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November 8, 2011

Love Game-Prologue

Rashmi stared lifelessly at the blood oozing out of her forearm.She wished her sorrow would flow out along with it.He had sent her hurtling through an endless space of tumultuous torment.Every day was the same,filled with excruciating pain.Every night chafed against her wounds,which showed no signs of healing.Every night she would stay awake,scared of tomorrow.Every tomorrow was just another chapter in her interminable saga of agonizing heart-ache.

Hope was fading away from her life at an alarming rate.Like the taillights of a train in a dark tunnel that you desperately needed to catch but missed.She had lost faith in him and conviction in love long back.She only now knew  a corrosive misery which was eating up everything inside her.Every now and then,memories of him would erupt in her heart like a volcano,with the lava scorching every bit of love she held for him.Reason was fading,sanity was dropping,time was stopping.

She wondered why he had to leave her.All alone and helplessly in love with him.He had burned a hole in her soul big enough to consume her entire existence.She clutched her guitar and violently plucked the chords.She wished those chords would cut her fingers.She wanted her blood to ooze out of them.She wanted to see its redness.

The color of pain!

She was hurting so bad.She etched his name on her forearm with a blade.Not just because she loved him more than anything.But because she wanted the pain.She hoped the pain in her arm would make her forget the one in her heart.

Foolish hope.

She wished she could kill him.Or own him.Or drown him.Or smother him with so much affection he wouldn't find any escape.She had dreamt of so much with him.Only to have all of them frozen by the iciness of his aloofness.

She longed to get back with him.Or to get back at him.It would have to be one of the two.Because he was not letting her live.She had no other options.No other doors to knock on.No windows to let anyone else through.

Just him.And his memories.Haunting.Tearing her apart.Slowly.Closing in on her.Until she was gasping for air to breathe.

"I hate you,R!" She snarled beneath her breath."I hate you for what you did to me!!If there were only a way to make you pay......"

To be continued....

P.S.And so,another one of my long stories begins.... :-)



  1. Complete the story . Then I will read it. I already have 2 half read stories which I am begging the bloggers to finish :p I can't take the suspense any longer. I think am growing old :p

  2. I am so against people doing sth like that ! People should be selfish only for themselves ! But this rarely happens..lets see if she survives ! waiting for the next part :)
    P.S I'll wish more now :D

  3. This is turning out to be really good :)
    I felt bad for the girl..
    Waiting for more :)

  4. @Poo Once I start,I don't stop.If you don't read em,who will??? :-(

  5. @Sakshi Read on my friend...The answers are waiting..:-)

  6. @Philo I feel bad for the gal too..:-(

  7. Now this is interesting. I want to read more and fast!

    Btw, does "R" refer to you Rahul? :p

  8. @Pooja 'R' can refer to Rishi,Rishab,Rohit,Ritwik,Raj,Ronit and a host of other names.Even Rahul,since Rahul is such a common name..:-P

  9. 9 comments :) :D ;)
    Oh i also noticed that R .. I like to use names this way too ! :) nice!

  10. I am eagerly waiting for the next part!!!!

  11. @Amigo Great!!!But how would you know when I post my next part???:-D

  12. I've been in her shoes, I've felt what she is feeling. I hope she isn't as foolish as I was.

  13. @rachika :( why?wat did u do???

  14. @Rahul : I will answer your question when you post the next part ;):D

  15. Name on forearm, saw the blood oozing,lived with the pain; love or so what I thought it was so powerful the feeling of then, that wanting to be me wasn't enough to be a part of him was what I wanted.

    PS Its still there,the name.
    PPS Yes I walk on the not so sane side of human beings :D

  16. ohhh! she is losing blood still, I hope she makes it to the next part :D :P

  17. Oops! missed reading this.. before the rest of the parts..! ha ha!

  18. @KP Everyone is forgetting to read the Prologue.I wonder why.:-(