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February 8, 2012

Guest Post

I am really shit scared putting this post out to you guys.I mean deep-shit scared.I run the risk of being utterly humiliated and embarrassed by posting this stuff.But then again,if I don't take the leap,I will never know,will I? :-)
So here goes...Anybody interested in doing a guest post for me? :-( Anybody???Anybody who thinks my blog is good enough for their material to be showcased on???
Shucks!!I knew no one one would be interested.
But in  case,someone is...(Yeah right,stupid naive me!)..the theme is simple...6 days to go and V-Day will be upon us.So anything related to love and valentine-fiction,poem,reflections,aspirations-anything you can think of-maybe even cartoons or parodies...anything under the sun,over the sun,beside it and beyond's your call!!!!
If you have something,do drop me a note.Here in comments or at my gmail
I am looking forward to your mails and comments...Although I kinda have a sinking feeling,no one would be interested.:-D But still,hope makes the world go round...or was it Love???Whatever!!!:-D
Still hoping....;-)



  1. I've never done a guest post before but I'm game to try so you can be my 'guinea pig' :P You can contact me by clicking on the mail link on my profile :-) Do I get a gift for being first? :P

  2. YAY :D
    can i?
    are poems in it too?
    or is it just prose?
    oh wait can it just be a write up on what i think love is? that is if you think my post would be read otherwise imma game :D
    please let me know.
    I am excited bout this. :D

  3. @RachikaWhy of course....anything under the sun...anything...:-) Write on whatever appeals to you..:-)

  4. I AM going to mail you RIGHT AWAY! :D

  5. If i get time i surely will! now i have a 'sinking feeling' that my guest post wont be accepted on ur blog :P


  6. Whee, I would love to. Let me know when !! :)

  7. If something pops into my mind (which is out of ideas), I'll let you know, SCARY BUM :D

  8. @subtlescribblerDitch all those feelings and send me a post,Sarah!!!:-) I am eagerly waiting...