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September 27, 2011

Complicated..Part VII

Bad stuff has gotta be magnetic in nature.It attracts others like itself.The upsetting result of its magnetic charm is that too many unpleasant things gather together to knock on one's door all at once.And right now,Rishab's door was almost being knocked off from its hinges.

As if all the mess concerning Priyanka and Suyash was not enough to keep his hands full!!To top that,Megha was starting to wonder why Rishab was suddenly growing so concerned about his "former girlfriend".

Megha had a very simple approach to the problems of her fellow-beings.Leave and let leave.
She firmly believed problems should be left to be tackled only by the people to whom they belong.The only exceptions,of course, were her own problems.
So,Rishab's poking his nose into Priyanka's problems was nothing but an unnecessary annoyance to her.And a source of nervous tension.You can never be too careful with ex-flames around.These old flames never get fully extinguished and if time and circumstances conspire,they can pretty well get the current ones packing their bags and leaving.

She was having a phone tiff about this with Rishab on this very day,when Rishab spotted Suyash walking towards him with a smirk on his face.Just my luck,groaned Rishab to himself.That Suyash wasn't coming towards him with the intent of bestowing brotherly affection  wasn't lost on him.

"I'll call you back!" Rishab mumbled into the phone to Megha,and put it away in his shirt pocket.

"Hey Rishab,I heard you and Priyanka had a misunderstanding or something?Tch..Tch.Too bad.Hey,can I be of any help to you?You know,like,convincing her you ain't the bad guy?Telling her it's me who to watch out for????" Suyash chuckled."Hey,don't be so pissed man!!!Just tell me.....I'll take care of everything!!!!!"Suyash mocked and started laughing.
It made Rishab sick to the stomach.

"Why are you doing this to her,Suyash?She's such a nice kid.What has she ever done to deserve what you are putting her through?"Rishab asked indignantly.

"I ain't putting her through anything,punk!!!You are.She was on cloud nine till you poked your meddlesome nose into our business,you sick piece of shit!!!!Why didn't you just mind your own business?Megha is a cute thing.Just concentrate on her and let me take care of your lab-babe,alright?Or else,you've just seen a teaser of what I am capable of.I can destroy you,Rishab!!!!Just imagine what will happen if I make Priyanka blabber about that little secret pact you two had?"

"Listen to me,Suyash!!!!Priyanka is a damn sensitive girl!!Can't you imagine what she'll go through when she learns the truth?It's gonna shatter her.She loves you like hell.Thinks the world of you.She doesn't deserve this.You know that.So I'm begging you,just stop playing..."

"Life isn't fair and life's no fairy-tale,partner!!!" Suyash retorted."I will get rid of her when I'm done with her,do you hear?Until then you can keep your moral science lectures to yourself." He started to turn away,then turned back,his smirk back on his face.
"And besides,look at the bright side." he continued."When I'm finished with her,she is gonna be needing a shoulder to cry on.You can then just sneak your butt in and do the needful.You can be her rebound guy.I'm actually doing you a favour,hot-shot!And yeah,you are welcome!!"

Rishab's blood boiled.
Suyash just smiled to himself and walked away.That will teach that ass to stay out of my way!!!!!!!!!!!
Guitar strings and women.Suyash was good at picking them both.As if classical good looks weren't enough to make female hearts melt,he was also the lead guitarist of the college band.For him,women came easy.They were to him what bundles of hundred rupee notes are to that fat rich kid who gets chauffered around everywhere in a luxury car.Easily available.And hence disposable.

Very early in the first year he struck the jackpot.Shruti Mehta.One of the hottest babes in his year.And the richest.Branded clothes,Playstation,smartphone were the perks.Shruti was a gift factory,and Suyash was one lucky dawg.

But one woman simply wouldn't have sufficed.It would have been a criminal wastage of his prodigious womanizing skills.And so he sought out more.He couldn't afford to hook up with anyone from the same college.Shruti just had too many golden eggs to lay for him.He couldn't afford pissing her off.And so it was with chics outside the college,that his trysts with two-timing commenced.And flourished.

