loving you, seeing you, breathing in the same air you do.
I wait for it to come, and when it does, let fear get hold of us, not because we wont be together, but because of what our love can do to each other.

I close my eyes now my dearest, and I know I will dream of you tonight, I know every part of me will hear you breathe tonight.

I love you.

February 9, 2012

First Guest Post :-) :-) :-)

Love and pain.Rose and thorns.Inseparable.And this inseparability is often highlighted in this blogger's works.Her name is Aru Pathak.You guys probably know her as I do,I do.:-)
She writes from the heart and is a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks.One of her deepest desires is to make Nicholas Sparks' stories come true.I wonder why.His stories often have a sad or semi-tragic ending.But then again,such is life and reality.And in her own words,she is a realist.
I would have loved to compliment her writing.It is touching in so many places.She has a beautiful way of painting her intangible feelings in terms of constructs you can see,touch and hear.Turning the abstract into concrete imagery.A wonderful gift.

But I can't praise her as much as I would like.Again,in her own words,she can't handle compliments too well.So I will skip it.:-)
So read on.And do tell me what you felt,thought and realized after reading this heart-felt post from I do,I do.
"Dear you, from a stranger."

Love. A word both the lips slightly touch each other while being said. And just a word for those who haven't witnessed it. Just another word for those who don't really mean it. But then, around the corner, across the street of this entire world, there exist people just a look away for whom that's what identifies their souls. Love, a pleasing word with its calm, tenderness and given more thought, turns into something much more. So much more than you ever thought it could be. So much beyond that the surface of the earth you stand at starts feeling like a cage. Just a sign that you'll no longer have any control. Over your emotions. Over your wants. And needs.

Its like existing for once and living for ever. Such is love, making us open up all the windows possible, yet leaving the curtains as they are.. the windows we restrict by, the curtains we see through.. Like the curtains dancing freely on the rhythm of the winds, blowing and expanding each passing moment, inviting the truest energy made for souls with its elegance and beauty.

Have you ever been there? In love? Did the query bring up a decent smile on your soft cheeks? Did your heart skip a beat? Did it skip a beat, whether or not in pain..? Such is love. A feeling. The feeling and a blessing. A blessing you're blessed to have. A blessing that breaks all the walls you've built around yourself. Something that makes you let your guard down the moment it arrives. And when it arrives, you know it. You know its there. Nowhere near you, nowhere visible. Not even slightly. You get what it is when you start feeling it from within. Such is love. A realization. You look for it, it doesn't come. Because its not made to be looked for. Its something you feel. Insanely deep from within. An invisible thing activating your veins and lungs when you begin realizing it. It opens up your chest, something you never gave a thought to. It opens up your chest like an insane hurricane entering through a path surrounded by greenest grass possible everywhere at the same time. And you.. you become a flower. A nameless flower. But having the smell no one has ever smelt. You, being such a flower, anonymously invite the energy of love with itself having more anonymity than you. When it makes its arrival by the windows of your mind and the white see-through curtains of your heart, you become. You become something. Someone. That does make a difference. In the universe full of contradictions everywhere. But you, completely and truly hypnotized by the elegance of it, can now only see the beauty. The hidden beauty in the things you look at, also in the invisible ones. Such is it. You start seeing instead of just looking at things. The air around you, you smell a sense of freshness. The walls surrounding you, you notice the doors wide open. Making you set yourself free. Despite the obstacles, the stones coming in your way.

It eats up all the spaces. Not allowing anything else other than beauty and warmth to enter. The ones who have their soul mates right beside them, become the center of the envy, as well as beauty, having loved back by the one they loved. The glow on their cheeks, eyes and that vibrant smiles show off the blessing they've been given, called love. Being loved by someone, loving someone, what more would enhance one's life? Loving more, loving some more, a little bit more again, perhaps?

