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June 14, 2012

Hogwarts: Origins III

Ok.Recent development.I will probably have to do this series on my own now.Pretty tough,if you ask me.'Coz I am not into HP much.But whatever!!!Challenge Accepted!!!After Godric,ladies and gentlemen,I present to you Salazar!!! Have fun!!!
"I think she asked you to let her go," I said in a sombre tone. "Or else what,you monkey faced moron?" The man in a farmer's sweaty outfit challenged."You think you have what it takes to snatch her away from me?" The young girl in question turned her head,looking once at me and then at the man,a terrifed expression on her face.Barely twenty or so,she had unkempt red long hair,which,along with her soiled green dress,indicated that she hailed from humble origins.Even in her unadorned,ungroomed state,her narrow waist and slender neck added a touch of grace to her.Evidently,I was not the only one who had noticed she looked kind of pretty.The man in the sweaty outfit was sparing no effort at making the shy looking lass aware that she had caught his fancy.Needless to say,his methods were highly obnoxious. "Please let me go," the girl pleaded to the man.Sweaty Shirt had grabbed her by the wrist and didn't seem interested in letting her off anytime soon."My father is getting worried.He knows it shouldn't take so long for fecthing him some ale.I beseech you,good sir.Please allow me to leave." Her eyes were literally begging.She seemed to be on the verge of tears. "Oh,my lovely little girl," Sweaty Shirt smiled,exposing uneven yellow teeth and brought his mouth,stinking of alcohol,closer to her face."Your father should have known better than to send his pretty young flower to a tavern full of big,bad men like me.Let you go?The night is so young,Philistine.Don't I at least get a kiss for praising you so long?You made my throat dry." The man had been harassing her even before I walked into this tavern a couple of minutes ago.This had to stop.Now. "You heard Philistine,"I warned again,raising my voice slightly higher this time."Lay your sweaty paws off her." The man's eyes flared.He rolled up his sleeves to expose a set of burly forearms covered with hair so thick,that it looked almost dirty.But his hands were big and calloused.His broad shoulders and massive chest conveyed an air of imposing physicality."You think you are man enough to take me down,monkey-face?" He bellowed."You tiny rascal!I can snap you like a twig!" He wasn't very wrong in his assessment.My wiry frame was no match for this man built of solid muscle.I didn't have any weapon with me,except a small knife.It was sharp,yes,but he would be able to knock it off my skinny hands with just one blow. I chose not to respond and just stared coldly at his eyes. "You are such a puny little thing",the man gave his ugly yellow-toothed crooked grin again and pointed between his legs."I think the size of my manhood alone will dwarf your entire body to shame." By this time,a crowd had gathered around us.A fight was on the cards,and the population at this tavern could never get enough of brawls and scuffles.Several folks who already knew the man,cheered him on. "Go,Ivan!Show him how big you are!!" A man shouted. "Show this monkey what a real pole and stones look like,Ivan,"yelled another voice. I smiled. "Mine is bigger than yours," I declared,still holding his gaze. "Ha ha ha ha,"Ivan roared in laughter."So monkey-face has got a sense of humour." A couple of men who had gathered around us joined in the laughter too. "Why don't you just check down there and tell me?" My smile had become a smirk now,and my eyes bored into his. Ivan frowned and grabbed his trousers between his legs.His demeanour immediately turned to one of shock and horror. "What've you done,you puny imp??!!!" He howled in fright and absolute confusion."Where is it??!!Where is my..." The people around us suddenly stopped chattering and a curtain of silence fell over the tavern. "What, you mean this?" I brought out an object covered in sack cloth from my side-bag and held it on my palms. Ivan's eyes grew wide in panic.The crowd around was abuzz again. "Ivan,what's wrong?Your face has become whiter than your teeth,friend!" "Seen a ghost,my man?" Ivan was too stupefied to respond. I uncovered the sack cloth and Ivan could see his equipment staring back at him on my hand.I grinned maliciously.I couldn't help enjoying this!! "You think highly of this little friend of yours,do you not,Ivan?" I said slowly,relishing my every word."Let's cut it to size,shall we?" I then placed the thing on a nearby table,brought out my knife and proceeded to chop it into slices in front of its owner's very eyes. "Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!Nooooo!!!Noooooo!!!!!" Ivan screamed in agony and desperation."Let go of it!!Give it back!!" The crowd was laughing now. "Ivan seems to have lost it!" Someone else joked,"His mind?Or the other thing?" Ivan howled at those men,"You bastards!!!!!All this seems like a joke to you???This man is chopping it to pieces!!And you heartless oafs are laughing your heads off!!I can't believe you people!!" The men burst out in an uproar of amused frenzy. "We can't believe any of this either!!!Someone carry Ivan to his home!!He is having such a bad day!!" "Home?You sure his wife will take her man back?Without his manhood?" Ivan was perspiring now.His eyes had grown so wide in baffled dread that they seemed about to pop out.He begain to tear at his hair in desperation and hopelessness. "You know," I presently said."My pet is kind of famished.Do you mind if I feed it here,Ivan?" Ivan was now a sorry picture of dismay and puzzlement.He stared at me stupidly as I fished in my bag again. "Wait,what's that?" Ivan's panic shot several notches higher as he saw what I brought out. "Ohhh!!"I laughed."Say hello?To my little friend??!"I then hissed to the rattlesnake coiled around my hands now and it hissed back.I had given it a command and it obedinetly uncoiled itself from my hand and set forth to execute it.I crawled onto the table and started gobbling up the slices of Ivan's man-meat.It made quite a sight-the ingested pieces causing the snake's skin to stretch and slowly making their way down the snake's body.Down its throat,and into its stomach. "Well,what do you know?" I mocked,pointing my finger towards the feasting scene of my pet reptile."Your little friend...being gobbled up by mine.Told you,mine was bigger." The scene was too much to bear for Ivan.He started trembling,and shrieked in anguish,and subsequently passed out,his unconscious body slumping to the floor. "Come," I commanded Philistine to accompany me as I proceeded to move out of the tavern. She obeyed me as if she was in a trance.Once outside,I climbed onto my horse and motioned her to climb in behind me. "Where is your father?"I asked."I will take you to him." "Go north-east,"she somehow managed to mumble. Five minutes into the ride,Philistine finally mustered the courage to speak up."What was all that?Why did that man suddenly start acting like he was possessed?And who are you?" "What?" I smiled as I turned back slightly to face her."You saw everything unfold right before your eyes,did you not?" "All I saw was,that man suddenly started acting as if he had lost his....thing,"Philistine uttered,the words tumbling out of her mouth."And you were looking straight into his eyes all the time.Everyone was amazed at this sudden change coming over him.One moment,he was boasting about his size.And the next,he was screaming he had lost it.All the men there were whispering among themselves that you must be the devil.Tell me,who are you?" "Just a man,"I said as I tugged on the reins."What you saw there is a little something called Legilimency.Gives you the power to delve into and unhinge a person's mind." "Legilimency?" Unsurprisingly,Philistine had never heard this word before. "So while nothing really happened to our nice friend,Ivan there,he thought he had lost what he valued most.And while the crowd was just stunned seeing madness take over him,Ivan thought all of them are making fun of his situation.Everyone.Including his friends." "You can do that to a person?" Philistine asked in outright wonder. "With a little bit of magic,yes,"I said smugly. "So Ivan really thought he had lost it?" "Haha,"I let out a small laugh."He even thinks I chopped it up and fed it to my snake.Now you know why he passed out!!" "I can't believe this,"Philistine stated,trying hard to process everything I just said."This magic.Capable of driving a man insane like this." "Ohh,don't worry about Ivan,"I said dismissively."He will realize his toy is still intact the moment he needs to attend to nature's call." "The magic?It's temporary?" "You seem relieved,"I jibed,shoving a lock of my long hair away from my eyes."Concerned about that bully much?What?Did I butt in at the wrong time back there?When the two of you were sharing a tender,loving moment?" "I just don't want a man driven insane by dark magic,sir,"she protested."I beg your pardon.And I owe you my gratitude.You saved me from that brute." "That gratitude surely took a long time coming,"I peppered my tone with sarcasm,and then I said pointing to the side of the road,"There.Is that old man standing out there your father?" "Yes,thank you so much for taking so many pains on my behalf,good sir,"she replied,her tone considerably softer now."If you don't mind,sir,may I know your name?" "It's Slytherin," I said as I helped her unmount."Salazar Slytherin." As she was getting down,she accidentally knocked over my bag.As it fell to the soft grassy patch below,a live rattlesnake wiggled out of it. "Salazar,helppp!!!" Philistine yelped in fright and grabbed my shirt.Her father,seeing the snake,started running towards us too. "It's ok,"I said in a reassuring tone to her.I bent down and picked up the snake in my hand.It promptly coiled itself around my forearm.I started hissing to it as I gently caressed its smooth head. "That thing doesn't bite?" Philistine asked alarmed,taking two steps back as she did so. "Almost everything,"I smiled,without looking up.I hissed to my snake again,picked up my bag,and the snake slowly slithered back into it. "You talk to that thing?" She asked,her eyes wide with surprise. "Snakes and I have a connection,"I replied,as I mounted back on my horse.By this time,the father had reached our spot."Good day,both of you!" And I sped away on my steed.
After a short while,I could feel my snake crawl up my back and coil itself comfortable round my neck.

