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February 23, 2012

Pass on the love

Look...I will be frank with you folks...
Blogging is getting boring...
Fresh new ideas are not doing the rounds anymore...It's kinda like running the same hackneyed script in an endless loop...
And on top of that..people are leaving..some are threatening to leave...some are still making up their minds on leaving..blah blah....
I have had enough of this....
So I have a simple proposition..a very simple one...You can think of it as a game..The rules are straight-forward-
Over the next few days,I am going to write nine posts....Nine posts dedicated to nine unique bloggers...Each individual post will be dedicated to one single blogger...What I like about him/her,hate about him/her,et al...
And what do I ask of you in return?Nothing...Just try to write at least one post dedicated to one blogger...Any blogger....preferably one who has less number of readers and followers...So that they get some exposure..
Now most of the nine bloggers I am gonna write about are very very popular bloggers........The idea is simple...If such a blogger puts up a post dedicated to one blogger who is not so well known....but is fantastic nonetheless....that unknown face will get more recognition...
A simple agenda....Of course,I can't make anything binding on anybody.....I will dedicate a post to you..I can only ask you to do a bit of favor to someone else...Pass on the love....Hope you people will be game....:-)
Hoping for the best....:-) Au revoir..



  1. You are such an adorable blogger, i must say:) always encouraging ppl to write, sharing with others blogs u explored... Giving, kind:) keep that going.. Coz there's neva a harm un bringing a smile on ppl's faces:)

  2. Awwww! So sweet of you..Such a nice idea...Some of our Bloggy friends write exceptionally well but aren't getting the exposure and appreciation. This move will definitely help lit up the spirits of our Blog Buddies! Count me in...I will start working towards the same!

  3. Awww Rahul so sweet you are always :D :D Can't wait to see who the 9 awesome people are :)

  4. Great idea! I like to promote the hidden gems and usually do so by giving awards to them, which I've been super lazy about doing lately :P

    Will 'play' this game :-)

    P A H L E E E Z E don't leave!!! :D

  5. woww thatz great rahul an innovative idea...
    thats so nice of you of helping or yaa promoting the unknown talents in the blogger world

  6. Great idea Rahul,remind of the movie Pay it forward. Seen it? You can also try guest posts and ask some of the not-so-popular bloggers to do posts for you on your blog when you are running out of inspiration. Then you can try linking to different posts of different bloggers which you liked and would like your readers to read. You can do a monthly link'd post.
    And please,don't even think of stopping blogging even when the Muse is out holidaying.

  7. This is a great idea :)I'll surely do it once im back :D

  8. A good idea indeed! and yes, blogging definitely has got monotonous..but ur idea sounds pretty interesting and i think i might steal urs( ofkors will give u due credit, dont worry :P) coz even i knw sooo many wonderful bloggers who struggle to get readers on their blog.
    keep it up!!


  9. We can also do one more thing....we can re-publish the post that are exceptionally good but very few ppl read them..all of us...and invite other bloggies to take a look!

  10. I am not very very popular. :O

    and i will do my part. :)