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January 18, 2012


:-) I wonder what happened to the good ol' feel-good bubbly rom-coms here on blogosphere? Everywhere I direct my eyes these days,I see scathing commentaries on love,dark,morbid depictions of how love left people shattered and broken,or simply blogs which focus on some serious themes totally divorced from the happy euphoria associated with love.
I thought this is the season of love.Feb 14 is not even a month away.:-)
Now where are those stories?One hero,one heroine,3-4 good songs,foreign locales,a villain perhaps?No gyaan,no vigyaan,just pure entertainment. Something which leaves us smiling as our minds leave the theatre of the blogosphere.You know,with a song in our hearts,and a smile on our lips,and that sort of a thing.
Guess those stories went out of vogue...:-( Not surprising,I guess. Hearts are breaking.People are growing lonely and bitter.Chocolates have started tasting sour.
Pity though.I could use some light reads.Not sarcastic,not pinching,just a pure dopamine laden fun-ride on the roller-coaster run by Cupid.
But NO!People would rather write on melancholy stuff these days.Shucks.2012.Why did it have to begin on such  a serious note?



  1. People write about melancholic things, doesnt mean that they r lonely in their own life. Stories are a result of your imagination and some people like me dont like to read or write happy love stories. If I want tht I can go watch movies because come what may the end always makes us smile. I am not cynical about this thing called love. How can I b when I am in one since years. But I like dark love stories. More than love its the capability of a human mind to change in a second.
    But like you said valentines is going to come...I hope someone writes a beautiful love story which even I would like to read.

  2. @Red HandedInteresting.Why do people write melancholic and dark stuff?I thought they do so because they experience a little bit of what they write in their own lives.Anyway,I could be wrong of course.So you are in love?:-) Awesome.Who is the lucky guy????

  3. I reckon it has a lot to do with the mood and mental state of blog writers in not being able to churn out Happy ending narrations and breezily gleeful posts.

    I`m totally with you on the wanting to read a light, happy and genuinely fun writing part.

    Cheers :)

  4. Hahahaha. I agree!
    I usually write all mushy stuff and apparently now a days, mushy romantic posts are 'passe' *rolls eyes*
    There was this one tweet I saw.. Which went something like "when we begin to romanticize our pain, love feels like too small a thing" or something which basically said that the moment we started romanticizing our pain, from that moment on, unless we stop, we move father away because we LIKE to be sad and heartbroken.. As opposed to carefree and crazy in love. Because hey, the whole world is in love. Why should I join them?
    ^ Something like that. Which is plain sad. No?

    I'm a die hard romantic. And although I like reading love stories in any context or form, I love the cute mushy ones =D =D
    I loved this post!

  5. Well, those are the ups and downs right? :)
    Why don't you write some really mushy romantic story? It'll cheer all of us up :)

  6. @Atrocious Scribblings Why don't you gift us one then?:-) You got the humor and wit...add some romance and voila,we will have a good read in our hands...:-)

  7. @Blahblaholic ♥ © I enjoyed your comment the most.I almost feel the same way you are feeling.Especially this line
    //I usually write all mushy stuff and apparently now a days, mushy romantic posts are 'passe' *rolls eyes*

    Just how did love become passe...I will never know.:-( Shucks...I tell you BlahBlah,maybe you and I should get together ,pen a smashing story and show the blogosphere how a mushy lovey-dovey romcom is written....What say????:-D

  8. @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ I am willing.But in order to make it more interesting,I want to collaborate with someone in writing this story.:-D

  9. hehhe the stories I write are in no way connected to me. They r my imaginations and sometimes the people I meet.
    I am in love for almost 4 yrs now but I have my practical glasses on :D

  10. Fr the first time I agree with you's like love has gone out of our lives and is replaced by some dank-morbid emotion which we think is love. I've been pondering on what to start of 2012 with and the only things that were popping out were those reeking of melancholy. Maybe I could start with what I firmly to-date, despite everything believe in, love is life!!!

  11. @Red HandedWhat is the power of those glasses???:-D LOL...In love for 4 years,huh?:-) WOW! Best of luck to you two.Hope you have a long fulfilling relationship together.....

  12. @The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-pLove Is Life!!Yeah baby!!!!After LOL...comes LIL...:-D
    Go ahead my friend!!!I am waiting for that post from you with bated breath!!!:-)

  13. I think that sad or melancholic things don't affect much or they pain less if shared. No matter where you share it. With a person, nature, or a couple of pages.
    And happiness, I believe, grows when FELT. Yes it too can be shared the way people pen down the sadness. Don't know why, there's an X factor about these things. Happiness, when seen or observed in person, makes others happy too. Sadness, when read about it, has the power to make others understand it a little more.

  14. @I do, I do.Right!The sharing of these things has a therapeutic effect.:-)