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February 11, 2012

Second Guest Post...

Love happens through strange avenues.You never really know how it can happen and where and when.This blogger didn't know it either.But once she did fall in love,there was no looking back.They successfully translated a virtual chat relationship into a very much real and meaningful love affair.Congratulations,Rachika.You give me hope.
Rachika is an awesome human being.She and Philo are the only two friends I really have made so far through blogging.She believes the universe has a plan for everybody,including me.And a million-watt light at the end of the tunnel is waiting for me as well.I almost feel like believing her from time to time.:-)

But enough with the intro.One more awesome guest post awaits you....and here it is..
My dearest love,

I come to you every night with an open heart, with a bruised knee, with a broken leg, with a twisted hand and a pure heart loving you. I lay by your side in my dreams. Come now wipe these tears of my face.

I have seen you many a times in my dreams, I have tasted your tears and so have you tasted mine. I have given you pain in so many forms and yet you have loved.
Tell me my dear do you love me?
Tell me my lovely have you seen in me in ways beyond a medium to let go?
Am I the one who dances to the tunes you provide?
My dear, close your eyes and let yourself go when you’re with me.

This is just a request, this is just a letter from my heart to yours, it speaks to you as it does to me.
I know I am not the perfect person, but you are perfect for me in every sense. The love you provide.
The glimmer in your eyes.
The laugh-lines I see in you.
You are the hope I have been living so long to cling to. The very breath of you gives me life.
The source you have always provides me with such newness, I jump with peace.

I fear the gods might be jealous on some level, though I believe they have sent you to me.
But you’re my perfect angel, you’re the perfect blanket I wear around my heart, day and night.
I may not express my love for you in words, because words fail me, the very ground shakes when your with me, and you know what my love, I live in a world that is under turmoil, that is under siege from shakes and breaks, but you’re the safety table I hide under to be safe, to be protected.

This is the way I can tell you how much I love you.
This is the way I can assure you of the love we bare.

Our love is not of great love stories, it is simple, it is kind, it is gentle.

Our love to me is like the vast ocean My love, It is deep, it is filled with different fish and corals, it has predators that will eat us alive, and we will still live on and become a part of it, you know our love will live on, even if we are apart, I belong to you in every way, I belong to you in every sense and you belong to me.

I love you will never be enough to tell you of how much I love you.

But if I say you’re my ocean, you’re my table on my shaky grounds, those to me are words, for I already know, you will always know of the love I have in my heart for you, of the love we breathe.
 I will always know of the sweet caress of the night winter breeze will be you.
The warm pillow I hug at night will be you.
Come my dear sweet angel, lets just collapse into each other, let us just close our eyes tonight, for tomorrow comes and will keep coming till I am there by your side, touching you, loving you, seeing you, breathing in the same air you do.
I wait for it to come, and when it does, let fear get hold of us, not because we wont be together, but because of what our love can do to each other.

I close my eyes now my dearest, and I know I will dream of you tonight, I know every part of me will hear you breathe tonight.

I love you.