"Careful with your hug," I hissed in Parseltongue."You tend to overdo your affection sometimes."

"And I am to take affection lessons from you now?"The head of the snake uncoiled itself to face me, the eyes glowing red into mine and the tongue flickering."You saved that girl and couldn't even get a kiss.Pathetic!"
"Don't rub it in," I testily replied.
"Why did you suddenly put up the knight in shining armor act though?" My pet reptile hissed again."So unlike you.Considering you don't have a particular liking for muggles."

"I don't know.I guess I found her cute,"the corners of my lip curled upwards into a half-smile.
"And still no kissing!You are a disaster!" The snake hissed one last time and coiled its head back around my throat.
To be continued?
P.S. I kinda sorta need some help with Helga and Rowena.So if any of you want to be a good Samaritan and help me out with this,I will be most grateful.Anyways.Peace.Out!!



  1. Hey this is brilliant!!! can't wait to read about Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff..!:)

    1. @Shruthi Thanks.:-) But judging by the low no of comments,I guess it is not good enough.

  2. You are doing a great job, Rahul. After reading this, I am convinced that the collaboration won't work. I strongly suggest you do all 4 characters yourself. It will be good practice for a novel when you have to do everything by yourself. You have a distinct style which I think should remain throughout the story. In September when I am a bit free, I will probably do this entire thing in my style.

    1. @TF I am doing a great job??!! Seriously?? I dunno...The low no of comments don't seem to suggest so...But thanks anyways..:-) Looking forward to how you do this..