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December 12, 2011

The shit called love

"I wish I was born in New Zealand," Ashish rued."The girls out there are the horniest set of bitches on this planet.On an average,a New Zealand babe has  close to 21 sexual partners?21!!!Would you believe that?"
The average guy thinks about sex at least once a day.Ashish thought about it on an average of twenty times a day.

"Tch tch," Rohit replied absent-mindedly as he applied a blob of gel on his hair.

"I tell you we are in the wrong country dude!I mean,like the end of the world is hardly a year away.And you and I are gonna die as virgins.Shucks,man!"Ashish,visibly frustrated, looked at his flat-mate as if expecting some consolation.

"Just shut the hell up,"Rohit said in an exasperated tone as he tucked in his shirt while looking at the mirror."I am nervous as shit about this date thing.And all you can think about is fucking!"

"Sheesh!Just don't shit in your pants when you meet her,fucker,"Ashish chuckled.

Rohit wondered when was the last time he and Ashish had a talk which had nothing to do with male or female parts,porn or voluptuous celebrities.
"Dude,if you could only fuck with your thoughts,do you realize you would have become the father of the nation by now?"Rohit grinned at his flat-mate and then started combing his hair.

"Nyah.I would have conquered India ages ago.China,Pakistan and Bangladesh would be in my undies by now too," Ashish shot back.

Rohit smiled as he looked at himself one final time in the mirror.The amusement eased his nervousness somewhat.Hair.Check.Shirt tucked in correctly.Check.Jeans fitting.Check.He closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.I just hope I don't mess up tonight!!he wished to himself desperately.

"Don't use up all the beer in the fridge,"he said as he stepped out of their flat."I might need it when I get back."

He was fighting with a feeling deep down that things might not go so well that night.He would say or do something outright stupid at the date and return to his flat feeling like a loser.A can of beer would again have to come to his rescue then.A shiny can of beer has been the knight in shining armor for many a dude in distress.Rohit could vouch for that any day.Or night.


"It's wrong Rohit.It's plain wrong.Two-timing is what ass-holes and bitches do," Mahima shook her head vigorously.

"Our first date and we are already talking about two-timing,"Rohit looked at her in an amused fashion."There's surely a great future ahead for the two of us.And by the way,just curious,but why do you think it is wrong?"

"It's just wrong.It's downright immoral."

"Exactly.But who decides morals?The moral idea of having only one partner at a time has been passed down and force-fed to us culturally by rulers, religions and women for centuries.But does that necessarily make it right?" Rohit asked her sharply.

"Well,you said it yourself.It has been in vogue for so long.There has got to be something right about it,right?Else it would have been discarded a long time ago."

Rohit just leaned back in his chair with a patronizing smile.

"What?"Mahima asked widening her big black eyes."You just gonna sit there and smile..or do you really have something to say on this?"

"Just this.If you look at it from a biological standpoint, it doesn't benefit women at all to have their man running around hitting the sack with other women. She can only carry one kid at a time, and she can only bring up a small number at a time, so having a man that's out sticking his dick into others is BAD BAD BAD news for her. When her guy's out distributing his semen, he can't be working or home helping. Even worse, he might have other kids with other women which will eat up his attention and income further. So anything that promotes monogamy, like religion, is seen as right to many women, as it goes along with what they know and feel is right."

"So men should just sleep around.Is that what you are saying?" She asked,her nostrils flaring in a cute way.She looked cuter when angry,Rohit concluded.

"I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with women's perspectives," he clarified." I'm just saying that if you look at it from women's point of view, she doesn't really gain anything by having a man that likes to sleep with a lot of women."

"And what about men?What benefits would they get?One flavor simply won't do,huh?You need to try out all the goodies in the ice-cream van,am I right?"

"Think about it. There are major advantages to guys...... or at least to their genes to sleep with many women. First, it doesn't take a lot of hard work, and there's virtually no risk.Sure,there is STD and stuff.But consider this.A man could probably sire a lot many children before a disease would take him out.Not a bad trade off,I say.Genetically speaking."

"Woaah,so we are back to the same thing," Mahima whined."Men should go around sticking their dicks into every chick possible."

