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February 15, 2012

The Princess and the Scribe

Once upon a time,there was a princess and a scribe,
The princess was sad,her life missed the joyous vibe.
The scribe was lonely,his days were dark and his life was a mess-
One day,he wrote a sad song,and upon it chanced the princess.
In that song,he wanted to renounce writing,renounce the world and everything,
"Why foresake your passion," asked she."Look around,so many want you to sing.
You have a gift.So many are saddened to see you go,so many want you to stay.
Amidst a desert of dismay,your sweet harmony blooms like a lovely bouquet."
The scribe grew curious,he discovered the princess also wrote ,
Her metaphors were beauteous,although a very few took note.
With readers less than a handful,in her writings she poured out her sorrow,
And in them she poured out her pains of present and dreams for tomorrow.
In her words,he found an inexplicable something-they rhymed with his soul,
Somehow her torment he wanted to lessen,somehow her he wished to console.
"I loved a knight,"said the princess."I still do with all my heart,mind and spirit-
He alone could tear down my defenses,he alone possessed the grit,the merit.
But my parents,they deemed him unworthy of me,beneath our station...
I fought,I fought so hard,but finally I sentenced myself to resignation.
My parents are ageing,a prince of rich heritage for me they desire;
To marry me off soon,is a completion of a responsibility they require."
The scribe felt her agony,as if it were his own,the thorns in her heart made him bleed-
Her affliction he could sense so deeply,her cries for help he could so plainly read.
It seemed to him,a star in heaven split into two halves,in the burning midsummer air-
One half dropped down in his mother's womb,and the other-in the king and queen's lair.
"Why do you help me?"She asked him."Your generosity I don't need;
A selfish,cruel world we inhabit;no one helps others selflessly,without a hint of greed."
"But I'm being selfish," replied the scribe."Helping you feels akin to helping me!
Seeing you happy,brings a smile to my soreness,such a plain truth can't you see?"
"Be thy gone,you knave!"harked she."I do not believe ur gestures,nor trust thee...
Men seek profit in every venture,they do not offer their magnanimity for free.
I do not wish to be hurt.Not anymore.Inside me is a burning gaping hole.
I know once you are done with me,you will stamp my broken trust under your sole."
"Fare thee well,your highness,"said the scribe as he rose."I will trouble thee no further,
May you find your king,as gentle as Lord Jesus and as valiant as King Arthur."
"Such wishes I have no need for,hear me ye,you mischievous scribe?
Pray thee,leave this instant.Else,you will be subjected to more diatribe."
The princess was rude,uncharacteristically so,but it was only because she was scared,
His words seemed like an echo of her own,through them he effortlessly had her secrets bared.
How could a man be so similar to her,she asked her inquisitive mind,
In front,he is like my twin soul,but who knows whar lurks behind?
He said quietly."Tis ok,I know you well and know you are afraid.....
But it is only your friendship I seek,and for that-I'll wait,even a decade."
To this, she answered,"My friendship,many've sought,only to bite the dust,to return,
They have failed and given up.In my coldness's fire,their fingers did burn."
"Don't make it any easier for me,"he laughed as he left."I shall patiently wait my turn,
And your trust,your friendship,the privilege of sharing your sorrow,one day I shall earn."



  1. It is beautiful.
    It is beyond beautiful.
    Also hauntingly resonates what it feels to be scared. I like how you've turned both the sexes into each others saviours, very comforting.

    (Haroun asked his father "Where do you get these stories?"
    Rashid Khalifa replied pointing to his "From the Ocean Of Stories." Haroun and the Sea Of Stories- Salman Rushdie)

    Do you get your magic from the Ocean itself? :D

  2. It's simply awesome..I love every bit of it.. :)

  3. This is so good :D :D My god rahul , its beautiful :') .
    This is somewhat happening to me right now , Exactly THIS ^ .
    It really made me smile :)

  4. This is brilliant Rahul!!

    'A selfish,cruel world we inhabit;no one helps others selflessly,without a hint of greed.'

    Here you put the humanity in question. But, may be greed here may not be as negative a word as we make out to be.

  5. beautifully expressed the subtle nuances of emotions like greed,fright, love and selflessness.


  6. Sometimes comfort derived from a complete stranger is is a zillion times better than the usual.

    You've written this beautifully! truly amazing! :)

  7. Wow!That was interesting,to say the least!I wish I got to read fairy tales like this back in my childhood.Keep writing.God bless.

  8. It felt like someone was reading me a bedtime story :) Amazing work Rahul! You're coming up with great things :)

  9. @everachikaWhere do you get this magical compliments from????Ocean,eh???:-)
    THanks you so much for those kind words...

  10. @BluBluBlingExactly THIS????Woaaaah!!!!I would love to hear more on that...:-)

  11. @KunalAhh what is greed?JUst a need,nothing more....:-)

  12. @Soumi:-) He he...this poem sounds like one of those 'Once upon a time' fairytales..does it not???:-)

  13. Hi Rahul, this is to inform you that you have been tagged. Please excuse the formatting and lack of image, once your read the blog you will find out the reasons, and maybe even be able to guide me too.

  14. Hi Rahul, this is to inform you that you have been tagged. Please excuse the formatting and lack of image, once your read the blog you will find out the reasons, and maybe even be able to guide me too.

  15. You have written a beautiful piece , once again! Summed up the magnificence of human emotions in the guise of a simple tale !

  16. OMG and a WoW!!! Rahul! I knew you were talented but now I shall refer to you as BRILLIANT because that is exactly what this masterpiece is!!!

    The story and the RHYMES ~ I'm speechless! I only know of one other blogger who accomplished something similar to this, in terms of telling a story all in rhymes.

    I placed this post on my reading list for a later time. I do this when the posts are long and I'm short on time. How could I resist when the word "Princess" was involved? :D

    I would love to share this post on my blog sometime soon. It would be a great honor and a first for me because I haven't shared someone else's writing on my blog. Please let me know!

    Did I mention that I LOVE this?? {|:-)