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September 19, 2011

Piss-ces of thoughts

A truly hot gal looks sexy even sans makeup.She proved it to me yesterday night in the station.There she was walking as straight as an arrow,like royalty,except her entourage was missing.I would have gladly become her entire entourage,had she just smiled and asked.;-)
On a completely unrelated note,station urinals are smelly.Train urinals even more so.Everyone's urine can't be that smelly.I fancy just as one rotten apple infects every other apple in the basket with its rottenness,one smelly urine has a similar influence on the others in the urinal.Talk about setting bad examples and negative influence.Their conversations probably flow something like this:
Smelly Urine: We are piss and our sole duty is to piss people off.Embrace the dark side,friends,Urinans and countrymen.Let's show those people that their bladders didn't produce sissies!!!!!!!!PISS-ies maybe,but definitely not sissies.
Non-Smelly Urine1 to Non-Smelly Urine2:Duh!!!What's Smelly sayin?Any of it making any sense to ya?Is he one of those self-help coaches,ya think???Or maybe some new kid on the block trying to be an MLA??
Author's note:MLA=Member of Loo Assembly
NSU2:Nyah.I just think he is one of those contenders in that reality show called "So you think you can PISS people off?".
SU:Give me smell,some real bad ones,and I'll give you freedom.We will no longer be oppressed,we shall fight back.As they piss more upon us,our numbers shall grow.Until we shall overpower them with our foul stench.We are gonna show em!!!!!!!!!!
NSU1 and NSU2 to SU:We are with ya all the way,man!!!!!!!!
[Between themselves]:Anything to shut this moron up!!!
And the friends,is the story we witness in nearly every public urinal in our country.:-)



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