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November 26, 2011

Love Game-Part III

Part I
Part II

Time flew since that day at the bookstore.And I flew along with it.As I became more and more successful with women,I started seeing the ugly side of it all. An unbridgeable chasm was opening between men and women in my mind. I was beginning to see women solely as gauges and dials to give me a measurement on how I was progressing as a seducer. They were fast becoming expendable and disposable, identifiable only by skin tones and numbers—a fair glowing 7, a sultry 10. Even when I was having a meaningful conversation, learning about a woman's ambitions and outlook towards life, in my mind I was just ticking off a box in my checklist of bonding. I was developing a fucked-up, unhealthy attitude towards the fairer sex. And the most troubling thing about this new thought process was that it seemed to be making me more successful with women.

"I just don't get it," she said, playing with a lock of her hair,with an inquisitive look on her face,"How come women fall for the stuff you do?It seems mighty odd that a man who is clearly dishonest, disloyal,and has no interest in marriage would have any appeal to a woman.And yet,here you are.With scores of conquests to boast about.I can't help feeling curious,R.When does it all stop?"

"When I find the perfect victim," I said with a warm smile.

"Uh-huh!!!And who is the perfect victim gonna be?"

"The one who gives the perfect chase."

As I watched the corners of her lips draw into a smile,I couldn't help smiling a bit inside myself.I was beginning to enjoy this conversation.

"Clever.You speak well.I will give you that," she pitched in a slight appreciative nod.

"You don't understand that bad either," I replied.

Her smile widened.I was getting somewhere."Had you not been such a cheap low-life R,I might actually have started to enjoy your company."

"Cheap low-life?That's a bit harsh,"I tried to look hurt."All I do is give women a good time."

"That's the excuse you give yourself for cheating them day in day out?"

I became silent for a while.This kind of resistance required some strategy."Have you heard of Don Juan,Rashmi?" I finally asked in a serious tone.

"That  seducer of Italian legends?Yeah.What about him?"

"At first the legend was a male fantasy: the adventurous knight who could have any woman he wanted. But later, Don Juan slowly evolved from the masculine adventurer to a more feminized version: a man who lived only for women. Do you know why?"

"Why?" Her inquisitiveness was back.Which was my playing card all along.

"This shift came from women's interest in the story, and was a result of their frustrated desires. You see,most women were disgusted with their boring marriages;but Don Juan offered pleasure for its own sake, desire with no strings attached. For the time he crossed your path, you were all he thought about.His desire for you was so powerful that he gave you no time to think or to worry about the consequences. He would come in the night, give you an unforgettable moment, and then vanish. He might have conquered a thousand women before you, but that only made him more interesting; better to be abandoned than undesired by such a man."

As I paused for breath,she spat out,"And you took it upon yourself to gift woman their ideal fantasy,is it?Become the Don Juan of 21st century Pune!!!!"

Still resistant?Very good.I needed resistance to add to the thrill. In any case, an obstacle in my way only gave me the opportunity to prove myself, and the creativity I bring to matters of love. I put on an enigmatic smile and spoke slowly,"I do not offer the mild pleasures that society condones. I touch a person's unconscious, those repressed desires that cry out for liberation. Stop kidding yourself.Women aren't the tender creatures that some people would like them to be. Like men, they are deeply attracted to the forbidden, the dangerous, even the slightly evil."

"I guess there is some truth to that,"she said,looking down and biting her lip.She was pausing to think about what I had just said.Half my job was done.

"You kinda remind me of the sex-deprived middle-aged History teacher back in my school.No student seemed to be able to satisfy her."I winked at her."With their exam answers,I mean."

She smiled and punched me teasingly in the arm. The game had begun.

Among the most ironical facts about seduction is the desire in women to want to reform the seducer. How many think they would be the one to tame him; how many think they would finally be the one with whom he would spend the rest of his life. To the dismay of women everywhere,seducers exploit this tendency to the fullest. When caught red-handed , fall back on your weakness—your desire to change, and your inability to do so.With so many women at your feet, what can you do? You are the one who is the victim. You need help. Women will jump at this opportunity; they are uncommonly indulgent of the helpless hapless seducer, for he is such a pleasant, dashing figure. The desire to reform him disguises the true nature of their desire,the secret thrill they get from him. When President Bill Clinton was clearly caught out as a wife-cheater, it was the American women who rushed to his defense, finding every possible excuse for him. Women are funny creatures.Rashmi was no exception.I met her at a mutual friend's birthday party.I was instantly attracted to her  wit and intelligence.She was fun to be with.