And love, the one-sided one. Everyone knows you love that someone, except him/her. Your longing to let that person know. And then the hesitation. Oh, and when they know it, their pushing you away or keeping distance or simply leaving. Why? You fail, nevertheless. Does your love, too? Its vulnerable. Horrible. You feel left alone. But had they given you a shoulder in the first place? Oh, they had. And you'd felt it'd last forever, silly you.

I can't hear your joyous laughter, adorable ear-pleasing words. What happened to you? I can't see your lovely smile. And your cheeks have fell down like a lifeless flower. Why? I see you cursing yourself. And others. I see you pretending to be happy, despite the joyless face of yours, hating the whole gender of that person who caused you pain or the one you weren't meant to be with.

You used to feel like a flower. You used to be the wind blowing softly, coming to your own but new world through the curtains. You used to long, wanting someone's presence wildly like a hurricane. You used to feel as purely as the green grass. But then again, had love promised you nothing but only happiness? Had it made you realize that feeling, a blessing, only to curse the world sometime later? Is the realization that you're capable of feeling the best feeling the world isn't enough? Isn't it enough to make yourself stand tall, keep your chin up, maximize that smile for no reason but yourself? To be thankful to that person who introduced you with such a beautiful something. To live and to fall in love again?

Oh, and me? I'm a stranger to you. Asking you if you've ever been there. Just because I was wondering if we shared anything mutual.

Have you ever been in love? Yes, I have. I have. Every passing moment.

February 8, 2012

Guest Post

I am really shit scared putting this post out to you guys.I mean deep-shit scared.I run the risk of being utterly humiliated and embarrassed by posting this stuff.But then again,if I don't take the leap,I will never know,will I? :-)
So here goes...Anybody interested in doing a guest post for me? :-( Anybody???Anybody who thinks my blog is good enough for their material to be showcased on???
Shucks!!I knew no one one would be interested.
But in  case,someone is...(Yeah right,stupid naive me!)..the theme is simple...6 days to go and V-Day will be upon us.So anything related to love and valentine-fiction,poem,reflections,aspirations-anything you can think of-maybe even cartoons or parodies...anything under the sun,over the sun,beside it and beyond's your call!!!!
If you have something,do drop me a note.Here in comments or at my gmail
I am looking forward to your mails and comments...Although I kinda have a sinking feeling,no one would be interested.:-D But still,hope makes the world go round...or was it Love???Whatever!!!:-D
Still hoping....;-)

February 5, 2012

To the unknown bloggers....

So I recently completed my four months in blogosphere.:-)
I must say it has been a mixed experience for me so far.I have received adulation and some rare brick-bats.I have seen bloggers/non-bloggers become my followers and then never show their faces on my blog again.I have come across some amazing writers with overwhelming fan-following.I have also come across shitty writers with overwhelming fan-following.Don't ask me about the last mentioned group.I seriously don't have a clue as to how they manage to pull that off!!!:-D Ahh well,life and times are funny...
But apart from these last two groups who have a humongous fan-following anyway,today I would like to tell you about some awesome bloggers who perhaps don't get the recognition and following due to them.
So check the following out:-
These links belong to a blogger called Pritha Chakraborty.:-) A bong like me.And a friend of another blogger friend of mine,Rachika.
She is an amazing writer.A poet and a philosopher combined into one.Her writings are deep,real deep.Something which perhaps won't provide for an entertaining read,but they will make you reflect and contemplate all the same.:-) So do check her out.

Now,let me come to another blogger.Radhika Mehta.And trust me,this one writes stuff which are gonna make you laugh,snigger,feel sad and ponder at the same time.She combines depth with a witty biting humour.A combination which at least,I find to be very alluring.
So check these out:-
I won't say anything more about her.You just visit these links and find out what she is by yourself.Trust me you aren't in for a disappointment.

Now the next blogger has a decent fan-following.But I think she deserves more.Why?Coz she writes on stuff which are socially relevant.She speaks up for a cause.Check the following:-
These 3 meetings were REAL.One of these describes an ass-hole of a husband who..well...find out for yourself...

Of course,she is a pretty good poetess as well...
So do read this..

