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September 27, 2011

Complicated..Part VI

"Suyash,a word with you!"Rishab was deadly earnest as he approached Suyash in the canteen,on the Monday afternoon following the events at the multiplex on Friday.

"Yeah?"Suyash raised his eyebrow.It  made Rishab's skin crawl.

"Lay your f**king hands off Priyanka,do you hear me?"cried out Rishab as he pointed an angry finger at him."I heard all about the two-timing shit you are trying to pull on her at the multiplex that day.Yeah.I was there too.Now listen to me damn seriously.Just stay the f**k out of her life.Or else.." Rishab's pointed finger withdrew to form a fist.

Suyash's eyes squinted."Or else what?" He almost sneered.

"I as sure as hell am gonna Priyanka tell all about you and your filthy game.And then we are gonna spill the beans to Shruti.It would be fun to see you returned to the place you deserved from the very start.From a two-timer to a zero-timer." Rishab's eyes and voice mocked Suyash as the words left his mouth.

It came out of nowhere.Suyash's fist hammered into Rishab's face as Suyash brought the entire weight of his broad shoulders behind that blow.Rishab staggered back from the impact,clutching his nose.It hurt bad.He brought his right hand out to see it smeared with blood.Damn it!!His nose was bleeding like a leaky faucet.

Rishab saw Suyash lunge for him.But this time he was ready.He brought his knees down in a squatting position and then rose up with as much velocity he could manage,just as Suyash was inches from him.He balled his right hand into a fist as he shot up and caught Suyash in his chin followed by his nose.Suyash toppled backwards,holding his nose just as Rishab had done a few seconds earlier.Rishab saw with some satisfaction that his nose had started to bleed too.

A crowd had started gathering in the canteen to grab a piece of the action.
"This isn't over punk!!!" Suyash growled as he stormed off from the canteen,leaving quite a few questioning looks staring in his direction.

"You can bet your life on that.Punk!!!" Rishab muttered under his breath.
Rishab had called up Priyanka at least five times the day he had been at the multiplex.It was then that he had recalled that Priyanka was supposed to be out of station at her grandma's place for the weekend.She must have switched off her phone to avoid roaming charges.She wasn't supposed to be back to college before Tuesday.

It was Monday evening and Rishab figured she should be back home by now.Now was the time to call her up and spill everything.

Priyanka's voice sounded a little gruff.
Rish:Hi Pri,this is important.You have to get the hell away from that Suyash character.He is a two-timing spineless cheater.He is one sick bastard.He..
Pri:Just shut the hell up,will you?
Pri:Suyash was right.You're one filthy goofball.So this is how you repay what your friends have done for you,huh?No wonder you don't have any friends.And no wonder you can't attract any gal on your own.
Rish:Just what the hell are you...
Pri:Oh,just shut the F up!And I'm never gonna tell anything about me and Suyash to Shruti,do you hear?If you think you can just come up and say anything about Suyash and I'll believe you,you are dead wrong.And never ever call me again.And just hear me out,if you again so much as dare to butt your sorry butt between me and Suyash,I promise you there'll be hell to pay.
Rishab was aghast as Priyanka angrily disconnected her phone.

Forty minutes ago
Suyash[on phone]:Hi Pri,something happened today at college.Something really ugly.I just had to ask.Is everything all right between you and that lab-partner of yours?


Suyash made no effort to conceal his irritation."Just what on earth am I supposed to make out if a guy barges up to me and threatens me to stay the f*** out of your life.So I had to ask.You told me you two cooked up this shit about you two being together and all.Was it really all just fake?Or did you two really have something going together?"

Pri's agitation-meter recorded a sharp rise."How can you say that,Suyash?We had nothing between us.I have no clue why Rishab did what he did to you."Inside herself,Pri was racking her brains trying to come up with a decent explanation as to why Rishab would do anything like that.

"Hell.I told that jackass to mind his own business.And do you know what he did next?He punched me in the face.Just out of nowhere.Made my nose bleed.I swear I would have torn him to pieces had he not been your friend,Pri."Suyash said,gritting his teeth.

"He did what?" exclaimed a shell-shocked Priyanka.

"Yeah.And not only that.He threatened that he would spill everything to Shruti.And he even went on to say,he would convince YOU to do that for him.Said you would believe anything he said.That ass!!!!"

"I just don't get it.W-why?" Priyanka's mind was in a haze by now.

"Ain't it obvious,Pri?That guy has the hots for you.You said how he took the blame for you during the second-semester lab assignment episode.Why should any guy do something like that for a gal?Until and unless,he is downright desperate to impress her.Hell,I think he even assumed you would come running into his arms after that.I have seen a lot of desperate shit-heads in my time,Pri.And this filthy goofball,Rishab,seems to be the king of that pack.Now that he has seen us going out together,he is probably eating his balls up in jealousy."

Priyanka bit her lip.She obviously knew Rishab had once been really into her.And what Suyash was saying had occurred to her before.But she had thought,Rishab had outgrown all that.He never tried to hit on her after first semester.Even after that second-semester episode,he never expressed any desire to have her in his life in any other capacity than just a friend.But now,all this.
Damn you,Rishab.Just why are you so hell bent on putting me in such f**ked up situations all the time?
"B-But,he's going out with Megha,Suyash.Why should he be jealous NOW?"She asked this more to herself than to Suyash.

"We don't really know anything about what's going on between the two of them,do we now?"Suyash argued persuasively."Maybe she's just not his type.And things ain't working out between them.And on top of that,he sees me with you at the multiplex on Friday.That shit-head must  have got fired up with envy then and there."

"And you know what?" Suyash's bitter voice continued its onslaught."I'm willing to bet my life that he will come to you with some cooked up shit regarding how I'm a two-timing jerk who is playing you and Shruti at the same time.The way he talked to me made it pretty clear what was on his mind."

"Hmm." was all Priyanka could manage her lips and tongue to spell out.

"Priyanka,you love me,right?"His husky voice was suddenly dripping with wet emotion.

"Of course,I do,Suyash.You know that as well as I do."Priyanka's heart skipped a beat whenever she heard herself reaffirm her love to him.Even after one month since they Suyash declared his love for her.

"Then promise me you won't let Rishab come between us.It'll hurt me too much,if you do.I think I'll die without you.After what happened today,it's either him or me,Pri.You have to choose,and you have to choose now."The intensity in Suyash's voice pierced through the soft corners of her heart.The corners which harboured sweet,love-filled thoughts of him and only him.

"I promise,Suyash."She said solemnly."If Rishab does anything nasty,I promise I'll make him pay."
It wasn't hard for Rishab to construct what must have happened between Priyanka and Suyash to make her react to him in that fashion.
Why,that slimy sonofa....Priyanka was falling into that scoundrel's trap and he couldn't come up with anything to stop him.Shit was happening!!Deeeep shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued...



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