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September 27, 2011

Complicated..Part V

One month later
Rishab was wondering for the tenth time that month if having someone to call your girlfriend was really worth it.The financial implications seemed pretty disheartening.He had been going out with Megha for roughly four and a half weeks and he was already down one grand.He was only a computer engineering student,damn it,not a computer engineer.Yet.

Multiplex Silver Class had already eaten away 240 rupees from his wallet.Plus popcorn.And the movie wasn't making it any easier.Just why on earth should someone shell out 120 rupees per head to catch a no-brainer like Ready eluded Rishab's powers of reasoning.And yet here he was,on Megha's behest,who like thousands of gals around were suddenly swooning over Salman.Halfway through the movie,Rishab started feeling that his brain cells were about to die a slow painful death.And he was paying for it.

After their packet of popcorn got over,Rishab had desperately hoped she wouldn't beg for one more.But her "Baby the popcorn is finished" and the baby face she made while saying it,forced him to rise to  the call of duty once again.Rishab wondered for the eleventh time that month if having someone to call your girlfriend was really worth it.

As Rishab stood in the popcorn line,voices fleeted from behind.
"She's a 9,man!!A cute face with a hot body to go along with it.You're one lucky sonofa..."
"Luck has got nothing to do with it,"a second voice said smugly.
"Two chics to fool around with,and you don't call yourself lucky??You ass!!!!"

Two chics?Rishab cursed under his breath.Here he was almost being bled dry having one around.Sure must have a lot of dad's cash to burn.Lucky sonofa...

"So how long is it gonna be with this one?" The first voice asked.

"You speak as if she's gonna let you pick her up after I'm done with her," the second voice joked.

Yeah sure you pompous ass,Rishab thought.You are the only bar of dark chocolate existing in the candy shop ,aren't you?
Rishab had always hated these kinda guys.90% of guys hate these kinda guys.Coz these guys could do what the rest 90% wish they could,but couldn't and still get away with it.

"Doesn't hate to ask,does it?" The first voice answered a bit sheepishly."Hey look,she is back.Let's get our asses inside now,shall we?Interval should be over by now,I guess."

Rishab loathed hearing the conversation,and he loathed hearing the second voice even more.Guys like that had always made him feel like a socially inequipped loser.Boys with looks to die for,and charms to make women go weak in the knees.Flaunting a score of 2 or 3 girlfriends,all of them absolute knock-outs.Till now,Rishab had felt grossly inferior to them.Now at least he could boast of a score of 1.A saving grace.

Rishab suddenly started feeling that maybe the money burnt that month wasn't such a bad investment after all.Few things gave a guy as good a high as a sexy face and sexy legs.And Megha had both.

Rishab had ordered the regular popcorn before.He changed his mind."Boss,please make that chocolate flavored." 50 bucks extra but hell,it was worth it.

He wasn't wrong.The sugary warm "I sooo love my baby" he got after Megha saw her favourite flavored popcorn,made his heart shoot through 6 levels of heaven and finally get deposited in the seventh.Somehow,the second half of the movie suddenly didn't seem so bad.This one time,Megha's cheek accidentally(but who really knows?) brushed against his.Megha just smiled coyly.Rishab's heart did a triple somersault.

As the audience scurried out of the hall after the movie,Rishab heard the second voice again."Bye Vineet.See you at CCD tomorrow!!"
A female voice crooned,"Byeeeee Vineet!!!Drive safely!!"

Rishab turned around when he heard that voice.He just had to.He knew that voice.He gaped in amazement as Suyash walked towards the exit,holding Priyanka's hand.

He should have recognised Suyash's voice too.But he must have caught cold or something.His voice had sounded different.

Suyash was two-timing his best friend!!F**k!!!!

To be continued....



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