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September 24, 2011

Complicated-Part II

Rishab was scouring through his  list of Gmail chat contacts,wondering which hot babe would be most likely to talk with him if he were to ping,when suddenly Priyanka's chat window sprung up.

Pri:Hiiiii :)
Pri:U finished with the Visual Basic assignment?
Rish:Aye aye mam,and it's waiting anxiously for your freshly manicured hands to copy it into your lab file.;-)
Pri: :-D Yeah.The manicurist I told u about did a good job with my nails today.I am a very content customer.
Rish: :-D
Pri: So what were u doin?
Rish: U mean besides wishing desperately for a hot chic to ping me?
Pri: Yep,anything besides that. :-)
Rish: Well,I was self-introspecting.
Pri: Uh-huh.So ...any startling revelations?? ;-)I mean sumthing besides the foregone conclusion that u suck at picking up women?
Rish: :@:X  And men earn the wrath of womenfolk for being insensitive pigs.Thanks Pri.You are really being very helpful here.
Pri: He he.
So what DID you conclude from ur introspection session?
Rish: That I suck at picking up women.:-(
Pri: Awwwww..sad.. :-P
Rish: :-( Actually no. I realised sumthin else altogether.I wonder why they call gals the 'fairer' sex.There's nuthing fair about the way you gals treat average guys like us.
Rish:It's written all over the look u throw at us.Like we have just come up from a vat of untreated sewage. ;-) Either we aren't tall enuf ,or not cute enuf or not rich enuf.I wish I cud just say I've had enuf and rise and leave.
Pri:Haw.Then why don't you?:-D
Rish:Stupid  desires-they never die.Annoying,pesky things.Like those shitty processes which hang our systems and we are unable to kill in the taskmanager.........:-P
Pri:Rishab,I already told u ..ur reputation with the gal community is kinda ruined.:-( Thanks to all the desperation u oozed out last year.
Rish: :-( And repairing my reputation is as tuf as repairing your old broken hair-dryer,ain't it??
Pri: I wouldn't say that. If a gal admits to liking you,it could work wonders for your brand image.;-)
Rish: :-( Duh.If a gal did like me,I wouldn't be in this rut in the first place.
Pri: He he.If you could only convince a gal to pretend to be ur gf for sumtym.....
Rish: For that a gal has to either too dumb or too sweet.Both are a rarity these days.
Pri: He he.U're right.
Rish: Would u pretend to be my gf for sumtime???
Rish: Please? :-( I'll give you free pass to copy all my lab assignments for the next 2 years.
Pri: Ohh pleez.Why would I do sumthin like that???????And I was just kidding about the gf thing,Rishab.U shud consider not having a gf.It's an easy way to save money.;-)
Rish: And also to be pissed off at oneself and the entire world for no reason altogether:-( All I'm asking is one good imaginary fling.
Pri: Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rish: Look I know we all like to believe in the fantasy that one day we will all get the one we deserve.That life will be all hunky-dory and stuff.But we are in the here and now.And lemme tell u,now just sucks.I feel pissed with myself each day coz I don't have anybody.I try to shut up the voice inside me which keeps telling me that I can't get anyone coz I'm just  some miserable piece of shit.
My self-esteem is down there,right down,like a piece of crap stuck to the soles of my shoes.I keep saying to myself that having a gf ain't everything but u know what-the voice inside my head just never gets tired of calling me a worthless piece of nothing!!!!!!!!!!
Pri:I am sorry,Rishab.I can't help u.No girl will agree to this.
Rish:Please?????I will agree to anything you ask.
Rish:For our friendship's sakes!!!!Puuuuuuhleeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!I bailed you out a lot of times b4...I'm just asking sumthin 4m u this one time.....
Pri:I told you.I can't agree to this.
Rish: Umm..u're right.I'm sorry.Don't know what got into me. :-) Spoke a whole lot of nonsense.Ruined ur night.My apologies.Good night,Pri.Try not be too mad at me for all this.
Pri:GN,Rishab.Take care.

Rishab logged off from Gmail and immediately opened his drawer to bring out his notebook.He flipped through the pages in search of the first blank page.And started scribbling ,as he often did whenever he found his misery too overwhelming.

"Ravaged is the soul,
It cannot reach its goal.
Wearied spirit,a tired mind,
What it wants,it can't find.
Painful existence,a burdensome life..
Thru the heart it cuts like a knife!!!!!"

Rishab's poems were usually like that-frustrated ramblings conveying such monumental 'loser'-ness that a dog would be reluctant to relieve itself upon them.
But then again,they were probably a better option than crying himself to sleep.

Unknown to these two souls at that point of time,this little conversation they had together that night was going to set something in motion which would alter the dynamics of their lives.

If only they knew...

To be continued.....



  1. what a conversation..this was actually pretty interesting..speaks a lot about human desperate we are to cling onto someone and en wrap ourselves in a secure blanket, even if it is just an illusionary one!

    btw..ur writing style is extremely hooked :D


  2. @Sarah Thank u so much.:-) I'm glad someone is patient enuf to stick with this story.