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November 5, 2011

A messy conversation

Excerpts from a chat conversation-

He:Ding Dong.

She:Who's there?

He:As if you were expecting the pizza boy right now.;-)

She: Haha.So what were you up to?

He:Nothing much.So just decided to mess with your head a little bit.:-P

She: My mind's a mess already.Stuff strewn around.Cupboards bursting at the doors.Thoughts running around like crazy.Ideas scurrying about on the floor.I am afraid I can't allow you to tamper any further with my mind.:-) It's precariously balanced on sanity's knife-edge right now.

He:I don't recall asking for your permission here.;-)

She:Neither do I recall giving you unrestricted passage to my mind.:-P

He:You might not be realizing it,but I've already started doing what I came here to do.

She:You mean the messing with my mind thing?

He:You bet.

She:My mind is a horribly screwed up place.I might forget to put the 'Enter at your own risk' sign outside my door.But that doesn't mean my mind is safe territory.You can get all lost and stuff.End up with a severe migraine for all I know.So,be warned.:-)

He:Trust me,compared to my mind,yours must be a 7-star hotel.:-P

She: Ohh,why's that?

He: Just take my word for it.Trust me you don't wanna know.:-)

She:But what if I do?

He: Isn't your cranium already too messed up?You were flashing that in bright neon lights and with loud blaring sirens till now.You sure you ready for more mess to enter your head?:-P

She: Depends.:-P Your mess might be a mess I might learn to grow fond of.

He: The feeling is mutual.

She: LOL

He: So let's get our hands all 'messy',shall we? :-D

She: Why not?:-D

P.S. I like making up imaginary conversations when I get bored.
P.P.S.I was in a sour sullen mood this entire day.
P.P.P.S.I deleted my last post.Didn't want to scare people off.



  1. Good for you that she doesn't know :)Don't ask me why. Just a girly thing.

  2. @Pooja you read the earlier P.S....he he....those are gone now...:-)

  3. So I am the only one who knows the truth :p

  4. @Pooja Well...:-) Now that you know the secret,I just might have to kill you...:-P So be very afraid..:-D :-) :-P

  5. @Pooja Yup.....Rahul The Ripper is on the prowl....Stay inside...keep the doors and windows shut...make no noise....Rahul the Ripper is a merciless dark soul......:-P :-D ;-)

  6. Cute conversations, real or imaginary, always make me glow :)
    Nice one :)

  7. @Priyanka where did you disappear,girl....????missed u so much here.....:-(

  8. And oh, can you please make a few guys read your blog, especially posts like these ?
    They can use such conversations, you know..
    It's flattering ;)

  9. @Pooja ':P' as much as you want.....he is coming for you.....can you hear the footsteps on the pavement outside your house????it's him...rahul the ripper..;-) :-P :-D

  10. @Priyanka I don't give coaching classes to guys for free...:-D so sorry to disappoint....

  11. Dude, You never know I might just not sleep tonight because of the fear :(

  12. nice ! How people like me faced the messy one suddenly yesterday ! phew! :)

  13. @Pooja Ohh..alright then...i will tell u a secret....if rahul the ripper drops by...just scare him off by giving him some biology lessons...he was shit scared of biology in school...he still is..:-P

  14. @Sakshi :-) He speak as if you don't want to face him anymore..

  15. Never felt like it was imaginary conversation until i read P.S....nice Rahul...

  16. @Amigo Hey thanks dude!!GLad you liked it.

  17. oh he got all better while i was talking :D so it's ok!

  18. I like reading such posts.. because really such interesting conversations are always imaginary for me.. nice imagination by the way.. :) :)

  19. @Arpitha Thanks...:-) I can post n no. of such conversations...I make them up whenever I feel bored..:-D

  20. :P Imaginary conversations are this deep? Then I must be doing something wrong.
    Btw, what WAS the last post?

  21. @PeeVee You make up imaginary conversations too,is it??:-D Last post was about safety precautions for bloggers..

  22. isnt d cranium already messed up ??? lol .. mmm good ... imaginary convo's !! i envy u , u write so freaking well

  23. and ya this is the 2nd or 3rd time i went to read something on your blog and it wasnt there... :( ...

  24. @Menachery :-) Thanks.I am glad people find my imaginary convos LOL-able..:-)
    And regarding deleted posts,here is the can always seem them through google reader...:-)

  25. My imaginary conversations never sound this intelligent! :(