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November 11, 2011


Every moment we wave our final farewell to the moment which just went by, knowing for sure that it is never going to come back. Time is unfortunately a currency we cannot mint on our own. So,if the heavens opens its coffers to give us a bailout package of 2 extra hours every day, I don't think too many would complain. Time is never enough, unless of course,you are spending it in jail, or a boring lecture, or going through a post-breakup hangup, among a host of other joyous things.
Oh dear!She's back with that dreary old lullaby again.Time crawls to a halt  whenever she is at it.

I just watched Bodyguard and Force recently. Back to back. The ego of my one pack flab wasn’t exactly in top shape after watching the 6-pack and 8-packs flaunted in those flicks. 
8-pack flabs,anybody????

I just realized how much my legs miss hurting against the treadmill or my arms miss pulling the tendon tearing weights. A part of the extra couple of hours can easily be siphoned off into my desperate and till now mostly futile attempts at getting a single digit body fat percentage.
Hugging's definitely gonna be a problem here.
 Winter’s approaching. Some fancy website claimed that we actually crunch more calories in cool weather. I just might consider falling on my knees before my lazy-bone body, requesting it to carry its dead-weight bottom off my bed every morning. So that we three- I, my lazy-bone of a body and its lazy ass- can go for a jog in the fresh, soft sunlit 6 am air every day. Just like any threesome, it will involve a lot of grunting, heaving and sweating. Except this will take place off the bed.
U,Me Aur Bum!!Awesome threesome.

Speaking of bed. Snoozing is another top contender on my hypothetical-extra-hours-TODO list .I usually make do with 7 hours of sleep. An extra half an hour won’t be that bad. I can spend more time dreaming .My whole life feels like a dream. Except it isn’t mine. I wonder whose it is, and if that person is enjoying it, because I definitely am not.
So I dreamt my life is actually taking place in another person's dream.Does that make me crazy,doc? Does all that actually mean anything?

 So escaping reality on a Mach III dream-jet definitely is not such an unappealing idea. Who knows, with two extra hours to kill, I might actually bring myself to accomplish the boring task of planning for my future someday. So that next time around, when someone asks me where I see myself five years from now, I can come up with a more original answer than ‘Duh!!Facing the same question somewhere else.”

Need some good music?Make no fuss!
He got something for each one of us!!!
I think I might even finally get around to creating the perfect playlists for every occasion. Happy playlist, soulful soothing playlist, soft romantic playlist, rocking playlist, lonely playlist, despondent playlist, feeling downright messed up playlist-you name the mood, and yours truly will mix for you the apt cocktail of songs in a jiffy. On the rocks!!
 Good music always boosts my dopamine levels. By the way, dopamine is that juice in our brains which activates the feel-good circuitries in our nervous system. More music, more dopamine. More dopamine, more happiness.

Learning to cook, trying out each and every restaurant in my city, catching up with my school-time buddies are other hot items on that bonus-time-agenda. My wardrobe is in poor shape. Courtesy the bunch of clothes I recently threw out of my life because they no longer fit me ever since I joined the gym. My arms and chest bulked up a bit,you see.So my old outfits started hugging my body like cello-tape. It was a pain to peel them off. They threw tantrums like a toddler on the first day of school, who glues himself to his mom on that fateful day, steadfastly refusing to peel away.
Please don't leave me!!!

 Well, hard luck for the kid, but even mommy dearest bids farewell to her precious bundle of joy on that day. Me ain’t any mommy dearest. I proudly relinquished my rights over them to our housemaid’s son without a second’s thought. So, next time around, I can choose my new clothes with great caution, keeping my ever-changing body configuration into account. An extra two hours won’t really be too much of a problem to spend then.:-)

So what you folks waiting for? Do tell me what grand plans you cooked up about spending that extra 120 minutes...Tempus Fugit,my dear friends....time's slipping.. ;-)

Btw,did I mention that this whole post is going to be my entry to the IndiBlogger Surf ExcelMatic Get Smart Contest?
Seriously?Unsmart nincompoops like you trying for a Get Smart contest??Next  thing we know, Tushar Kapoor is gonna try for the Oscars....
Mom is a staunch Surf loyalist.She refuses to use any other detergent in her washing machine.Even when I was out of home for three years,she always urged me to go for Surf to do my washing.Surf has watched my mom's back for a long time in her endless war against grime and grease.
Make no mistake,gentlemen!!We are in the midst of a war with an enemy which is highly resilient,cunning  and resourceful.
And for this,I thank you Surf.Heaven only knows how many hours you helped my mom save by being the dirt disintegrating ammunition in her washing machine.
Surf to Mom: All locked and loaded,mam!!!Let's burn some dirt!!!!!