What she saw in me,only she knew.

Two weeks later Rashmi was blogging.
"Then I met R and felt a kinship on an entirely new level. R listens. Most people don't listen because they are afraid of what they might hear. R has no preconceived notions. He is cool with however anyone wants to
be. In me he doesn't find a bitchy girl who has to be broken. But he finds a feisty girl who poses obstacles he relishes overcoming. He doesn't see a path of random obstacles. He sees an opportunity to explore new territory. Together we are a dynamite.

Yesterday night as we came out of a restaurant, R and I decided to come to my flat. We talked in hushed voices so as not to wake my flatmates. I teased R's fashion sense. He made fun of my Mallu sensibilities. We shared stories from our past and present life.

The mood was giddy. We felt on the edge of something.
"It's really amazing, Rashmi," R said. "I can't wait to see where all this leads."

He is so full of wide-eyed optimism, I sometimes feel it is childish. He seems to be in search of  something.Always.I want to tell him that the answer he is seeking lies elsewhere. But I never get around to it.

We are having too much fun. "

To be continued....



  1. The perfect victim is the one who gives the perfect chase ! Aha aha . Me liking itttt!
    And R has shades of Rahul, doesn't he?
    Pssst, this is turning out well. Waiting for more

  2. to be honest it was good,but part 1 was exceptionally good :)

  3. GAuges and dials!.... and trying to be the knight who unleashes hidden desires in women ... hmmmmm this character is giving me the sores. Rahul great job at creating a jerk of a guy, i hope they dnt bear any semblance to the real character :P .. but darn, i want to know what happens next, poor Rashmi .. cdnt help notice the mallu bit :D ...

    Wanting to know how he gets played in his own game ..

    P:S - I alreday dislike an imaginary character,thats something new..which indirectly translates to ... awefabtastic :)

  4. @Crystal I was afraid of this.People would start thinking R is me.:-P But rest assured,tat'snot true.:-) And thanks....

  5. @Rachika Yep.PartI was better.So now you know why I kept that as PartI.There couldn't be a more a more fitting entry of the character,could there now??

  6. @Menachery Wow.That PS was awesome.Thanks so much.Ahh well,this part wouldn't have happened if you hadn't egged me on to do it.So part of the credit goes to you.:-)And no...R has no resemblance to Rahul.

  7. definitely true there couldn't have,
    on reading it again i take back my words, yes this is good encounter pretty good :)

  8. ok kill me for this but isnt this like part 3 right?
    am a bit confused with the titles and links.

  9. @Rachika :-) He he...thanks...

  10. @Rachika Actually!!There is a Prologue link too.Make sure you read it...:-)

  11. A good plot and a intriguing narrative style.. the idea of first person narration, always makes the reader imagine the lead character some resemblance to real one! And that works here, making the plot more interesting..

    When I read Part 1 I felt.. “What? He (R) thinks he is GOD??” u gave the answer in 2nd part! Then I felt “Are all girls dumb? He is no Casanova..!” the answer was in part 3!!  now I am thinking.. “This character is going to fall deep in love.. like some Bollywood hero? Or is he (Rahul) going to give something new..! 

    Lets wait and see..!

  12. @KP Hmmm.:-) Bollywood hero bit.He he.Trust me,although my story might resemble Bolly stories at some points,I will try to come up up with something new at the end.

  13. OK kill me for this but this is like part three prologue is the one with the blood part one with them girls bombing in and R showing his seduction skills part 2 is where he goes on with his story and this part 3 or wait is it like a continuation of the earlier part two?

  14. @rachika this isn't a linear narration..
    prologue-describes R's effect on women....the example is Rashmi...also Rashmi has an imp part to play in the story
    Part I-describes R in present time
    Part II-explores R's background..his past
    Part III-story continues in present time
    got it?

  15. yea I get it, just that your title says different.

  16. This fiction drags my mind entirely to its fictional world :)