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March 24, 2012


:-) Evidently some bloggers are a narcissistic,self-obsessed lot. Full of self-importance and armed to the teeth with a belief that they are doing a service to other bloggers by penning their thoughts,ramblings and anecdotes on an electronic piece of paper.And as they have to live by their motto,"I give a shit to others think about me and my work.",they most generously ignore the comments others leave on their posts.I fancy if their minds are whirring like-"Duh,I am gifting the blogosphere one Pulitzer prize-winning material after another.I give an insight into my rich,exclusive-entry mind,that others are so desperate to peep into...why do I really need to reply to some stupid comments people invested time and energy in writing to me?Sure I have that wonderfully effort-saving commenting feature called Word Verification on at my blog.Makes commenting such a breeze,like blinking one's eyes,doesn't it?People just love commenting when that annoying pesky nuisance is in the comments widget.Allowing them the privilege of commenting on my blog is reward enough for their efforts...and c'mon it's like...I am entitled to have those comments floating around on my posts,ain't I?Just as day is entitled to have the sun stuck right in its center and the night can serenade the moon in its full glory once every full moon.Blah blah...more self-delusional egoistic ego massage..blah blah"

And then there is another kind of blogger who indulges in heavy hubris.These people have made it a principle either not to FOLLOW you,or NOT COMMENT even if they FOLLOW you.Explanations range from being too lazy to even scratch one's back TO being neck-deep in work for the next 10 years and the next 10 years after that.OK.OK.I get it.YOU ARE BUSY DOING SOMETHING WAY BETTER THAN READING INANE,SILLY,MEANINGLESS THINGS WHICH OTHERS PEN ON THEIR BLOGS.:-) Peace out!!!!!!!
I am all for peace,but my index finger can't stand too long.You will have to make do with the other one.

And you want to know what the funny thing is? I used to visit all the blogs of people who left comments on my blog. I used to read their stuff, drop a few nuggets of my stupid thoughts and dumb opinions on them, leave a little bit of appreciation for stuff I really liked and which I felt deserved encouragement. I USED TO. I used to praise some bloggers to the skies in my space.  I specifically created an unfinished,screwed up series called Nine Lives where I would promote known and unknown bloggers,so that in turn,they be inspired to do the same.LOL.:-D I used to urge people to promote new and unfamiliar talent.Now even I have joined the ranks of those wise and esteemed bloggers who don't care who comment on their work or who follow them.I have become one of those elite high-brows who thinks promoting unknown faces is what losers and people with lack of creative ideas do.

Problem is-I can't seem to get wise enough.Even now,like a foolish gnat attracted to a deliciously attractive candle flame, I visit all the blogs of the people who leave comments on my posts.I put in a word of encouragement here and there.Sometimes I even think about writing on them on my blog.Trouble is-I can't seem to find the words anymore.

Reality check:
Ok.I was just blowing things out of proportion here.
So now you are getting the drift of my post title,ain't you?
Pay no heed to the ramblings and rants of a mindless,old fool like me.Go about your business.Go tell your boyfriend some weirdo almost was on the verge of spoiling your weekend mood but you saved yourself by directing your thoughts to him.:-P ;-)

People have different priorities,I know.:-) No issues.Enjoy the weekend.Have fun.Adios!!!!!




    1. Into the valley of self-obsession,marched the 300..:-D

  2. hey, I can totally relate to you. and yeah some people are like that. but who cares? nice rambling though. loved reading it. thanks :)

    1. Ramblings are nice......:-) I wonder why I don't do them more say...20 times a day or 400 times a week or a million times a month....:-D Thanks for your comment ...

  3. you know after a long time i smiled at a rant :D
    this was simply fab ^_^

    1. :-) Ahh yes...good to put my rant pants on....

  4. There are actually a few bloggers who don't reply to any comment on their blogs which I used to find pretty rude. Then I realised that its not practically possible to answer to some 70-80 comments. But I think humility goes a long way and people do love when they get replies from the blogger they admire and appreciate.
    Keep the rants coming.You write the best when your are rambling... :)

    1. Aimlessly ambling and's what I am recently getting an inclination for...:-D

  5. And to every point you said, I was like..
    (also recalling many incidents too :D)
    I totally agree with swarnali,
    Keep the rants coming dude!:D

    1. :-) Rants are always therapeutic....They make you go 'puke' on other kinds of 'therapy'...:-D

  6. Rahul, Have you realized that off late, you are turning out to be a "whiner" .. where did the talented writer with a good sense of humor, witty and compelling storyline go?? Honestly , these recent posts have been so much off a put off, have been wanting to tel you from long , but well have been "BUSY" but this really did force me into penning it down ...

    1. All those got knocked out in a sea of alcohol called 'whine'...:-D
      BTW,I have recently discovered 'whining' is much better than pining away my time,trying to come up with stories which only a handful of people read anyway...:-D
      And yes..I never even thought about you while writing this post..Yes,I miss you here..I miss chatting with you...but no,you aren't one of those bloggers who I was writing about here...:-D Peace out!!

  7. I like the way you come back to the 'chal, don't worry, all will be well' tone.

    I agreed with most of what you wrote here. It's been 9 years since I first keyed my first entry in blogosphere - I've been with an entire generation of bloggers, interacted with some top-notch writers in cyberspace, transfused my blog-rolled veins a half a dozen times in these 9 years...and somewhere in between I had the same disillusioned feeling "Is there anything to this blogging at all?"

    But well all seems worth it when one day you chance upon a spark of a blog and you're ready to get ignited once again.

    You're doin' just fine, bro' - hang in's a virtual world, log aate hain, log jaate hain, apne ko kya karne ka hai, simply chill marne ka aur idhar blogosphere mein bak bak karte rehne ka...kyon? hai ke nai? ;-)

    1. Ahh so the Blogger Supremo steps into my parlor!!!:-)He he..Thanks so much for your lovely words of encouragement.AND are right on all counts.....'Bak Bak' is the way to go...:D