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February 19, 2012

Mush fest

Ahh well.....You know V-day is gone and all that....But I kinda missed the chance...I mean I really wanted to put up a super duper mushy story on that day on my blog..But as luck would have it,a severe case of writer's block knocked those aspirations out cold..

But I haven't given up hope yet...I still want to pen such a piece..and I want to bring it out soon..
So what's going to be in this ask..Ahh well,nothing new..One hero,one heroine,3-4 romantic scenes,some passion,some complication...No gyaan,no vigyaan,only entertainment!!!!!:-D

Yeah yeah...I know I know....How the F*** am I gonna make such a hackneyed and tried to death formula to work,eh????Well,that's the challenge..:-) Look at what magicians do..They take a little something which is ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary...That's not to say I am a magician or that I can pull of such a feat..But hell,what's the harm in trying???

Maybe I can even throw in a romantic dance sequence.You know,the kind where the hero and the heroine unwittingly fall for each other helplessly,hopelessly,without even realizing their whole world is going to turn topsy-turvy.The chests start thumping,heart-beats start getting skipped,a warm tingling sensation creeps up into the cheeks and all that.Throw in some intense eye-gazing and lip-locking and you have a moment burning with passionate intensity.....The problem of course will be to pack all these elements into one short story which won't seem to drag on and on.Another obstacle to surmount,another challenge to tackle.

Anyway,to make things interesting for me....I just decided to try something for a change...Base the description of the heroine on one of my fellow bloggers..Don't ask me,who that blogger is going to be...I can't reveal that....But anyway....many of my most recent posts have been based on one or the other of my fellow bloggers in at least some ways...Yeah,I draw inspirations for my writings from real life,real persons and real events..Sorry if that offends you...

So why on earth am I announcing my outlandish plans here? keep myself motivated...:-P Once I know I have made a commitment,I will slog my lazy ass off to honor it..Yep yep..that's one good influence the corny dialogue-baazi of Sallu's movies had on me...
Time to sign off....I will be back with mush....a little late....But I will be back nonetheless....:-D



  1. Hmmm...even I realized I have missed my Valentine's day post..waiting for your post :)

  2. Lookin' forward to the Mush fest and me wonders who you're gonna choose :D No worries 'bout the writer's block for the 14th. There's almost 10 days left in the month of 'love' to complete it. I'd be happy to read it in March, April, May . . . I think you get my point :) Good luck!

    P.S. ~ I'm about to post my first guest post which just so happens to coincide with my 50th publication on Blogger :)

  3. Hope its as mushy as mush gets ^_^

  4. Why don't you write about a Blogosphere romance? Sounds interesting. I once wrote about a blog-stalker and I think people liked it.But seriously, writer's block can be a big pain. I just went through one!