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March 4, 2012

Nine Lives-Sanghamitra

Before I quit this blog-site for good,let me complete the Nine Lives series I started out with.:-)
So I have already told you about  Red Handed and Diksha.
Now I come to the third blogger-Sanghamitra.She writes here.
She is a relatively new entrant in the blogosphere.:-) But boy,her posts come loaded with some awesome inspirational content.And besides that......the sheer brilliant sense of aesthetics which her blog very very admirable.....
She seems to be an eternal optimist...The kind who can go smiling amidst all adversities...A happy cheerful individual who is perfectly content with herself and her life...I always hold a special respect for such persons...
So go ahead,have fun browsing through the awesomeness waiting for you at her blog....



  1. hey, this is interesting. I like your blog. but will surely miss your posts. do come soon with a new one :) will be waiting!

  2. Hey Rahul, thanks for the honour !
    And one request - don' t quit blogging - if not for others, write for yourself- disable comments too, sometimes if you don't like responding , but keep writing .
    Be a fighter till the end .
    Take a break, go for a holiday, rejuvenate and come back with fresh ideas.
    At least write for yourself or to yourself.
    Take care,

  3. Sanghamitra is one of my favourite bloggers too! And I'll just say whatever she has said,please don't quit blogging! You're such a powerhouse! We DESERVE to read you.

  4. hey please dont quit blogging.. atleast leave us a way from which we wud b able to know abt u!