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January 19, 2012

Nothing more

He searched for her frantically- high and low,
But all his desperate efforts had no results to show.
She had descended in his life like the blessings of an angel ,
Her gentleness had moved him,her wit had made him cackle.
They seemed so same,like two peas in a pod-he and her,
A unique kinship,in his heart and soul she did stir.
But she was only for a moment,and then she was gone-
Baffled was he,he wondered where she had moved on.
To talk to her again,one more time-became his sole wish,
He writhed in agonized waiting,like a water deprived fish.
Suddenly one day,she was before him,shining like a rainbow;
Her dazzling purity reminded him of the blemish-less white snow.
He tried to resume where they'd left,but she pretended she didn't know,
Her answers terse,her aloofness and silence signalling him to just go!
Hurt at her coldness,he left with a numb mind and a sore heart.
It felt as if his hopes had been grabbed,stamped on and torn apart.
She looked on at his retreating footsteps,hurt a bit,guilty a little;
She had been cruel to him,damaged his fragile ego,made it more brittle.
But she didn't want him to fall in love with her,to dream a future together,
Coz she saw nothing in him,his love's wings she couldn't feather.
To avoid future hurt,she nipped the bud then and there,
In her mind,she wished he find happiness,he find true cheer.
All of a sudden he turned back and headed in her direction,
She hardened herself to dish out another dose of rejection.
He just passed her a note and went away again,
He regretted he had searched so long in vain.
She opened the note to see what was in store,
It was just written,"I only wanted your friendship,nothing more."



  1. so good :) and so so touching!

  2. Bless your heart.
    This is so beautiful :)
    I wish she'd understood. :)

  3. Friendship is the first step..isn't it! :P
    I like this feel of the poem....has a peppy feel, but it has a tinge of happiness lurking somewhere...

  4. oopsy...a typo...a tinge of sadness...I wanted to say...but...its ok....there isn't much difference between the two...same numbers..on the opposite side of the number scale. :)

  5. @Kunal Thanks.:-) Same numbers on opposite sides of the emotional scale,huh?:-) Nice way of putting it.

  6. I feel sorry as I nowadays don't get to see people expressing how exactly they feel. Especially about these topics. Love, hate or anything. I feel sorry for the world where some people still exist who 'want to hear, want to be shared with'.

    Good poem it was. It actually MADE me think about what I just said.

  7. @I do, I do.:-) True you are.I wonder why people are not so open about love and hate anymore.

  8. The difference between the objects on either side of the thin line, often seen otherwise !

    Beautifully put out by the way !! :)

  9. @MysticThanks .:-) I am glad you found it a good read.