"I am just saying  that men are probably biologically wired to look for sexual opportunities and sexual variety.But let me also add that just because you're wired to like sweet foods doesn't mean that you should only hog on sweet stuff. That will spell bad news for you too."

"Some swell date this is becoming,"she complained.

"You brought the topic up,"he smiled again.

"Let's change the topic."

"Amen to that."

"So tell me about Ankita,Rohit.Why did she leave you?Is it ok to share?"

Rohit knew this question would come up eventually.He steeled himself.Thinking about it still hurt.Bad.Talking about it was far worse.
"She had different priorities,"he answered slowly and with difficulty."I mean from her point of view,it's all ok.We weren't really a couple technically speaking.Just that we spent a lot of time together..and I..stupidly fell in love with her.So when the time came for her to leave...she just left."

"Just left?You didn't try to stop her?Tell her how you felt?"

"The day her flight was to leave,I went to the airport to bring her back.You wouldn't believe it cab broke down 2 kms away from the airport.I actually ran the rest of the way.They wouldn't let me inside.So I purchased a 10 grand ticket just so that I could get inside the waiting lounge.I met her.That last time.I told her what I felt about her. But...she..well.....uhh..well things didn't work out.She left."

Rohit's eyes began to sting.Mahima watched as he tried to blink back a tear.

"Let me guess.You are going to tell me that something fell in your eyes,right?"She said,with the hope of lightening things up.

Rohit remained silent.

"Look Rohit,I am sorry to hear about Ankita.I guess you really felt she was the one,huh?"

"I was just being stupid,"he answered tersely.

"There was nothing stupid in it.You felt something for her.She didn't.Happens.I have been through the same a lot many times more than I am proud of." She touched his hand,trying to comfort him.

"I don't know,Mahima.All this stuff....the emotions....the pain....the blasted memories...they hurt...real bad.I don't know if... all this is really worth it."

"I know what you are going through.A couple of years back I was passing through a similar mess.I had a huge....and I mean a huge fight with my bf.I wanted to break up with him then and there.I wanted to just run away.Hide myself somewhere.Reset my life.Coz it seemed to have crashed completely.But then I discovered something."


"Look.I don't believe in love in a something mystical sort of way, I don't think there is such a thing as the one. I mean,get real.There in no one person for you, there are many potential people for you. We like to call it love but in the end it is just another relationship.No relationship will just work, we make them work.Some are easier than others.Some are just worth more."

"All this sounds nice and all but...." Rohit started to interrupt but she silenced her with a gesture of her hand.

"I am not finished.I know so much has been said on how it's all a beautiful delicate balance and all that. Love is about meeting someone and growing with them.Blah blah blah. The reality is just that there will be downs, there must be so you will know, experience, and enjoy the ups. And trust me there will be ups. "

"You sure about that?" he smirked.

"I can bet my life on it.Don't give up on this shit called love, Rohit.You may not be able to make others love you but you can choose to love others and in doing so you ensure that someone else is loved. You have a gift see, it's your choice how you use it. There's so many different kinds of love. You will find someone, the trick is just to keep looking."

Rohit looked on at Mahima with renewed interest.There are some moments in life you can never correctly describe.In those moments,everything feels right and it doesn't seem anything can really go wrong.There is just  that beautiful feeling inside yourself .The feeling a kid has when he holds a long-awaited gift in his hands.

"You seem to be a nice guy,Rohit," Mahima's words interrupted his reverie."I would sure like to get to know you better.It's getting late and I have to go now.Can we meet again sometime?"

"I would love that," the words seemed to escape his lips even without his being aware of it.

"It's a deal then,"she smiled a glowing smile which warmed Rohit's heart.

Sometimes we fall for the wrong person.And sometimes we fall for just the right one.Whatever the outcome, the feeling of falling is unlike anything else.Rohit could not push off the feeling that his search might just have ended tonight.

Little did he know,he was just about to hit another speed-bump in Heartbreak Avenue.

