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December 4, 2011

Love Game-Epilogue

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Two guys were talking at a coffee-shop.
"Somehow I can't shake off the feeling that this is a bad idea," the first guy said.

"Ohh stop whining,dude,"the second guy chipped in."This guy is a pro.If anyone can help you,it's him."

"But what if he can't help me?" The first guy asked desperately."What if I am beyond anyone's help?"

"Six months ago,I was in the exact situation you are now.But this guy.He is a fricking magician.He brought things round.Today Megha and I are together just because of him.Haven't I told you all this a million times already?"

"All the same,"the first guy said skeptically," what if he plain refuses to help me?What if he thinks...I am just not good enough for Arushi?"

"Look,Sid," the second guy replied in a soothing tone,"all this guy needs to be sure of is that your feelings for the gal are genuine.That you won't dump her the first chance you get to sleep around with another woman.And I can vouch for you.How long has it been,Sid?Two years?Since she walked into your office?You have loved her since.If this guy was convinced I was hell serious about Megha,then you will pass with flying colors,trust me."

"You were head over heels in love with Megha,Saurabh.Anybody could see that."

"Was?I still am,dude.Will be for the next hundred years or so.And I can say the same about you and Arushi."

"So Anand referred this guy to you,did he?How did Anand get hold of him?"

"Through a friend of his.And that friend came to know about him from another friend of his.That's how this guy works.Referrals.He says that way he can be more certain that he gets to work with genuine cases.When he met me,he told me that it takes one real lover to find another.Weirdly enough,I think it all kinda makes sense .Anand is happily settled with Aakriti.He says he could never have had her had it not been for this guy's help.I can definitely say the same about me and Megha.And now I am referring him to you.I am sure you can add one more link to the chain." Saurabh beamed at Sid after saying the last sentence.

"You speak as if I have already won Arushi's heart," Sid replied in an unsure tone.

"You will,my friend.You will.Ahh look.Here he is."

Sid and Saurabh stood up to greet the man who just arrived at their table.

"How ya doing,Saurabh?" The guy greeted Saurabh with a warm dazzling smile."Everything fine between you and Megha?" The guy then looked at Sid and extended his hand,saying,"Hi,you must be Sid.My name is R.Saurabh told me all about you.Pleasure meeting you."

Sid took R's hand and shook it feebly.

"I understand you're having a problem with a woman called Arushi," R continued."Don't worry,I am here to take care of it."

Ahh well,finally the story is over.For a moment there I thought I would never complete it.But thanks to Philo,Princess Fiona and Menachery,I mustered what was needed to pull this off.With a few scratches here and there,but that's ok. :-)
I can't thank these three individuals enough,of course. Menachery always had her hate-antennae on for the protagonist of my story.Her involvement made me feel my writing is some Booker Prize material.And my writing got the ammo it needed to spew some more fire in the blogosphere.She herself is an amazing writer.And any admiration from an admirable writer sure does a lot to a fledgling blogger's sagging ego.:-) I owe you,Menu.Big time.
Philo.What can I say about her?Always asking me on chats if I have posted anything.Makes me feel that there is at least someone who really cares about whatever shit I dish out at you guys.Her enthusiasm regarding my stories is enough fodder for me to start writing at a furious pace again.And btw,did I mention,the stuff she writes is totally mind-blowing stuff? Such awesomeness from a gal who is just 17.Brilliance sure comes in young packages these days.
Princess Fiona.Ahh well.:-) She is the warmest individual I met on blogs till now.She genuinely seems to care.And her words are so sincere,helpful and kind,I can't help but wonder how much of generosity she must be carrying around in those 4 chambers of that heart of hers.I am glad I took up blogging.It's people like her who make me feel that blogging still remains one of the most powerful ways of meeting new and wonderful people.I am honored to have you as my follower,mam!*Respect*
And lastly,a big thank you to all readers who made it this far.:-) Reading long stupid stories isn't the best way of spending one's leisure time,I know.So I understand why not too many people are reading this story.But anyway,those who patiently managed to stick to this story till the end,they deserve a BIG HUG from yours truly.Thank you all.You guys make my day.Bye bye.
Ohhh and in case,some of you might be wondering,what happens to R after all this?Well,honestly I dunno.Maybe he will come back in a sequel.A Love Game:Level 2 perhaps?:-D LOL..........



  1. awww, i like him now :) turned wingman for good... awesome way to end it ... absonfreakinlutely loved it ..

    i just shot of my roof and landed back again to type this ;) my day was fab already n this makes me feel even more wow :) thank you.

    Well i hated R , for obvious reasons - which indirectly translates to "YOU ARE A FaB WRITER"

    I have started liking happy endings off late, hopefully i can try my hand at one :P ...

    Happy writing..

    P:s - Level 2!! sounds grt ;)

  2. Ahhh,one good all I need..:-)Thanks so much Menachery...:-)

  3. Wonderful ending Rahul.. But i would have loved it if he never changed.. bad guys have a magnetic charm don't they?

    Anyway, I liked the narrative style, the plot, and the way it generates interest in the readers..

    Keep writing.. your writing style is refreshing..!!

  4. Nice post indeed, but I have missed some previous parts. Oops.. gotta read those. :)

  5. oh you made my day with the last line bout him as returning :)
    but seriously Rahul you have amazing talent as a writer, harness it :)

    I simply loved it!
    hats off to R for how he changed, it kinda goes with this one line of this poem i wrote "Wishing he was He."

    the realisation of what one becomes, very few have it, or when they have it tis pretty late.


  6. I don't come online for some five-six days and THIS is what you do to me? Come up with a string of posts so that I can never get back? :O
    I am too tired :'( I read the last two and me shalt provide you feed back when I'm done with all f them ..

  7. @KP thank u feels nice to get appreciation from a good writer like you

  8. @Shreya LOL.wat did you find so interesting about this part?:-D I will wait till you read all the other parts.

  9. @Rachika //the realisation of what one becomes, very few have it, or when they have it tis pretty late.

    Great line.And thanks for ur comment.:-)

  10. @Crystal :-) It's cool.I will wait.

  11. Loved the ending :)
    Thank God you finally decided to continue with it :)
    I had missed out on the older pars. Read them all right now.
    It was a good read :)

  12. Thanks Philo...:-) I am glad you found it worth your time...