So all of you are now probably wondering...why does these guy always go on promoting other bloggers?Doesn't he have anything better to do?
Ahh well..I really don't know how to answer that.What I've discovered in my four months stay here is that people often feel like giving up blogging because they feel it to be a pointless exercise.They are sending their message out to the online world,but nobody gives two hoots to what he/she is trying to say.I think that is sad.Many a blogger,who could probably have blossomed into an awesome content machine,just dwindles because of lack of sufficient encouragement from the readers.I mean,cmon!!Some of the links I posted above..they contain great stuff...stuff which you can easily identify with...stuff which will make you wonder...stuff which will make you smile or cry or laugh at....But what if these people just give up blogging because people don't give them the recognition that is due to them?That will be sad...I think....tragic infact..
I joined here 4 months ago..and I managed to pull in 82 followers...All of you showered a lot of love on me..So now I request you...pass on some of that love to other deserving folks...Trust me,it is going to be a rewarding experience...:-)

February 4, 2012

The flower girl

Truth is-I am all alone.I haven't met a single soul who even came close to understanding me.I spent my days in a melancholic haze.My life felt like an empty photo frame.It had this gaping,glaring space in it,screaming for something to fill its hollowness.The days flew by.Like a flurry of photos without color or substance.Dull,dark and just shades of gray.

They say love comes from the most unexpected corners.Maybe all those nooks and crannies of romantic companionship were just booked for other people.I would probably have to walk this parched earth alone.With a tormenting thirst drying up my soul.I was trying to make peace with my lonesomeness when suddenly,at a small flower shop,my eyes fell on her!

She had a delightful forehead,whose soft contours delicately arched upwards in perfect symmetry.Her eyebrows were dark brown and deep.They alluringly complimented her tresses.Her hair was unkempt,like a gorgeous riot of untamed flowers in the wilderness. But I could just imagine how spectacular she would look with her tresses neatly parted in the center of her head.Her skin's hue reminded me of a trip through a field full of golden corns and clear sunshine.She was sitting pretty,her golden splendor in full bloom among all the daffodils and dandelions in her shop.A comely,cute nose.Soft chin and cheeks.These beauteous features completed her graceful face.An enticing smile sat on her well-formed lips.It bewitched me.

But it was her eyes which I couldn't forget.Her angelic face had the most exquisitely painful eyes.Circles of mourning had sucked in softly her otherwise pleasing eyes.Why was she so sad?Her pain hounded me.

I clicked as many pictures of her as I could from afar and left.

The next few days I spent staring at her pics.Her neck was long and looked tender.Its slenderness felt like that of an ornamental flower vase.Her slim arms and svelte body conveyed an image of frail daintiness.She seemed so sylphlike.Thin,supple and graceful.I wished deeply to just wrap her delicate,vulnerable self in my arms and protect her from any storm which dared to rear its ugly head against her.Her pained eyes flashed repeatedly across my mind.I wanted to give up my happiness to ease her sadness.

Let her have my share of joy and mirth.She deserved it more than me.
My mind drifted back to her flower-shop time and again.I felt like I was out of my body and swimming through a maze of pure white lilies to reach to her.My heart seemed to be caught in a furious wind in a storm.I was slowly growing numb and cold.I was falling in love.
I stalked her.I stalked her to her home.I stalked her when she visited the forests to collect flowers.I stalked her when she accompanied her ageing father to the doctor.I suppressed every natural instinct,resisted every maddening impulse to go and talk to her.And a month passed away like this.

Until,one day,I finally mustered the courage to walk into her shop.

“Well, how may I help you Sir?” she asked.Her very first words to me.
“Err…Can I just look around?” I honestly didn't know what to say.I just wished to stare at her longingly throughout the day.Watch her water the plants,re-water them.Watch her attend to the flowers and talk sweetly with her customers.

“I mean, if you don’t mind. I’m a photographer actually. And, I want to click pictures of you. Sorry. Of your flowers I mean.” I looked and her and grinned sheepishly.

