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November 1, 2011

She was thinking.
The bleeding in his arm shows no sign of stopping.It is so difficult to even look at the sleeve of his white shirt now.All soaked in blood. My bandage.It's of no use.O dear lord,why can't I do anything right?

He was thinking.
I have to get her to safety somehow.Dear God,if only I could push myself harder.But this stupid arm.Pains like hell whenever I try to move it.It's slowing us down!Shit!And slowing her down!!As it is she is having a hard enough time running in her saree.
That saree...she tore it up without a moment's hesitation to cover my wound.Despite that saree being her favorite.Always used to wash it herself.Lest the maid spoil the golden yellow linings. Too bad that the wound is too deep.That Muslim sonofabitch had shoved in the dagger with all his might!!!

She was thinking.
Even in his pain,he must be  worrying himself to death thinking about my safety.If only there were a medical shop nearby.I have some cash with me.Should be enough to buy some basic first-aid,I think.But where would we find any open shop now?

He was thinking.
I know her.She is too scared to even speak right now.Yet she can't stop worrying about my arm.She is blaming herself for not being able to stop my bleeding.I know.I wish I could hug her and tell her,it's all right.
Everything is gonna be all right.We will make it through this.But I can't.
We gotta keep running.
We can't stop.
Not before we reach somewhere safe.



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