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December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday...........

So yesterday one of our beloved fellow-bloggers turned 18. :-) And on this special occasion, it would simply be wrong on my part not to pen a few words on her.

She is one of those bloggers who is full of wit and life. All the chat discussions I had with her were remarkably enjoyable and amusing. Her sparkling wit and positive energy has lifted me out of many a gloomy day.

She claims she is a bad person.Although,a more sensitive and kind-hearted blogger,I have not seen till now. :-)

She feels for other people in a way which makes me believe that there is still hope for mankind with persons like her around.
Now now Rahul,you flatter me too much!!!!*blush blush*
And now,to her writing.What can I say? Such mastery over the craft of creative writing at such young an age.She and Crystal continue to amaze me with each quantum of brilliance which they throw at us. Easy flow,gripping narrative,touching and relevant topics,her writing has it all. And she never posts without pictures. :-) now you get the drift as to why I have studded this post with pics,don't you??

So this friend of mine turned 18 yesterday.I know her by a certain name. The rest of you probably know her as Philo.
She writes here.
Please do join me in wishing this package of awesomeness one super-duper awesomalicious year ahead. :-)
Happy Birthday Philo!!!!!



  1. *smiles very big* =D
    Thank You so much Rahul :)
    It was so sweet of you :)

    *still smiling* :P
    You do flatter me too much :P

  2. HAppy Birthday hun!!!
    hope u get all that u wish you!!!!
    have a marvellous year ahead of u. :)

  3. Oh my dear Lord!!!:):) Now what could be more awesome than this....A fellow blogger dedicating his whole post to u on ur b'day!! My my...Rahul!! U sure know how to make ur way in a girl's heart..huh? ;) And not only ur stories, but ur deeds let us know that too;):):) HAPPPPPPPPPPPY Birthday Philo!!!!!!!:):) Wishing u the very best in life:) God Bless

    PS: Reminds me of the gift I got from u :P Thank u 8)

  4. @philo :-) u deserve nothin less..
    @Rachika :-) philo says thanks...
    @Aakriti Ahh..what can I say...I just try and do my bit in making this blogging experience more than just reading and writing stuff..:-)

  5. Happy Birthday Philo:)
    You have been wished in a very special way by Rahul!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
    Cheers Rahul!!!!!!!!!

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - Philooooooooooo u r so lucky :)
    cute :)

    love x

  7. What a sweet post for a sweetheart like Philo! I see she a new post today so I'll head on over there to comment and wish her a very happy one! In case she reads this comment first, ~**HAPPY BIRTHDAY**~, dear Phil0! Wishing you many more to come, dear! :) ♥

    Lovely post, Rahul! :)

  8. oooh lala!
    Happy Birthday Philo!
    Now m gonna wish her in her blog :)
    Cute of you rahul!

  9. Happyy Birthdayyy !! Mr Cranky I also want a birthday post *greedy grin* :D

    So sweet of you !!

    And happy birthday to the teen who's nearing end of teenage *sigh* =))

  10. @ Shama: Yes, lucky indeed :P He's so sweet =D
    Thank you to all of you :)

  11. Why don't I ever come to know of anyone's birthdays out here. Its so bad :( But still, HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY Juhi! And R, tune toh meri Philo ki saath saath tarif kardee .. thanks re :D
    And Juhi, I wish you a year of awesomeness ahead .. may it overflow with happiness :*

  12. @everyone thanking you with all my heart on Philo's behalf!!!:-)