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December 21, 2012

Get kicking soon, ok?

Bad stuff happening to people you care deeply about inevitably has a very depressing effect on you. One of my friends has recently met with an accident and is in a lot of pain. :-( I wish I could do something to help, but hell, there is nothing much anybody can do. I wonder how much all the 'get well quick' messages really help in a speedy recovery.

All I can do is try....just a hopeless cheer her up! So here utterly despicable and third-grade efforts!!

Just...try not to Murder me once you get well, okay??!! :-)

My buddy- she is quite fruity!
Quite fond of her trusted scooty! 

But the ride spun out of control! :-((

And the crash took its dire toll!

The doc did a lot of baloney!! :-(

Tetanus,injections,antiseptic-the pain wasn't phony!

Her smashed toes screamed in agony!

She can't walk even to her balcony!
Earlier she was always...smiling

Pure harmony!
But now fate dealt her its irony!! :-(

Thankfully, she has a dear friend near! :-)

All that I can hope for sitting miles away...HERE!! :-(

Get kicking soon, okay??? 
Take care!!



  1. Get well soon lucky lady.. you have good buddies wishing you well! :)

  2. such a sweet effort :). She'll be glad to have a friend like you!

    1. @Anonymous.. She might not be... :-)

    2. she will be :) May be sooner or later!

    3. @Anon You speak as if you know her..:-)

    4. Nope! Its just we do realise the value of care and love some day!

  3. I wish her a speedy recovery too :) Sweet effort taken by you fella she sure will be okay soon!

    1. @Radhika Thanks mam!Btw,last time I asked a question..I hope things are f9 at your end...:-)

    2. I am doing fine :) How are you?

  4. Your friend really is lucky to have found you ... good job :-)

  5. Awww..this is awesome..she definitely won't murder you...she will like this wen she sees it