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March 2, 2012

Bye Bye Blog

I am planning on shutting down this blog.Blogger has been giving me quite a lot of trouble since the last month.My posts are getting messed up...Templates have been going haywire...Sometimes,I haven't even been able to comment on my own posts....Might move to WordPress...Or TypePad....
Or open a totally new account in Blogger itself...
Bye bye good people!!!It was fun interacting with you...
If you want to keep in touch,drop me a mail or add me for chatting at
If you want me to send you the link of my new blog(supposing, I create it) put your mail id in my comments..and I will send you the link..:-)
You guys rock!!!!!Some of you will remain my friends even after I give up blogging....I hope..
I plan to delete this blog in two weeks time....I will try to resolve the Blogger issues bugging me in the meantime...If I get the solutions,maybe I won't go away..
Wishing all of you the very best in life..Some of you were awesome writers...Some awesome people....:-) I will miss you.....Bye Bye!!!



  1. Rahul!!! I have been having problem commenting on my own posts as well! I suggest there's a lot we can do than just give up on writin n blogging! Let's write to these ppl... Why dont u try out solutions?? Dont just shut down in a jiffy coz of technical constraints...ok??

    1. Problem has been plaguing me for quite a few days now....Trying to identify the root cause here...If I resolve the issue,everything is good and fine in this world again!!!!:-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe...leave me your email id...If worst comes to pass,and I do delete this blog....:-)

  3. Don't leave this space. Try to sort it out. But, if you still decide to move to another do mail your link. This is my id

    1. that any chance...Cause I haven't received any email per se...:-(

  4. Sorry for the incomplete comment. I was checking if there was a comment moderation. Have emailed you, do let me know via email or through this page if you change your blog address.

  5. I would ask you not to leave this place for the reasons stated above but I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. << My address. You already have it. Link me to your new blog which I hope will be created soon! :]

  6. I knw u cnt get away so fast. So drop the link at
    I hope the problem gets resolved n u wont hv to stop it

  7. Replies
    1. you just left a comment on my blog and I'd like to thank you for that. I won't be bogged down. I just needed to let out my thoughts so I feel better. but thanks.

      And honestly to read a bye-bye post as I come here. Not cool. I would love to read your blog. If you do start a new one pls do give me the link. I won't drop my id here (I never share it) so if it's cool you can gimme the link on my blog later? Till den ciao :)

  8. Considering the problems, alright, you should create a new blog over here. Perfect solutions. But do not delete this blog. Your posts, feedbacks.. everything has its own value.. :) Just let this blog be and create a new one :) Simple!

  9. Don't give up blogging,PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Relocate your blog but keep it alive. Weren't you requesting someone else to do the same a few days back? How come you're doing the same? Anyway,my mail ID is DO let me know.

  10. Hey,
    I just checked your blog today after a really long time.. did go through some of your posts in between but hadn't commented much due to reasons. I must say your writing is beautiful ( much much better than what it was on IB).. Your descriptions have thrice the awesomeness and the story lines have gotten better..

    I would say , dont delete this blog just so that people who stumble on it do get to read something wonderful. You can update a forwarding blog link here itself.. (just a sugestion)

    Plus I am assuming that you are not going to stop writing altogether because there shouldn't be a block to such awesome writing !

  11. I wasn't here to read a bye bye post! :O
    there are better solutions! you won't give up so easily i know! :D waiting eagerly for your next post! :D

  12. New blog is an better option than stop blogging. Plz don't think to stop blogging! U r one off the first people to comment on mine. N yeah whatever u decide plz do inform. If u start a new blog do tell us so that we can follow u!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hope you're able to resolve these nagging issues soon and that you stay on here.

    If you do decide to start a new page, best wishes for that as well.

    Do send me a link of your new blog to if/when you create a new blog.

    Cheers :)