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February 9, 2012

First Guest Post :-) :-) :-)

Love and pain.Rose and thorns.Inseparable.And this inseparability is often highlighted in this blogger's works.Her name is Aru Pathak.You guys probably know her as I do,I do.:-)
She writes from the heart and is a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks.One of her deepest desires is to make Nicholas Sparks' stories come true.I wonder why.His stories often have a sad or semi-tragic ending.But then again,such is life and reality.And in her own words,she is a realist.
I would have loved to compliment her writing.It is touching in so many places.She has a beautiful way of painting her intangible feelings in terms of constructs you can see,touch and hear.Turning the abstract into concrete imagery.A wonderful gift.

But I can't praise her as much as I would like.Again,in her own words,she can't handle compliments too well.So I will skip it.:-)
So read on.And do tell me what you felt,thought and realized after reading this heart-felt post from I do,I do.
"Dear you, from a stranger."

Love. A word both the lips slightly touch each other while being said. And just a word for those who haven't witnessed it. Just another word for those who don't really mean it. But then, around the corner, across the street of this entire world, there exist people just a look away for whom that's what identifies their souls. Love, a pleasing word with its calm, tenderness and given more thought, turns into something much more. So much more than you ever thought it could be. So much beyond that the surface of the earth you stand at starts feeling like a cage. Just a sign that you'll no longer have any control. Over your emotions. Over your wants. And needs.

Its like existing for once and living for ever. Such is love, making us open up all the windows possible, yet leaving the curtains as they are.. the windows we restrict by, the curtains we see through.. Like the curtains dancing freely on the rhythm of the winds, blowing and expanding each passing moment, inviting the truest energy made for souls with its elegance and beauty.

Have you ever been there? In love? Did the query bring up a decent smile on your soft cheeks? Did your heart skip a beat? Did it skip a beat, whether or not in pain..? Such is love. A feeling. The feeling and a blessing. A blessing you're blessed to have. A blessing that breaks all the walls you've built around yourself. Something that makes you let your guard down the moment it arrives. And when it arrives, you know it. You know its there. Nowhere near you, nowhere visible. Not even slightly. You get what it is when you start feeling it from within. Such is love. A realization. You look for it, it doesn't come. Because its not made to be looked for. Its something you feel. Insanely deep from within. An invisible thing activating your veins and lungs when you begin realizing it. It opens up your chest, something you never gave a thought to. It opens up your chest like an insane hurricane entering through a path surrounded by greenest grass possible everywhere at the same time. And you.. you become a flower. A nameless flower. But having the smell no one has ever smelt. You, being such a flower, anonymously invite the energy of love with itself having more anonymity than you. When it makes its arrival by the windows of your mind and the white see-through curtains of your heart, you become. You become something. Someone. That does make a difference. In the universe full of contradictions everywhere. But you, completely and truly hypnotized by the elegance of it, can now only see the beauty. The hidden beauty in the things you look at, also in the invisible ones. Such is it. You start seeing instead of just looking at things. The air around you, you smell a sense of freshness. The walls surrounding you, you notice the doors wide open. Making you set yourself free. Despite the obstacles, the stones coming in your way.

It eats up all the spaces. Not allowing anything else other than beauty and warmth to enter. The ones who have their soul mates right beside them, become the center of the envy, as well as beauty, having loved back by the one they loved. The glow on their cheeks, eyes and that vibrant smiles show off the blessing they've been given, called love. Being loved by someone, loving someone, what more would enhance one's life? Loving more, loving some more, a little bit more again, perhaps?

And love, the one-sided one. Everyone knows you love that someone, except him/her. Your longing to let that person know. And then the hesitation. Oh, and when they know it, their pushing you away or keeping distance or simply leaving. Why? You fail, nevertheless. Does your love, too? Its vulnerable. Horrible. You feel left alone. But had they given you a shoulder in the first place? Oh, they had. And you'd felt it'd last forever, silly you.

I can't hear your joyous laughter, adorable ear-pleasing words. What happened to you? I can't see your lovely smile. And your cheeks have fell down like a lifeless flower. Why? I see you cursing yourself. And others. I see you pretending to be happy, despite the joyless face of yours, hating the whole gender of that person who caused you pain or the one you weren't meant to be with.

You used to feel like a flower. You used to be the wind blowing softly, coming to your own but new world through the curtains. You used to long, wanting someone's presence wildly like a hurricane. You used to feel as purely as the green grass. But then again, had love promised you nothing but only happiness? Had it made you realize that feeling, a blessing, only to curse the world sometime later? Is the realization that you're capable of feeling the best feeling the world isn't enough? Isn't it enough to make yourself stand tall, keep your chin up, maximize that smile for no reason but yourself? To be thankful to that person who introduced you with such a beautiful something. To live and to fall in love again?

Oh, and me? I'm a stranger to you. Asking you if you've ever been there. Just because I was wondering if we shared anything mutual.

Have you ever been in love? Yes, I have. I have. Every passing moment.



  1. Whoa! This is a total surprise! I didn't think you'd really post it here!!

    Thank you for such a great honour of sharing a few words in the form of contribution! It did feel great to see my name as the lable here and all of the words above!! :) Thank you a million, Rahul!

    And yeah, the first introduction part was a great read! :D

  2. i always believed that the very moment u start explaining what love is , you lose its beauty..

    but here i m looking some thing really expressed nicely..

    nothing more just feel the love.. :)

  3. @DawnZhangI will put your one up shortly....:-) It was awesome..

  4. @I do, I do.:-) You deserved every tiny bit of it..

  5. @sumukh bansalYup....She has done a very good job!!!!!:-D