 “Sure,” she said, and turned away from me.Cutting me off.
“Just, just don’t touch any of the flowers,” she quickly added and got back to her work.

I was starting to have second thoughts about all this.She most definitely was uncomfortable having me around.I wondered if I should just go away.But something made me stay back.My mind fumbled trying to find ways of striking a conversation with her.At a loss for ideas,I just continued clicking pictures.She continued to look after her flowers with so much of care and affection that it almost made me green with envy.

“Do you mind if I come back again tomorrow? I can help you around if you want too.”I asked before leaving,half expecting her to summarily reject my advances.

 “Yes, I wouldn't mind.” The words glided out of her lips spontaneously,surprising me.She seemed to have uttered those without deliberation,without a second's hesitation.Maybe,just maybe,there was hope.

The next day,I chose my attire carefully.This day was supposed to be a make-or-break opportunity for me;I could just feel it deep down in my gut.I had to be my best today.

And so I was at her shop again, carrying with me a basket of strawberries for her.As she neared the shop, I waved at her.
“Hey! Good morning.” I said,my lips pulled back into a wide grin.

“I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting.” She quickly opened the shop, and let me in.

“This place is beautiful, you know. The smell, it’s so refreshing.” I meant every word of what I said. “Oh, and here, I got strawberries for you.” I placed the basket on the table and sat down infront of her.

“Thank you. It was very nice of you.” She smiled so politely I felt my heart skip a beat or two.

And then, we indulged ourselves eating the strawberries, talking about flowers and about photography.

"I wonder what happens to people when they pass away," I mused,munching on the strawberries."Have you ever wondered that some of them may have just become a flower?And they are waiting for you?Waiting for you to touch their silken petals,marvel at their softness.You know,you could just hold them between your fingers.
Be careful though!
You should touch them...delicately....lightly.You don't want to hurt them.You just want to bring your face close to them and inhale their sweetness.And with each such breath,a memory comes back to you.
Of happy times with that person.You start breathing more deeply.Taking in more of the fragrance.And the memories come pouring into you even more strongly.Until you feel overwhelmed by the intense joy you are experiencing.Almost as if you have been transported to another reality.Where the person is still with you.Smiling.Happy.Glowing.Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"Yes," she replied after a moment's thought."That would be splendid.But people generally want their near and dear ones to become stars in the skies.That way,you just know they are always there.Watching you.Watching over you.And their light will never fade out.Flowers wither.Flowers die.They leave you.Stars don't."

"But stars are so far away,"I protested."You cannot touch them,feel them brush softly against your cheeks.You cannot let your fingers enjoy the luxury of playing around with their smooth texture."

She was gazing intently at me now."You are right.But stars stay alive.Like a glimmer.Of hope.Of happier days in store.My mother.I miss her so much.She passed away when I was too young.My father pointed out a star in the sky and told me that my mother has become that.I look upon it every night.I makes me feel at peace."

"Maybe she has become both,"I offered with a gentle smile."Part of her essence has become a permanent body of light,giving you nourishing hope and strength.Part of her has become the flowers you so lovingly attend to every day."

She flashed a quick look at a vase of lilies sitting in the corner of her shop."My mother used to make tiaras out of lilies for me.And then when she left,I never wore one again." She turned back to look at me,painful memories almost ready to burst forth from her eyes in the form of tears.

“Would you like to come out with me sometime?” I asked. Before she could answer, a customer interrupted our conversation, and the matter was buried.

I spent the day helping her decorate bouquets, clicking pictures and keeping her company.

“Don’t you have anything else to do apart from coming here?” she called out to me, as I walked out of the shop.

“A lot. But, a flower girl’s smell brings me back here everyday!” Saying so,I took off, and she stood there, watching me, smiling.

The End
P.S.This piece of fiction is actually the result of a collaboration between Philo and me. My story ends here.:-)
For the rest of the story,you have to visit Philo at
 Her part of the story will blow you away.Trust me.