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November 5, 2011


There used to be a time I was totally into How I Met Your Mother.HIMYM in short. Season 1 and 2 kept me on the edge of my seat.As each episode unfolded,I could feel myself growing closer to the characters in that show.And my favorite was Ted Moseby.For those not familiar with the show,let me give you a brief intro.In 2030,a father(Ted Moseby) narrates to his two impatient kids how he came to meet and know their mother.Of course,the irony is that despite the show being into the seventh season,the mother has not shown up yet.It's kind of getting tiresome.The whole 'who will be the mother' suspense has lost its edge,the jokes and one-liners have become a bit repetitive,and at times you will almost be able to predict what turn events will take in the future.Season 1 and 2 didn't suffer from those drawbacks.I guess when a show runs for that long(7 years),it does tend to run into creative hiccups like the ones I described.But this post is not about the deficiencies and blind spots of the show.It is about why I liked the show very much.

Well,so as I was saying,the father is Ted Moseby.An intensely romantic fellow.Like me.In search of true love.Like me,a couple of years back.;-) He searches for the 'one' in every woman he comes across,he braves heart-breaks,stormy relationships,cruising along the crests and peaks of the highway of love.He still hasn't found her.But the eternal optimist that he is,he doesn't give up.At least this is how his character was portrayed in the first two to three seasons.After that,the show kinda changed,putting greater focus on other members of the cast and somehow side-tracking Ted's search for love,to the point that it almost become a butt of jokes,both inside and outside the show.Although I still like the show,I hold a grudge against the show's creators for what they did with Ted's character.I know they have their reasons.Two other members of the core cast were gaining much more popularity and prominence among the audience.So I guess the show's creators tweaked the show to pander to audience demand.It's a TV show,after all.

So anyway when I used to blog in my previous company's internal blogs,I used to go on and on about the show.In various ways.I used to pick up the one-liners,the way of speaking of the characters,and used them in my posts and comments.People who already loved the show instantly connected to what I was doing.And the show being popular,there were a lot of people familiar with it.Very soon,I started being called the Ted Moseby of my company's blogs.I now remember that I even used to sign off some posts with the standard line 'Till I meet the mother of my kids'.:-P It was a phase of my life.I call it the HIMYM phase.I kinda got over it after some time.Season 5 was a total letdown.Season 4 didn't have too much to boast of either.Sure both these seasons had some moments,but they were few and far between.

The funny thing is some friends I made during blogging in my previous company still refer to me as Teddy or Ted Moseby.They still ask me if I have found the mother of my kids.I try to be all gracious and stuff.Reply with something quirky and 'undepressing'.But the truth is whenever someone asks me that question these days,I feel stupid.I feel somewhere that I had just gone ahead and made a proper fool of myself.With the type of dark,brooding,introverted personality I have,I never had a shot at the stuff people call love.And yet,I went on advertising my blind and implicit faith in love and relationships during the HIMYM phase of my life.Now when I think about that chapter of my life,I can't help disdainfully smiling at my immaturity.

When I was in college,I formulated a concept that love like anything else is just another transaction.You give something,you take away something.As long as both ends are satisfied with what they are getting in exchange for their sacrifices,the relationship works.When that ceases to happen,rough weather awaits the unfortunate couple.But watching HIMYM kinda changed that philosophy of mine somewhat.I actually honestly started believing in romance and  relationships for some time.It's not that I have lost all faith in them now.Just that,I know those stuff ain't meant for me.:-) It's a sad,sad fact of my life.I try to take it in my stride,laugh at it,joke about it,take digs at myself,take potshots at people who praise love to the skies.But the truth is-I know that if you are with someone you can share and unburden yourself with,there are very few things in the world which can compare to that bliss.It makes me sad sometimes.And it's one of the reasons I call myself ......The Sad Clown....

But this post ain't about that.I just wanted to make you realize-if you have someone special in your life,you are  a lucky person.So thank your stars.And go ahead and tell that someone how special he or she is to you.He or she might not be the reason behind your every smile,he or she might not run after you with a tissue paper to wipe away your every tear,but he or she sure makes your living a whole lot easier.:-) He or she might be doing that right now,even as you are reading all this nonsense.:-) So be thankful.Be very thankful.



