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February 29, 2012

Nine Lives-Diksha Sharma

Imagine a perfect sphere of molten golden brown fluid,with dark charcoal spread very finely around its circumference.And then someone drops a gleaming,glistening,glossy black bubble right in its center.Now what if someone's hazel eyes were just like that,except...her eyes are possibly more ideal.Sounds bewitching,right?It doesn't?He he,yeah....I suck at descriptions.But take my word for it,her eyes are way more angelic than this.Of course,a radiant skin-glow,a ravishing smile and a twin set of refined eyebrows crowning her eyes don't do much harm either.

But of course,physical adorableness is only superficial.Except in her case,her moonlit smile and her lustrous,incandescent eyes seem to burn with an inner glow.She seems like a genuinely happy person,and eager to spread that golden,glittering,glaring cheer all around.Her blog's name is "Audere Agere Aufure".To dare,to strive,to conquer.Her blazing eyes do seem to convey her gumption to fight and defeat her demons.
Classical Greek Goddess physicality coupled with kick-ass toughness. Xena The Warrior Princess,anybody???:-D

And to add to all that,she is a brilliant writer.Don't believe me?Check this out-
and this...
Or this...
Along with all that overdose of awesomeness,she is also a
i. classical danseuse
ii.a smashing basketball player
iii.terrific at handball and
iv. heavy-duty shot-putter.Yup.A talent powerhouse.:-)

So just today I find that she has conferred an award on me.The Liebster Blog award.Imagine.Me??Bah!!!There are way more fabulous bloggers out there who deserve all this awards more than I do.

But all the same......thank you so much,Diksha....Wish you all the success and bliss you deserve in your life....

P.S.Diksha,my friend,your mission- should you choose to accept it,is to promote another awesome blogger who is relatively unknown in the blogging circles on your blog.Anybody with less than 30 followers is a good pick.Or just do your own pick.I won't try to dictate choosing terms here.For more info,feel free to click here.



  1. Remember when you commented on my post saying how would it feel like to get your portrait traced with a writer's words?
    I now know. I am elated. I have no words.
    A thank you would be insufficient but i know not what to do!

    And, if you don't deserve this award, I don't even begin to deserve it.
    I will definitely promote other awesome bloggers who aren't popular in this blogging world through some other post. :)

    1. My words didn't come even this close to doing you justice...:-) And thank you so much for promising to promote some blogger...It would really mean a lot to some unpopular writer...Stay blessed..:-) Remain smiling..Byee..

  2. I will check her out. Looks like she got some nice writes! :)

  3. I do follow her blog. Congratulations to her!

  4. Must must MUST check her out now. :-)

  5. Diksha Sharma's blog seems to be removed. Any idea if it's on a new link. I was googling for it and ended up here. Hope you didn't mind my intrusive comment!

    Any idea?

    1. Diksha Sharma is back. Good to know you missed her blog. :D :D