Coming back to the contest,I noticed everyone is using poems left,right and center in their entries.I couldn't help myself ;-).So here is one of my own..
Most people wish for those two more hours
Just as dry parched earth wishes for rain showers.
Whether one lives in torn huts or gilded towers,
Time crumbles everything,renders useless all powers.

It doesn't care for you,doesn't give a dime,
Such a thing is the relentless passage of time.
It's common knowledge,wasting moments is a crime
So use well all you have,this is wisdom sublime.
Time: Hard luck!!!I ain't recyclable.You WASTE me,and I will return the favor.

P.S.All images have been shoplifted from Google.Sheesh!!!Please don't sue me...
P.P.S.If my 50+ followers had 2 hours extra,I wonder if they could find the time to plaster my lonely blog with some comments.....*sighs*



  1. With my 120 extra hours -
    1) I will pour in some good comments on ur blog
    2) sleep and sleep! I feel so sleep deprived
    3) Watch a movie
    4) Write some thing good. I feel sth like Writers block ryt now :)
    How I wish ! I had 120 hours more ! Some more love and some more slog :)

  2. technically Indiblogger and surf contest just gave us 120 extra minutes to play with...;-) but if u re serious about point 1,I ain't complaining....:-D

  3. taking some tym off from my 2 extra hours to "plaster comments" .... thast quite a list .. d image of the flabby guy was like omg... and then lol, but seriously poor thing, do we really burn more fat in winters??? i mean dats news, i usually put on more (irrespective of the seasons), but, awesome post, loved the doggy pic (blame it on my weakness for luv of canine).
    and well if i had 2 hours extra, i would spend sm tym alon eby m,yself on th ebeach, listen to the waves.. and hmm... and start loving myself all over again ...
    do read it in ur extra two hours urself :P ... :) ...

  4. @Menachery Sure thing...:-) I just have to..

  5. Oh I always thought we put on more in winters cause 1) we eat more and 2) we sleep more!
    Well I know time is running away, so wish u luck!

  6. @pooja well..the website claimed that we can burn more calories if we exercise in cool weather..:-D And thanks...

  7. well extra 120 minutes is a good thing if i wasn't sitting home and getting bored w8in for college to begin.... But right now i am wishing that 120 minutes is reduced lol!! :P Well after Monday i hope my answer will b different... coz class begins then ;)

  8. I would sleep for the 2 hours i would get, or probably eat eat and eat :D
    I never create playlists. Whatever my mood maybe, it changes with the songs :) So I let the songs pick my mood, and not my mood pick the songs :D

  9. @Philo Ahh now...this answer..i really like..:-)

  10. P.S: what about the story? Not posting the next part? :)

  11. I go walking at 6am too.. If I had 2 hrs I would blog I guess :).. I wont be getting to do that very much from now.. :(..
    Good luck with the gym.. :) :)

  12. @Philo Hmm...I one is reading it anyway...:-(

  13. @Arpitha Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??? :-( why leave blogging???

  14. "Life happening in somebody else's dream,"
    Just fabulous. Set my mind thinking dude, and what if that guy wakes up. I should at least write out the comment I began writing.
    rocking penning.

  15. @pramod thanks for visiting...:-)'s an interesting question....what indeed if he wakes could also be a she..:-P

  16. **. Time is never enough, unless of course,you are spending it in jail, or a boring lecture, or going through a post-breakup hangup,
    Hahaha SO true! and, well, you're actually learning to cook? My culinary skills begin at tea and end at Maggie! :)
    I actually did go around making Playlists once .. it had stuff for peppy, sad, hear-em-once-in-a-century lists ..

  17. @Crystal Thank goodnes...u re still alive..i was missing u like hell these days.....i thot my content was no longer good enough to woo my followers... and my culinary skills begin at maggie and end at instant maggie/knorr chill... :-)

  18. I give a thumbs up to this post of yours because you mentioned dopamine here. Dopamine and serotonin are my favourites :)

    But seriously, I add this to one of my 'favourite posts by you list'. Dream on Rahul. Your posts can turn out to be a mood lift for someone and it definitely has turned to be one for me today.

  19. @Pooja Get well soon,my friend.Take those medicines.Take chicken soup.Drink lots of fluids.This is bad weather these days...u know..season change and be careful...take plenty of rest....dont strain urself...byee...and yep...try to avoid the ac...