  1. even i truly love the show but sure i do find ted mosby cute but i find barney stinson cuterrr :D

  2. Just the post I needed right now. I was already thinking about love and it's effects and all that, and you added to my thinking. *sighs*
    I loved watching How I Met Your Mother. But then, I lost the hang of it. The charm somehow died down :)
    You aren't a sad clown, so stop saying that :) Cause you're the funny Macho Man :D :D
    P.S: You can only be sad when spiderman dies :P

  3. @Pink Delight Barney is the one who makes me laugh these days...:-)

  4. @Philo Yup.The show kinda became tiresome.And as far as I am concerned...well...'layers'...:-)

  5. being single has its perks..
    How I met your mother kinda became disinteresting when I finally realized that they might never tell the who the mother is.. I can totally understand about you feeling like an idiot.. I forced many of my friends to call me HP (for harry potter) feel stupid now.. God..!! What was I thinking..? :) You are not a sad clown.. Or are you misleading people with a macho photo instead of putting up the real one..?? ;) :) :)

  6. @Arpitha What has my photo got to do with my being a sad clown or not??:-D A sad clown is one who makes people laugh despite being sad himself..;-) :-P And wanted others to call you HP huh???:-) I can call you that.....Holla Princess...HP..:-D

  7. :) You will be very happy when u will have it all ! So wait :)

  8. Its becoming a bit repetitive now a days.. and I get a feel that when they finally reveal.. people will say.. "Oh ok.. so wat! "
    but though Ted eligible in all ways, most girls like Barney..! :D

    Life is unexpected with twists and turns ending happily mostly.. so keep smiling Clown both inside and out!

  9. F.R.I.E.N.D.S ran for ten seasons and each season, each episode, each dialog is a gem. No repetitions, no letdowns. So does Grey's Anatomy. HIMYM-producers need to get a move on.

    Don't feel stupid, Ted is a nice guy and more importantly, we all have those phases, it's what makes us who we are today because we learnt from our stupidity,

    Everything said, Barney Stinson is still mind-waitforit-blowing:)

  10. I'm sooo getting tired and bored of HIMYM.. and as you told, its become so predictable..
    The only reason i started watchin HIMYM was because Ted's an Architect!! :D :P ..
    Reallly?? you're an introvert??! whoa! doesn't seem so!!!

  11. @Sakshi Hehe..that's what everybody tells me..but thanks anyway..:-)

  12. @KrishnaPriya Most gals love Barney??:-D Ahh,the proverbial 'bad boy syndrome' in play here,is it?;-) gals just love the bad boys...:-P

  13. @Peevee yup.barney attracts all the laughs these days.and the show is focusing heavily on him and robin lately.:-) FRIENDS?I saw seasons 7 and 8.Dunno why,I liked it but didn't love it.:-)

  14. @Viya regarding me not seeming an introvert-appearances can be deceiving my friend..:-)

  15. It is 7th season but i still love to watch HIMYM. In first 2 seasons i was fond of Ted Mosby :D but later "barney stinson" not for the reason you mentioned above "the proverbial 'bad boy syndrome' in play here,is it?;-) gals just love the bad boys...:-P" but because of his goodness still disguised and surely his relationship with robin( his feelings which he often tries to veil) :D

    Regarding second last para last 3-4 lines : Its a boon for those who have someone to share their thoughts/feelings with but doesn't mean the rest of all should feel sad that they don't have one. " we least GET happiness, most of the times we CREATE it " :)

    Take care !

  16. I hardly know about the shows except for F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    HIMYM never attracted me but then again, I was never a regular. I find Ted cute though.
    And, well, not everyone is lucky in the 'love' aspect.

  17. @Reicha Nicely expressed...:-) Although I can't imagine why gals would love a guy who throws away women like disposable tissue paper five nights a week...:-P
    And regarding second last para last 3-4 lines,well you are right's just that as far as I am concerned...happiness continues to be elusive..but anyway,all of us have our own problems..:-D So let's chuck that...

  18. I've watched How I met Your Mother only recently and the only thing that remains is 'legend-wait for it -ary' and the yellow umbrella. Failed to have any big impact on me. You know as I sit typing this I'm having this deja-vu moment I don't know why, maybe it's all the laziness mucking my head!!! BTW has the topic of love dealt over anyway influenced by our conversation?

  19. @Rahul: holla princess?? seriously?? I would sound like a 10 year old.. :P

  20. @Rahul --> Barney is just a serial character, no one can accept such a person in real world. Trust me. There are some qualities in every individual we like.Isn't it ?
    and btw HIMYM is for entertainment and we enjoy it. :)
    Keep smiling :)

  21. @The Dragon Our conversation?I don't recall any part of it dealing with anything I have posted in this post...:-D
    You having a deja vu moment?;-) he he....alrighty..

  22. @Arpitha Considering all of us lament so much the loss of childhood,its innocent charm,its lack of care and everything,is sounding like a 10 year old that bad a thing????;-)

  23. @Reicha Yup.You're right.He is just way too unreal.:-)

  24. like? LIKE? Blasphemy. FRIENDS is religion.

  25. If barney is taken away from HIMYM, The show will be nothing! But if anyone is taken away from FRIENDS, the series will crash. Thats the diff. FRIENDS anyday!

  26. @Red Handed For me at least,if you take away Ted,HIMYM will loses its attraction..:-D

  27. ted .. awww drrrrooolll ... oh i so love the relation that they share, so comfy with eaxcch otr.. hmmm it changd ur perception twrds relationships. wow dats d 1st ... mmm

  28. @menachery :-) he he...there is a first for everything..