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February 5, 2012

To the unknown bloggers....

So I recently completed my four months in blogosphere.:-)
I must say it has been a mixed experience for me so far.I have received adulation and some rare brick-bats.I have seen bloggers/non-bloggers become my followers and then never show their faces on my blog again.I have come across some amazing writers with overwhelming fan-following.I have also come across shitty writers with overwhelming fan-following.Don't ask me about the last mentioned group.I seriously don't have a clue as to how they manage to pull that off!!!:-D Ahh well,life and times are funny...
But apart from these last two groups who have a humongous fan-following anyway,today I would like to tell you about some awesome bloggers who perhaps don't get the recognition and following due to them.
So check the following out:-
These links belong to a blogger called Pritha Chakraborty.:-) A bong like me.And a friend of another blogger friend of mine,Rachika.
She is an amazing writer.A poet and a philosopher combined into one.Her writings are deep,real deep.Something which perhaps won't provide for an entertaining read,but they will make you reflect and contemplate all the same.:-) So do check her out.

Now,let me come to another blogger.Radhika Mehta.And trust me,this one writes stuff which are gonna make you laugh,snigger,feel sad and ponder at the same time.She combines depth with a witty biting humour.A combination which at least,I find to be very alluring.
So check these out:-
I won't say anything more about her.You just visit these links and find out what she is by yourself.Trust me you aren't in for a disappointment.

Now the next blogger has a decent fan-following.But I think she deserves more.Why?Coz she writes on stuff which are socially relevant.She speaks up for a cause.Check the following:-
These 3 meetings were REAL.One of these describes an ass-hole of a husband who..well...find out for yourself...

Of course,she is a pretty good poetess as well...
So do read this..

So all of you are now probably wondering...why does these guy always go on promoting other bloggers?Doesn't he have anything better to do?
Ahh well..I really don't know how to answer that.What I've discovered in my four months stay here is that people often feel like giving up blogging because they feel it to be a pointless exercise.They are sending their message out to the online world,but nobody gives two hoots to what he/she is trying to say.I think that is sad.Many a blogger,who could probably have blossomed into an awesome content machine,just dwindles because of lack of sufficient encouragement from the readers.I mean,cmon!!Some of the links I posted above..they contain great stuff...stuff which you can easily identify with...stuff which will make you wonder...stuff which will make you smile or cry or laugh at....But what if these people just give up blogging because people don't give them the recognition that is due to them?That will be sad...I think....tragic infact..
I joined here 4 months ago..and I managed to pull in 82 followers...All of you showered a lot of love on me..So now I request you...pass on some of that love to other deserving folks...Trust me,it is going to be a rewarding experience...:-)



  1. Awwwwww Rahul :D :D :D Thank you so much , this is so superly sweet of you :D

    I just randomly was checking out your post , without knowing I was mentioned . you made my day :)

  2. Thanks dude for sharing these links!
    It was truly a rewarding experience!
    Checked out a few links and I am eager to read them all !! :) :)

  3. Oh you are a great blogger,..
    and its good that you share some good bloggers links.

  4. :):) way to go Rahul....hope u doing good?:)

  5. Congratulations :) May your blog go a long long way. And next time you get thought about quitting, YOU'LL BE DEAD MEAT :D

  6. i hope i don't let you down .. :) you are truly an angelic soul !

  7. Its nice of you to ask your followers for some love for other folks too. I liked it. :)

    Congratulations! 4 months and 82 followers, not bad! 4 months and LOTS of LOVE, definitely great! ;) :)

  8. @BluBluBlingWell...only one sentence.You deserve it..:-)

  9. @kinaraAhh by all means..please do so..:-)

  10. @Red HandedI shared..but no one seems to be following them...Looks like the entire purpose of this post has been defeated...

  11. @AakritiI am doing absolutely fine!!How about you...where did u disappear all of a sudden?

  12. @???PhilO???WHO is gonna make me into DEAD MEAT?you??:-D

  13. @Demure_meDonno about me being an angel..:-) But I know you will never let me down...

  14. @I do, I do.Thank you so much...:-) Do check the links out tho...

  15. You're one great blogger! Congratulations! :)

  16. Oh nice! i will definitely pay these blogs a visit. coz even i believe that there r great talented bloggers out here who do not get d recognition they deserve.


  17. Hello Rahul!

    Congrats on reaching the 4 month level and most of all for NOT giving up :-) I agree with what you said about so many great bloggers with very little attention. I admire you for taking the time to present these hidden gems to us. I love that concept and totally believe in it. I will check these links out soon.

    Hey, I like your new pic! It shows your face more and those beautiful eyes ;-) I'm chuckling at what PhilO said :D

  18. omg thankyou so much Rahul.this was amazing :)

  19. @Diksha SharmaAnd you are one blogger most kind with your compliments...Thanks...:-)

  20. @~*Princesa Fiona*~*Blush*Someone thinks my eyes are beautiful???*Blush Blush*

  21. @Pritha ChakrabortyNot as amazing as the stuff you write...:-)

  22. Congrats on reaching 4 months and thanks for following :) It's cool that you're promoting other great blogs