  20. I enjoyed reading this post. Courtesy to the PPS that this lazy bone didn't skip the comment :P
    Winters are approaching and yeah we need to be extra cautious before in taking calories.
    I am seriously fed up of this question "where I see myself five years from now" and yours is a witty reply. *like it*
    Awe ! is it a boring task to plan for the future ? Well i find a little interesting issue to ponder over again and again.
    Was smiling on the picture "please don't leave me" :)
    Trying your hands on cooking. Sounds good :P
    What all did you learn till date ?
    Anyways all in all it was fun reading this post. :)
    Take care !!

  21. @Reicha :-O What?Meaning you would have skipped commenting,had I not been clever enough to put that sentimental P.P.S.????:-P
    Regarding future plans rarely work the way I want them i gave up planning altogether....i do fantasize about my future from time to tme...but planning??:-d i just stay away...
    regarding cookin....boiled egg,omlette,rice...these i can cook....the basic stuff... :-)

  22. LOL i never skip comments if i read the post till the end :)
    90% times it happens that the plan don't work but everytime we cannot depend on destiny even.
    Well for a normal person this much cooking is sufficient but if you want more inspiration go for a few episodes of Master chef 2 :D

  23. so u got a 10% success rate with ur plans huh? :-) my average is slightly better....i dont leave everything to destiny...coz i dont believe in it...i just dont plan too far year at max..never beyond that.. :-)

  24. I reallyyyy desperatelyyy need those extra two hours for xams r approaching, and no not to study! for that even 24 hours r moreee than enuf but to watch a movie each day after all that mugging :P

    and that 8 pack flab pic..omg! :O


  25. @Sarah So what movies are on your wishlist now???:-)

  26. I had awesome fun reading this post! As for an extra two hours, I don't think I need any. Content with what I do in the standard day as it is :)

  27. Good one Buddy, for one it would change the complexion with which we might view the movie - On Time.

    Two extra hours a day would mean more running around doing pointless things, so I`ll take a pass on the offer.

  28. Haha :) I get bored if I make playlists :P

  29. @Saumya finally you arrive at my blog and become my follower...Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nothing pleases me more than having an excellent writer following me.....thanks for liking the post...:-) and speaking of being content with what u have,i aint surprised at ur answer.....i know u re an idealist...:-)

  30. @Atrocious On time-Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried....u think the movie will be worth a watch?:-) I was kinda thinking of the movie as i wrote the 'time and currency' line in my first para,u know...;-)

  31. @Philo Ahh yes...getting bored easily is a problem we share....;-)

  32. If I had two hours I'd go back to painting,
    ~I'd write and give my poems the appt illustrations :)
    ~I'd read more and more
    ~I'd sit outside with the snow and the moon and talk to the moon :) (yea I know I am a bit insane :D)
    ~And lastly I'd create a machine which takes me to Delhi in bout 10 mins from where ever in the world so I could be with my ma bhai n love for the two hours everyday :D

  33. @Rachika Wow...that's quite a wishlist....:-)

  34. @Niya Yup.Hope you are enjoying college...:-)

  35. now thts too good...if i had 2 extra hours i wd workout huh..need to burn all those extra fats :D :D

  36. nice concept :) n quite worth a read. . sure will keep check on ur other posts as well :)

  37. Cool post. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  38. @Maliny Thanks...:-) I wonder why you don't post that frequently tho....

  39. @Ranting Indian Thank u so much...

  40. Lol written..!! Achha hoga ki aap blogging karna band kar de. Aapke 120 mint buch sakte hai.
    Na to blog me hi dum hai aur na hi photographs ke combination me.
    Bura lage to improve urself otherwise leave to write.

  41. @Bhupendra :-) Thanks for your honest feedback.Everybody doesn't like everything.And there is always scope for improvement in whatever one does.:-) Btw,I saw in ur profile that u're an IAS aspirant.Best of luck for that..:-)

  42. hey rahul, quite interesting to read, your;e 2 hours ideas are quite unique especially the way the picture compliments each phrase.good luck for the contest :)

  43. rahul it was a nice read and the picures were definetly Hilarious..... and also i read a comment above from bhupendra have you gone to his adha khula adha band it...but please don't attempt suicide after reading the poem.

  44. @guiltyconscience I did read Bhupie's poem..:-D Ahh well,can't blame that guy for trying ,can we now...????