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March 7, 2012

Set Fire To The Rain

“I just need some time to get over her, that’s all!” Rohit stubbornly tried to protest.

“Oh yeah?”  Vishal raised his eyebrow at his friend’s dissent.”How long has it been since you stopped talking to her? Three weeks? You have been sitting and moping about Simran all along. C’mon dude! Listen to your ol’ homie for a change. Come and live at my place for some time. It’ll do you good. Trust me.”

For the third time that week, Rohit pondered on Vishal’s suggestion. It was true. Ever since he had come to know about how his gf had kissed another guy, sitting alone in his 1 BHK wasn’t doing him much good. Simran used to drop in often at his place when they had been together. Every corner, every piece of furniture in that house kept reminding him of her in some way.

“Ok,” Rohit relented finally.”I guess I can shack up with you for a month.”

“Awesome!” Vishal punched Rohit playfully in the abs and said excitedly,” You will finally get to meet Pritha.”

Vishal and Rohit had gone to kindergarten together and had been fast friends since. They went to different colleges, and after landing jobs in different cities, they had kind of drifted apart. But recently Vishal had switched jobs and they were now in the same city. He was filthy rich, with his father owing a textiles plant and all, but oddly,even with that kind of dough to dole out on chicks,Vishal hadn't dated a single woman since he'd left college. Maybe this was not that strange, considering he had always been a shy chap, especially reserved around women folk. But a few months ago, through friend of his, he'd met a girl named Pritha, and he was sure she was the one. He took her out on dates, bought her flowers, treated her to dinner, and dropped her off at home afterward, like a perfect gentleman.

"Have you slept with her yet?" Rohit asked him.

"No. I haven't even kissed her."Vishal answered in a matter-of-fact tone.” Some girls are different.”
That's what Vishal thought. After everything he'd heard about Simran’s betrayal, he was in no way a convert. Pritha wasn't like those other girls, he insisted. She came from a good family, she was well-educated, and she had morals, unlike the materialistic trash Simran turned out to be.

And so it was that Rohit found himself out on the next Sunday, waiting beside Vishal’s Hyundai Accent for his gf, Pritha. Rohit stared hard at her as she stepped out of her building gate. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Christ! Please let this just be a fucked up dream!!!!This can’t be fucking happening!”He found himself wishing desperately.

She seemed like a bright, successful, well-bred girl. She was tall with long dark hair, gentle eyes, and a smile that arced just a little wider on one side. Rohit had to admit that Vishal was right: She did look like the marrying kind. But that was hardly what was on top of his mind right now. He knew this girl. Intimately!

Vishal was walking beside her as they approached towards the car. He saw Vishal saying something in her ear and pointing in his direction .He braced himself for what was to come next.
“My god!! Rohit Gupta? Is that really you?” Pritha blurted out in open-mouthed wonder.

“What???You two know each other?” It was Vishal’s turn to be confused as he looked from Rohit’s face to hers.

“Umm..Yeah,” Rohit said after clearing his throat.”We attended tuitions together during our Plus Two.”

“And kept in touch even during the first few years of college,” Pritha narrowed her eyes as a sphinx-like smile spread across her lips. Rohit had no idea what to make of that smile.”But then..”  and saying this, she paused, studying Rohit’s impassive face for a moment. ”We kind of lost touch,” she finally completed her sentence, after what seemed like an interminably long time to Rohit.

“Woaah!” Vishal burst forth in an animated smile.”So you guys are friends already? That’s just fantastic!! We three will get on together like a house on fire!!!”

Rohit swallowed hard. He couldn’t share Vishal’s optimism .He and Pritha had been romantically involved during college. Of course, things had been different then. Pritha had been blissfully overweight in those days. She must have lost at least fifteen kilos after they had stopped seeing each other, Rohit concluded. All that overabundance of cellulite, that surplus flab,her bulging limbs,her ugly hate handles-all  had magically disappeared. Her layers of overflowing lard used to make him squirm. Seeing the statuesque, classy, gorgeous girl before him NOW, he could not help feeling a tinge of regret at having dumped her six years ago.

“Just tell me the truth, dammit !!!!” she had screamed over the phone.”Why are you  dumping me like this??It’s because of the way I look, isn’t it?Spit it out,Rohit!!!”
“It’s nothing like that,” he had said, forcing himself to stay calm.”It’s just that....I don’t think things are working out between us anymore...we just don’t make a good item, I guess..I just want you to underst...”
“Shut the fuck up, you filthy ass-hole! It’s all about the looks with you dumb pricks,isn’t it?I don’t need to understand anything. I see everything crystal clear now.Just answer me this.Why?Just why did you play this sick game with me?If you never loved me,why the hell did you propose to me on my birthday?WHY?????Fuck...fuck....fuck....WHY????????”
He didn’t have the answer to that. Not any that could please her anyway. He wasn’t being able to get a decent chick. She was the only option left. That was it. The plain, simple, ugly truth. Pritha had a soft corner for him ever since their school days. He knew that. And although they attended different engineering colleges, their relationship post-school had thrived mainly due to her initiatives. She used to barrage him with endless texts and missed calls. She gifted him a Playstation on his birthday.She did almost anything a chick can do to express her interest in a guy, save actually proposing to him. What was a single, lonely and frustrated guy to do? Decide to shower some love on another single ,lonely and frustrated individual, that’s what.It wasn’t as if Pritha’s life was overflowing with romantic advances from guys. The day he had proposed to her must have been the happiest day of her life,he had reckoned.Too bad,his love ran out. Even worse, hers didn’t at the same time.He was becoming her obsession,her fixation,her dependency.He was her drug,and her attraction towards him slowly transcended into a fierce craving,which scared the shit out of him.He had to get out of the goddamn mess he had put himself into.And fast!!
Even if it meant detonating her heart, demolishing her trust and decimating her affection in the process.
C’mon!She would get over all that,wouldn’t she?
Wouldn’t she?
“Gee,Pritha!” He had tried to explain in a feeble tone.” I dunno.I guess we just lack the can’t be just doesn’t click between us...”
“Fuck you,scum!We are through!!” And she had slammed down the phone, never to speak to him again.

Not that he had a problem with that.Like an insensitive bastard,he had thought of it as a good riddance then. But,now,six years later,he wondered if he should have been so hasty in splitting up with her.Back in those days,he had been a jerk.And he wasn’t too proud of that.Somewhere deep down,he still hated himself for what he had done to her.She hadn’t deserved this,he knew.And now,meeting her suddenly,after so long,brought back all those memories in a torrential downpour of guilt,blame and bad conscience.

“Yeah,we are going to have loads of fun!” Pritha laughed,breaking him out of his reverie,her  soprano voice reminding him of bells chiming in the distance.

Loads of fun?Yeah,right!

To be continued...
P.S. This is the continuation of Set Fire To The Rain.But don't worry,you don't need to read that part to enjoy  this story.:-)



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