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March 25, 2012


So you know yesterday I was ranting my underpants off about how the blogging universe has become full of self-obsessed scum wiggling their way in the murky sewage of meaningless follower-ship and comments.So much so that I feel praising another blogger is on the same plane as expecting petrol prices to come down one day.Utterly  useless and self-delusional.
And ironically,this very day-I stumble upon a super duper blog which made me put my thinking cap on again.I mean the cap is always on.It had a lice infestation recently so I put it away for some time.But no matter,the cap is back on again.
And get a load of what I stumbled on-Phatichar. You should check out his story-The Blogosphere.It is just mind-blowing at so many levels.At par with Big B crooning Ekla Cholo in Kahaani and Aamir getting a 8-pack for Ghajini.Do check it out.You won't regret it.Promise.*pinches his Adam's Apple so tightly it gets swollen red*



  1. you too have adam's apple? :P nice to know that!

    1. :-) An Adam's Apple a day keeps the eves away in my case..;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Marte hain blog pe jo chakke aur char,
      Woh hi to hai,wohi to hai Phatichar!!!
      Try out his blog.I am already hooked.You will be too.

  3. Heading right at it in a moment. And wow, I missed the part about self obsessed bloggers? GEE ! I REALLY want to laugh as hard as I did reading ** self-obsessed scum wiggling their way in the murky sewage of meaningless follower-ship and comments.
    Gawd, some bloggers are too perfect from Blogosphere, lets send them back to Pluto. =/
    AND AND Ekla chalo is ahmazeeng. Seriously. *can't pinch in her Adam's apple* but still. :D

    1. :-D LOL.Pluto?The planet which is no longer fit to be called a planet??

  4. Oh Yes, Phatichar is awesome!

  5. Where'd the post go? I just finished commenting.

    1. I removed it.I felt it revealed more of me than I would like to reveal on a public forum.:-) Btw,do mail me your comment if you can......I would love to see it....:-)

  6. You really want to keep the Eves away? :P
    You're great at finding all sorts of different blogs :D