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January 7, 2012

:-) Versatile Blogger

I always used to look on in envy at whoever who used to bag a Versatile Blogger award.I used to wonder why no one considers me eligible enough to bestow such awards on.:-P
But anyway,thanks to Dawn Zhang my wait is at last over.Here is my award,yoooohoooo!!!!!! :-D *Back-flip,somersault,cracked crown,ouch!*
I already told you guys about Dawn Zhang,didn't I? Strong,confident and a brilliantly beautiful writer.Thank you so much for giving me this award,Dawn.

So anyway,this awars comes with a rulebook.
Here are the rules:

· Thank and link to the blogger who bestowed the award
· Share seven random facts about yourself
· Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers and to let them know

Seven Totally Random Facts about me:-
1.I am an atheist.
2.I am a stupid romantic who still cherishes the naive belief that it is possible to find and fall in love with that one single girl who I can spend the rest of my life with.You know,the one you grow old with,quarrel over who is gonna do the dishes this weekend,crib about how our teenager children are growing  more rebellious each passing day,and all that sort of a thing. :-)
3.I love movies.Especially action and comedy.I love romcoms which have more of comedy than romance.
4.I dream of writing a story one day which is going to make everyone laugh and cry at the same time.
5.I like my job but not my salary.:-P
6.I like disassembling stuff and then putting them back together.
7.I will take a smart girl over a sexy one any damn day.

Now the difficult part.Only five people to give the award to?Shucks!!There are so many on my mind who deserves this award.But okay,let me try.
1.Radhika One superb,sensitive and smashing writer.
2.Rachika A person with a tongue of silver and heart of gold. She is the reason I am still blogging. I am so thankful that blogging afforded me the privilege of getting to know such wonderful human beings like her.Just like her name,she is a bright explosion of creativity and passion.
3.Princess Fiona Poetess supremo.
4.Shreya Pure awesomeness in prose and poetry.
5.Serendipity Now she deserves special mention.A lot of bloggers already know she in one powerhouse of a writer.But she has a 24-carat genuine gilded heart filled with sympathy and sensitivity as well.You should check out her last entry.It is for the KFC contest at IndiBlogger.You won't be able to help yourself.You would just have to become her fan then.She is that good!!:-)



  1. Congratulations!!!!!! You deserve it!
    and Number 5 fact about you not liking your salary...heheh cute!

  2. Haha congrats man! :D Loved your facts! ;)

  3. Congo :) \m/ Nice to know about these random facts ;) and a BIG thanks for nominating me :) Feels great :) its more than enough for me :D

  4. Thank you so much :)
    This does mean a lot, simply coz i do not deserve this award :)

    Thank You again. :)

  5. WoW! Only five recipients and you consider me to be in this elite group! I am SO honored beyond words! Thank you so much, Rahul!

    Congratulations on your well-deserved (overdue) award!!! May it be the first of many more to come and aren't you glad you didn't leave Blogger? You would have missed out on this golden moment! :P

    Enjoyed reading your 7 random facts. Thumbs up to #7, I can relate to 2 & 3, chuckling at 5 and you sound like my father in #6 :D

    Congrats again and to all the recipients!
    Many Thanks :-)x

  6. P.S. ~ Came back to mention that these awards usually allow up to 15 recipients. Just thought I'd let you know in case you'd like to pass it on to more of your favs ~ thanks again! It's SO beautiful ~ much grander than my previous 'Versatile Blogger' awards! I'm proudly displaying it on my website and directing my peeps to check your blog out *smiles*

  7. @RedHanded Thank you so much.
    @DawnZhang Ahh well..all this wouldn't have been possible without you..So thanks a lot again:-)
    @Recepients of the award You are welcome..and anyways,you guys are awesome..!!!!!!

  8. Wow, thank you so much Rahul :)
    I know how the first award feels like :)
    You're on top of the world and nothing seems to be more ecstatic :) Such sweet kind words you've used for me. I'm genuinely touched :)
    don't have enough words :)
    I'd proudly display it on my blog and tell people to visit yours :)

  9. :sigh: no one told me sucha award exists ! I would have given to u ages ago ! Kudos to the one who did it intime ;)
    Love ! Cheers! Party !

  10. Glad to see you happy dude!!! And keep the drama only for ur stories ok....and U said u were going?/;) haha/...dude I declare u HOOKED to this blogosphere now:)Srry was busy in Blore, as I went there to attend a course. Had a nice stay there:)
    Keep writing!! and keep the dream of writing that kinda story ALIVE! feels nice to know that ur kinds romantic guys do exist, yahan blogosphere par girls ki population kuch zyada hi hai romanticity mein;)

  11. Ah Rahul you certainly deserve the award. I think you should write a romantic comedy- like Chetan Bhagat's "Two states". All the best!

  12. Just when you decided to not quit, you got another award :) Haha! Congratulations!
    I love your new layout :)

  13. @Meera SundararajanYou think I will ever become that good?:-) He he...thanks so much...

  14. @AakritiAhh are right!!!Gratsi!!!:-D