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February 22, 2012

The Princess and The Scribe-II

"Fare thee well,dear princess,
Wish you all joy,may god bless!"
The scribe said,as he parted.
Hearing this,the princess started-
"My soul an' mind you keep reading.
All my anguish,my heart bleeding,
You so beautifully,poignantly portray.
You make my soul wander,make it stray....
A mind-reader you must be."
The scribe smiled,and said he-
"Not the minds of all,but just you,
Do believe me,I pray please do.
You and I,we are a pair of twin souls,
Born of the same mine,like twin coals."
"The truth of your words,I cannot assess;
This simple truth,I must confess!"
Said she."No matter",said he.
"Just merry make yourself be,
Bask and bathe in a sea of glee."
She queried-"Where do you go?"
He said-"Where love rains like snow."
"Where is it?"She asked amazed.
"In my mind,when it is dazed n' crazed."-
He replied."It's ruled by my  madness,
Just me- absent my monumental sadness.
Fare thee well,my dear princess.
May you always receive joy's caress!
Perhaps doing each other a favor
Being each other's life-saver-
Could've been.But now I bid thee adieu.
And resume my quest-for Someone just like you!!"

For The Princess and The Scribe-Part I,click on the link. :-)



  1. Ah. Beautiful. Sometimes saying goodbye to some things is just how it should be. Absolutely wonderful. Keep writing :)

  2. Bad scribe, Bad, bad scribe.
    Couldnt he have waited?
    just a bit longer, if he knew her mind maybe he knew she would've agreed to be his friend.

  3. how how how :( This poem is written for me I feel , I want to save it and put it up somewhere.

    Love knocks your door , its only a choice you have to make to let of past hurt and embrace it

  4. @everachika if the princess would have asked him to stay, he wouldn't have left...:)

  5. @DawnZhang u said goodbye to blogging too...:( am gonna miss you...:(

  6. @BluBluBling so what did you do? :)Turn away the scribe or let him in?

  7. @BluBluBlingCall him back then...if you still can....

  8. Bidding adieu, one of the smartest inventions we've created.

  9. But if he knew her mind so well, why give up and leave?

    You no there seems to be no hope, its like you've got me in this mojo, you start to build up hope and then just drop it in the earths core, to burn n burn an destroy.
    He could've stayed, just a bit longer, If he knew the princess well he wouldn't have given up i think.

  10. Oops, I didn't realize there was a second part to this story and was exuberant when I saw the continuation!

    Again, wonderful writing with rhymes! The scribe will always love the Princess and never be happy with the 'substitute'. This is true in real life . . . when people look for someone that reminds them of someone else. It never works . . . they wind up being disappointed and hurting the 'substitute'.

    Please pen an alternate happy ending :P

  11. Whoohoo! Amazing poetry! Just beautiful!

  12. Awwww.. beautiful poetry...Looking for someone similar makes life really complicated.. because no one can ever be the same..

  13. Hey Rahul,

    Though the poem is good in its own right, I think, it was a bit less on emotional value as compared to its first part...

    And I like how you put your kind of signature - 'monumental' in the closing lines.

    I am getting a feeling that another part is coming soon here. :)

  14. I love the continuity! How you took off from where you left it.Gives me one of those good ol' soapy feelings where I know it's not over until it's really over.Keep up the good work.Being an Engineer myself,I know that not many Engineers are THIS lucid and lyrical.

  15. Rahul you have written so beautifully ! Maybe the sad ending is because there will be a part III-I mean another princess or another scribe, maybe !

  16. @everachikaUnderstanding the other person isn't the burden of the scribe alone.The princess wasn't extending her hand of friendship.

  17. @~*Princesa Fiona*~Alternate ending is up to the princess to decide...:-)

  18. @KunalThanks for the feedback..Ahh yes,I tried to keep the lines short in this poem...Was focusing more on the rhythm and rhyme of the poem this time..:-)Third part???He he..let's see

  19. @SoumiWell you are lucid and lyrical...:-) SO that makes the two of us..:-)

  20. Poetry of heart and mind.. wonderful :)

    Just wanted to say..

    Sometimes you just don't know what it feels like being on the receiving end..

    Won't things become complicated with the extended hand?..Won't words make for another way that leads into something amiss?

    Boundaries stop existing between two souls so alike..
    hence a fence.

    Anyway I really hope that may you be blessed with 'Someone just like her' :)

  21. @Demure_me
    Ahh fair maiden,judging by what I've seen so far,
    I think I am better off not finding someone like her..

  22. How can you be so in love with a woman and not tell her?!
    It is practically tormenting yourself!

    1. :-) Ahh Diksha my friend...I have only known her for so little a time...I respect and admire her deeply....But LOVE?:-) I don't think so....