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February 24, 2012

Nine Lives-Red Handed

OK..I told you I will blog about 9 awesome bloggers,didn't I?So here is the first one.Ladies and gentlemen,be ready with your rounds of applause and standing ovations....This package of awesomeness deserves nothing less....

I really do not want to sound gender-biased here,but wit in the writings of female bloggers is a bit uncommon.That's not to say their writings lack humor and intelligence....maybe it's just a conscious decision on their part not to indulge the readers' funny-bones too much...But an exception to this..and a glorious one at Red Handed.She is a paragon of super-witty creativity which leaves a smile playing on my lips whenever I read her.Sarcasm,out-of-the-way insights,a biting free-flowing jocular style of narration-she has it all.And the pictures she garnishes her posts with...totally LOL-arious!!!!!:-) If you don't read her,I say you do so are missing out on a lot..Take my word for this...

Now that her humor has been dealt with..let me focus on other aspects of her writing.She is brutally honest.Regarding her short-comings,her flaws,her insecurities...she bares them endearingly..that you instantly develop an emotional connection with what she is trying to communicate..The take-away from this super-small paragraph which cruelly does no justice to her awesomeness at that her writings are multi-dimensional...You can laugh and you can cry...Her blog is that beautiful movie which provides you your weekly emotional nutrients in just the right doses....

And another thing-this might be treated as a corollary to her humorous outlook on life and issues....but this gal just knows how NOT to take herself too seriously..:-) She is one babe who the Joker can never attack with his 'Why so serious?" line..She happens to be a student of law.Hehe.I am sure the Indian legal machinery can use some of the oiling her wit and acuity will provide in dollops.Best of luck,Mole.....
Paint law RED!!!

Pssst...She managed to get 320+ followers in a matter of one year flat....;-) Made me immensely jealous...But what the hell...she deserves all of that..and probably more....So ladies and gentlemen,give it up for Red!!!!Give me Red!!!!

Yeah man!!!!*Usher style*
Yo Red!!!!I am wearing Red too...;-)Yeaaaaa Maaan!!

P.S.Red Handed,my friend,your mission- should you choose to accept it,is to promote another awesome blogger who is relatively unknown in the blogging circles on your blog.Anybody with less than 30 followers is a good pick.Or just do you own pick.I won't try to dictate choosing terms here.For more info,feel free to click here.
This message will self-destruct in.....................whenever I choose to delete my blog and shut down this business forever...Ha ha!!!!



  1. Waaaw.... I land up here after so long and find nothing less than a tribute to one of my oldest blogger friends. She'll have tears of joy after this:D So sweet of you, Rahul.

  2. Rahul, great pick. Since I am a new blogger, I have not heard about this blog before. Thanks for the info, I went on to read one of her posts and got hooked !

  3. My goodness! Today is a great day I tell you! I just returned from gym with a grin on my face for loosing some mass and then I c this! My goodness Gracious! I never thought u actually took my seriously to think that it deserved what it just got from you. A thanks, a bow, a salute, a poem, a song...nothing would be enough to show my gratitude. Thankyou so much! And I looooved the pics u posted for me. I so loved it. I am touched! And yes like PeeVee said, the woman in me has a tear in her eye...but the joker in me is trying to hide it but giving u a soft punch on the shoulder. Thanks!

  4. That's really sweet of you! I had started this 'tribute series' on my blog long back and it was so well-received! It takes a great heart to praise someone else from the bottom of one's heart. Well done.

  5. @Red HandedAhh you deserve nothing less...congrats for the weight loss..Oh and btw...did you read the P.S. accompanying this blog..???There is a mission..should you choose to accept it...:-) You know..promote some relatively unknown blogger and all that...It will be great if you can do something like that on your blog..It will help that blogger a lot..

  6. @PeeVee™He are one among the nine.....There I let out the secret..:-)

  7. @Sanghamitra:-) Ahh that's the whole purpose...Knitting the blogosphere together.....:-)

  8. @SoumiHe he...thanks a lot...and u did a tribute list too...???awesome..

  9. WaaaWWWW! So nice...I knew it BTW! That 1st post will be dedicated to Red Handed...Coz I too think she deserves it..When I had started blogging 5 months back, Red Handed was one of the first few bloggers I had followed..I love her for the humor, her wits..And the way she finds humor in every little event of her routine life..Kudos for our very own Red Handed!
    Cheers! :D

  10. She's among my favorite blog writers too and her blog is my most preferred stress busting tool.

    Excellent write up, she deserves nothing less.

  11. I used to wonder about the gender of Red Handed. Thanks for clearing that up ;D

  12. Great post! I've read some of her writings.. she's a great writer indeed! :)

  13. I so agree with you, red Handed can bring a smile even on my mother-in-laws face! Great start to a great MISSION!!

  14. I love her. She's the best and her words drip with anger and there is so much humor in her writings. She truly is awesome! :)