**The End**



  1. By the time, I came to the last line, I had tonnes of mixed feelings. Though the last line was the show-stealer there were plenty of awesome moments too, like the start. 20 times a day? Really? :o I read somewhere, why do guys think so much about sex? Reply: y : That's apparently because we don't want to enter our thirties realizing that we wasted our twenties thinking like a typical girl.
    You're getting better, sharper and more intriguing.. good goinnn boy!

  2. Woaaa....Rahul...I'm so impressed! As I read this story, I was wondering "how the hell does he ?(i mean you) brings up dialogues for both the ends ( the girl and the guy)!! KUDOS TO YOU.:)
    And haloooooo??? no end shend ok?? likhte jaiye aap..padhne wale yahaan baithe hain:D
    loved these words uttered by Mahima:"Don't give up on this shit called love, Rohit.You may not be able to make others love you but you can choose to love others and in doing so you ensure that someone else is loved. You have a gift see, it's your choice how you use it. There's so many different kinds of love. You will find someone, the trick is just to keep looking."... they are so uplifting:)

    write further!!! SERIOUSLY!!:)

  3. PS: oh! I just realized that u actually brought an end to it, but well in a story things can change, just like in life, not knowing when what comes up...I'll settle myself in that case, and look for ur new I have an option?:P

  4. Kudos to you Rahul!
    As Haroun say "Where do you get your stories from?"

    Though I wonder why is it in most of the stories you pen down have the guy playing the victim?
    Aren't both the victim-the boy and the girl?

    Oh I'd so like to basically discuss some of the pointers in this story. :)
    Hidden Femininity, Gender roles, Religion,Depression or more likely Pessimism. Lovely mix :)

    PS Broaden you horizons try with the girls point, or even the 40 year old man :)

  5. You finally continued :)
    It was a nice read. Short and sweet!
    I like how you add humour in between and lighten up your stories :)

  6. I like the read:)
    I had too many things on my mind all through the post ! So many wow moments !:D The last line nailed it :)
    Oh n what is with guys and sex ?:s I've read somewhere, an average male mind wanders about sex or related topics every 6 seconds when it isn't too occupied :o

  7. This was interesting ! :-D I haven't read the first few parts so couldnt connect the whole thing...but you can pull it fwd to a few more episodes...doesnt feel like an end point here..

  8. o btw...this design looks a lot more soothing to the eyes than the previous page....very user friendly

  9. @Crystal :-) So you liked it huh?Gooood...:-)

  10. @Aakriti :-) Ahh well..what can I say?I try...:-) I am just glad people are liking it..

  11. @Rachika Add me on can discuss as much as we like.:-)

  12. @Philo :-) So you liked it?Good.

  13. @Priyanka Well that's an exaggeration.:-) We don't think about it that often.:-P

  14. @Madhusha The stories are designed in such a way that you don't really need to read the earlier parts to enjoy one part.Glad you liked it.:-)

    and yes about this whole love thing..I dont knw wht this love is..but whtever the feeling it feels good but hurts most of the times..
    LOOOVED READING THIS. You got something man!!!!!!!!

  16. Totally agreeing to Aakriti, my line for the day is, "Don't give up on this shit called love". Before I praise you, or your writing, which on second thoughts I will not, because you know enough of that by now, I will tell you that I am going to share this post with a very dear friend. And if he reads it with as much fascination as I did, it is going to do a world of good to him. Thanking you already on his behalf :)

  17. Oh completely forgot to say i liked the title In-talks-cated way much better than The shit called love :D

  18. @philo :-)
    @saumya do tell me how he found the story...:-)
    @rachika ahh yes.....:-) i agree with u

  19. While reading your last 2 posts I went like "oh and oops". Liked the way you broke the word intoxicated in in-talks-cated. :) Nice write up.

  20. @phatichar thanks
    @Shreya :-) oh and oops?is tat a gud thing or bad?:-)

  21. @rachika simply coz this is a different story....:)

  22. Do you watch "Mirakkel" on Zeebangla??? I felt like using the most popular word of this season after i read this one...seriously Awesome**** :) Good going.

  23. ROFL. Just came on here after reading another one of yours posts (not stalking you I swear).

    I happen to be from New Zealand. And this, has made me laugh. A lot. Thank you :)