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September 23, 2011

The bombs we all carry

A one megaton nuclear bomb can engulf everything within a 100 square a deadly mushroom of flame.But a single ton of hurt expectations weighing down the heart can do much worse. The bomb will wipe you off the face of the earth,but your stupid hopes will wipe the smile off yours.And you will have to live with it.
While the fancy talk of dreaming big to make it big might sound all hunky-dory,reality is always about managing expectations.Yours and that of others.There frankly is no escape.It's as important as eating,drinking, and sleeping.Wish it were also just as simple.
There is only one simple truth about expectations.Don't for your life expect others to make you happy.It's all about you,your brain and that precious little 4-chambered pumping machine in your chest,really.It's just within us all.But stoooooopid we.Our search engines scan everywhere but our own selves.10 million search result pop up.But the one we are looking for always lies there in the last results page,sitting quietly,waiting,hoping for us to come and find it.It is Stooooopid too.It should know better than that to expect such wisdom from us.:-)