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December 27, 2011


I have been missing in action for some while.Not too sure whether anyone noticed it,but anyway,I was away,you know, because of one of those zen things....the ones where you take a break from everything and then somehow come back magically turbo-charged with brilliant ideas and innovations which reshape the world.My ambitions were a lot less ambitious.Re-modelling the existing frameworks of human thought and life processes can wait.:-P I simply took an unannounced hiatus from blogging in the hope of some brain-wave striking me,which I could then translate into something awesome. Unfortunately,nothing happened.The 100-MW bulb which was supposed to lit up over my head never switched on.My Eureka moment never came to pass.I was even deliberating for a while on giving up blogging altogether.But all said and then,I think I should just hit the road with whatever ideas I have rather than wait for all the signals on the path ahead to turn green at the same time.:-) So I will be back soon.Don't expect anything out of the world from me.An average writer on the wrong side of 25 can only come up with so much.But I will be back definitely.If not with a bang,then just an inaudible pop!:-D



  1. Hum kuch kehte nahi hain iska matlab yeh nahin ki observe bhi nahin karte hain.. Koi gal ni agar eureka moment nai aya...go with the ur usual flow Rahul:) happy writing:)

  2. I noticed your absence :) Just let it come naturally and post what you wish, when you wish to ... no pressure ... never leave :)

  3. What is this? Collective loss of inspiration? :(

  4. Haha koi nai ! Write bullshit, how does it matter?
    And oh, happy 2012 bud! Have a great year ahead .. xx and a little more inspiring one at that!

  5. I have been on the dashboard every hour of everyday checking your awesome posts, only to be saddened. But you should've seen the smile this one got, atleast Your Highness has returned :)
    As always will be looking out for the much awaited posts :)
    till then.

  6. Waiting eagerly for your next post :) Hope to see you back soon..

  7. @Aakriti and Pooja..Thank u so much...
    @Crystal Thanks for that 'inspiring' wish..:-)
    @Rachika Ahh well...ur comment made me smile too..
    @Fiona Wll I aint't leaving soon.:-)
    @PV :-( U too?

  8. Ye ho kya raha hai..Gayab kyun ho rahe ho!!

  9. Well Welcome back! And Happy New Years!

  10. Everybody is on a break...don't worry buddy, you will come back and come back how :)