It was a pity,though.Priyanka had always been Rank One on his "Top Three Gals To Hook Up With Had I Not Been Committed" list.He often found himself wishing Priyanka hadn't been in the same college as his.Getting together with any of those three chics in that list had been his primary mission and vision statement for the entire duration of the first year. Only thing was-women ain't particulary good at keeping secrets.Especially concerning their romantic lives.If he had to have someone from his own college,he needed someone who would hang around with him and who would still keep her mouth shut about the entire thing.But he had learnt with dismay that such women are hard,if not impossible,to come by.

He had almost given up hope,but then that the gossip concerning Rishab and Priyanka happened.
A ravishing beauty who could keep a love affair all hushed up.It was just...too good to be true.

Suyash always knew how Priyanka felt about him.That much was easy to guess from the way he had caught her looking at him sometimes.They had been close too.With her,he had always managed to play the 'poor little charming guy facing a whole lot of shit from his possessive gf' routine to perfection. And finally some cooked up bullshit about Shruti's psychological problems was all he needed to get unrestricted admin access to her heart.

Of course,then Priyanka had told him that the thing between her and Rishab was nothing but a made-up baloney.This was an unexpected setback to how Suyash had envisioned everything.His core assumption regarding her ability to keep her love life all hushed up had been proved wrong.There had been no love-life to be all quiet about in the first place!But on deeper thought,it didn't matter.She was still doing a damn good job keeping that lie between her and Rishab a secret from others.And Suyash was confident she would keep the reality between her and himself a secret from others too.

Shruti was a delicious dish.And her gifts were the desserts which surpassed even that dish in titillating his taste-buds.But still,Suyash was beginning to get tired of her spoilt rich brat attitude.Weathering the storms of her tantrums and mood-swings sometimes seemed too high a price to pay even for the goodies she showered on him.

He had three months in hand.
He had made up another story as to how Shruti's therapy would be over within three months.So as a dutiful ex-bf,he would just have to stick around with Shruti till that time ;he and Pri would go 'official' only after that.
Priyanka had bought all that crap.

THREE MONTHS.Plenty of time to decide whether Priyanka was really worth having around.Or whether he should just stick with the tried and tested gift-showering extravagance of Shruti.
He was pretty sure if the need arose,he could construct another lie about Shruti's not being able to get over him or something on those lines,and break up with Priyanka on that pretext.He would have to be a little crafty;he would still have to convince her to keep mum about their entire affair.But he was sure he would be able to come up with something.Making a fool out of a chic who thinks the world of you ain't as hard as solving complex Fourier Transform problems.Of that,he was sure.

And who knew?Maybe the thought of losing him would be so painful for Priyanka to bear,that she might just agree to continue the little arrangement they had even after those three months.He could continue to be with Shruti and Priyanka both for sometime more,till maybe Priyanka got tired of it all.Wishful thinking,no doubt.And ultra-ambitious.But then again,Suyash lived in a world of colourful possibilities.Where women were concerned,his wishes were horses which he rode with manic glee.

Of course,it would take only peering a little deeper into his shallow soul to figure out that Suyash didn't care for having either Priyanka or Shruti around.Or any girl for that matter.It was all about feeding his gigantic,massive ego.The chance to brag about his conquests of women to his envious buddies over a bottle of beer.It was like rocket fuel to the engine of his self-esteem.He was walking on dangerous territory,he knew.All his grand schemes and designs might anytime blow up in his face and he would be left with no one to call his gf.Rishab had come pretty close to doing that!But it was cool.He could afford to lose Pri and Shruti both.He would always manage to pick up someone else later.But that dumba** Rishab had thrown a frigging challenge at his face.Hurt that precious ego of his.Stirred the hornet's nest.
He just had to pay.That fool!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now he had to get ready.He finally had the keys to his dad's car in his hands.He had promised Priyanka that they would be going out tonight in his father's car.Hearing that,she had teased him saying that she would be dressed appropriately for the occasion.Suyash smiled to himself as he lay in his bed thinking about this conversation.
Finally, a car with a chic to grace its seats!!!!!!!I wonder if I can get lucky tonight!!A kiss shouldn't be too difficult right now,should it?

To be continued....



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