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January 17, 2012


I whistled as I crossed a crowded avenue,
The air was mint fresh,the day was new.
A few clouds dotted the pristine blue sky,
Merry birds sliced through them,flying high.
Out of the blue, a Santro hurtled towards me,
My eyes screamed in horror,fearing what was to be.
A dull thud,and I found myself yelling and falling,
Hitting the road,I lamented meeting such a fate apalling.
The car door swung open,I saw a stilleto stepping out
Eyes like a doe,she was a beauty,a knock-out!
She gave me her hand,mouthing apology profuse..
I could slowly feel it short-circuiting,my heart's fuse.
With smile as blinding as a million billion fireflies,
In front of it,the stars they hide,the moon it shies.
She asked me sweetly if hurt I was and okay I shall be,
I found myself asking,"Would you join me for coffee?"



  1. it sounded like a rap song, i donno y but i wsa actually "singing" while readin :P .... loved it.... good work :)

  2. the opportunity well grabbed! :D
    Sweet lines!!

  3. Nicely done ! a lot can happen over coffee !

  4. Coffee.. It can make me do ANYTHING, absolutely!

    Its good to read about it in a poetry! :)

  5. @MenacheryTHank you.:-) Just trying my hand at light stuff after a long time.

  6. @I do, I do.Coffee can make you do anything?:-D OK.I will have to offer you a cup one day then.

  7. I tried commenting yesterday but was not working...Anyways, a lovely mischievous tale...Bang on, not even a second was wasted...Coffee clicks...

    Awesome read!

  8. @Saru SinghalThank you Saru!!Tried a poem with a funny twist.Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. haha.....dard ho ya haddi toot gayi ho...bus mauka mat chodna!!!:P:P one Rahul!!;)