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November 24, 2012


You see when you watch movies like Student of the Year, you usually don't get the entertainment you had craved for. But one thing you get-motivation. To shed all the extra pounds of flab making a mess of your body. Heaven knows I was sitting through the entire movie just making mental notes of what workouts I should be doing to get a boost whenever I cast a look at myself in the mirror again. All in all, I should say that mission was accomplished.Sweat and pain begin in full swing from today. My belly is already groaning in protest. :-)

Last two weeks have been kinda hectic. Was into a lot of studying- a habit I have not been on talking terms with for the last two years or so. Cramming stuff into my head with an aim of regurgitating at the very first opportunity I get, all the nervous cramps one gets before a major exam, the coffee induced energy spell, your parents suddenly going out of their way to make life easier for you while you are cramming away,yeah.... and all that jazz. Packed into a tiny time-space of two weeks time. Blogging took a hit. Story ideas remained in the factory or rotting in the warehouse. A pile of movies begging for attention. plenty of things to resume and reboot.

Just today, I received a comment on my blog from my latest follower. The guy had read a few of my stories and said -"The protagonist seems to have a thing for unavailable people" or something on those lines. I smiled on reading that. That guy nailed it!!! :-D So Cmus (or Nikhil, I presume?) you seem to have a way of deducing truths. :-) Looks like we are gonna have fun times ahead!!! :-) Welcome aboard!!



  1. It took me a while to focus on the rest of the post after I learnt you went for 'Student of the Year'. I wonder what went through your mind while watching 300 :D

    1. I didn't go for SOTY...SOTY went for me.. ;-) or whateva..During 300 days, this craziness about tight midsections and beach-body muscles was still not in full swing...But times have changed..:-)

  2. Workouts. Exams. Pending stories in the head.
    Seems like we're sailing in the same boat. Yet, we find time to update. ;)
    Take Care!

    1. Always good to have a co-sailor...:-) You take care too..

  3. I hate studying. I cram and survive and that's the best feeling.

    +To Me It Matters+

  4. Wow, workout? That sounds great! And studies? well, I am supposed to study now, thanks for reminding! :P

  5. Student of the year was a pain :/ While you men dream of having a body like the actors, i wish that no girl becomes like the actress :D

  6. Wow. That made my day! :)

    A friend of mine quoted Plato recently. It seems to be appropriate for your blog.

    "The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life."

    And yes, you got my name right.