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November 19, 2011

Love Game-Part I

The perfect seduction requires the perfect technique.

When they walked into the night club, everyone noticed. They were both raven-haired beauties with identical outfits—tight white tank tops and tight blue jeans. How could anyone not notice? They were dressed to turn men into beasts. This was a Pune night club on a Saturday night, where testosterone levels run high, and the pair had been whistled and hollered at all night. The girls seemed to enjoy the attention almost as much as they savored shooting down the men who gave it to them.

I knew what to do—and that was to do what everyone else wasn't doing.

A seducer must be the exception to the rule. I had to suppress every evolutionary instinct inside me and pay them no attention whatsoever.With me were two of  my colleagues at office, Ashish and Nikhil.Ashish went in first, complimenting the dazzling duo on their outfits. They brushed him off like a gnat. Next, Nikhil moved in with some lame "Do you believe in rebirth?Coz I think we share some kinda connection from a past life" opener. He too crashed and burned.

Now it was my turn. This was going to take every bit of confidence and self-esteem that I had gathered in the quarter of a century I spent on this planet. If I showed even a flicker of weakness or doubt, they'd eat me alive.

"That tall one isn't a 10," Ashish leaned in and whispered to me in a mesmerized tone. "Watch out for her,R.She's an 11. Bagging her is going to take some serious hardcore shit."

The girls strolled to the bar, where they began talking to the bartender. I moved in, not even glancing at them, and greeted the bartender as if l knew him. I asked how long he had worked at the club, and he said
just a couple of months. It didn't really matter what I said to him: I was just maneuvering into position, chalking out my strategy.

Now that I was in range, it was time to bring on the fireworks. "That girl over there is hurting your style," I said to the 10, the shorter of the two. "Look at her." I pointed to another teenage chick in a white outfit and blue denims.
"She's just got the same color combo," the 10 replied, dismissively.

"No, look at her closely," I persisted. "Her get-up is almost the exact same."

They looked over, and here was the make-or-break moment. If I didn't come up with something good to follow, I'd lose their interest and be branded just another weirdo. So I continued with my plan. "You know
what?" I told them. "All three of you seem to be in some kinda college uniform.The sameness.It's getting a little dull."

It was a bizarre, oddball comment, but now I had their attention. I could sense it, and my heart began to pump faster. I continued with what I knew all along would be my true opener: "I have to tell you something.Your smile is almost great.Just that your teeth could use a little bit more of flossing.They are too dark in some spots."

Honestly speaking,she had a sparkling set of white dentals. They had become imperceptibly darker in some areas possibly due to smoking.I was sure nobody had even pointed that out to her till now. It was that unnoticeable. But then again,when a chick walks into a night club,all dressed to kill,trying her best to look her best, any remark on the slightest of her blemishes sets her off.

The 10 looked shocked, then recovered her composure. "My teeth are okay." she said. "Perfectly okay."

I smirked. "Sure thing.Tell that to yourself if that makes you feel happy."

"People always compliment me on my smile."

I chuckled mischievously. "Okay," I said. "I believe you. But how about your friend there?"

The 11's face reddened. She leaned over the bar and looked me hard in the eye. "That is really rude. How can you be such a prick?That could really hurt someone's feelings. It's disrespectful. How would you feel if
someone said that to you?"

Seduction is a high stakes game, and to win you have to play hard. All I had done so far was arrest their attention and provoke an emotional reaction. Sure, it was an antagonistic one, but now we had something to talk about. All I needed to do was turn her anger into interest, and I'd be in.

I leaned over the bar and stared the 11 down. "Well," I told her. "You think how you look is that important?Tchh..tchh...I kinda feel sorry for you here."
I paused, and she looked at me with her mouth open. She didn't know how to respond. Now it was time to reel her in. "And I'll tell you something else.My cousin sister is short,has a bald patch on her head and is blissfully overweight.She has a Masters degree from MIT.Wherever she goes,whatever she looks like, it doesn't change the way she's treated by other people. It's all your attitude. Don't you agree?"

Everything I say in this game has a well-defined purpose. I needed to let her know that unlike every other guy in the bar, I am not and will not be intimidated by her looks. Beauty to me was now just an entrance exam: It filtered out the losers who got dumbstruck by it.

"I lived in Mumbai for three years" I continued. "It's where the most beautiful women in the country come to try and make it. You look around a street there, and everyone's good-looking. It makes this club look like a hangout for second-rung wannabes."

I let her look around, then continued: "And do you know what I've discovered? Beauty is neither rare,nor uncommon. It's all the genes you were born with or the money you wish to shell out on it. What counts is what you make of yourself. What counts is the  personality and outlook you craft for yourself."

Now I was in. It was the girls who were dumbstruck now, not me. I had entered their world, and messed up their expectations and thought processes. And, to ensure my position there, I threw in another miniature explosive device, but softened with a slight compliment, as if they were winning me over: "And you know what? You have a great smile. I can tell that underneath all that, you're probably a good person."

The 10 sidled up to me and said, "We're sisters."

A person less versed with understanding human dynamics would have thought that his work was done, that he had won them over. But no, this was just one more aptitude test. I looked very slowly at both of them, and then took a chance. "Nonsense," I said, smiling. "I bet a lot of guys fall for that, but I ain't your average guy. When I look at you both, I can tell you two don't share any family connection.You are just too different."

The 10 broke into a guilty smile. "OMG!No one could figure that out,I tell you," she said, "but you're right. We're just friends."

Now I'd broken through her programming, moved her away from the automatic responses she gives to men, and demonstrated that I had a depth and sharpness not usually associated with men . I took another chance:I was pushing it.I just hoped,it wasn't too far.
 "And I wonder whether you two really have been friends for that long either. Usually, best friends start sharing the same mannerisms, and you two don't really."

"We've only known each other a year," the 10 admitted.

Now it was time to back off and engage in a little chit-chat. However, I made sure never to ask questions; instead,  I made open-ended statements that led them to ask me the questions.

The 10 told me they were from Jaipur, so we rambled on for a while about the deserts and Rajputs. As we talked, I kept my back to the 11, as if I were less interested in her. This was was just another ploy: I wanted her thinking more about me, wondering why I wasn't giving her the attention she was so used to. Nothing in my moves and maneuvers  is an accident.

But you can't ignore her for too long.So, just when the 11 was about to walk away to find someone to talk to, I turned around and delivered a beautiful line: "You know what? When I look at you, I can see exactly what you looked like in classes six or seven. And you weren't so outgoing or popular then,were you now?"

Sure,this statement held true for eight out of ten people. But she stared at me flabbergasted, wondering how I could possibly know that. To seal the victory, I laid out one last beauty-neutralizing precision bomb. "I bet a lot of people think you're a rotten hard-hearted bitch. But you're not. You're actually shy in a lot of ways."

Her eyes glazed over, her pupils dilated, and she just watched my lips move, entranced and attracted. I noticed, however, that the more interested the 11 became, the more the 10 touched my arms and hands.

"You're interesting," the 10 gushed, pressing her breasts against me. I could see Ashish and Nikhil staring at me with sheer admiration in their eyes in the background. "We have to hang out with you in Mumbai."

She leaned in and gave my palm a tight squeeze. "We shall see about that," I told her, pulling away my hand. "My company ain't free."

The more you push them away, the more they run toward you. "I already like him," she told her friend. Then she asked if she and her friend could stay with me next time they were in Mumbai. "Sure," I said. But as the words left my mouth, I realized, too late, that I should have made what she asked for more of a challenge. There's so much to retain and manipulate during these things that it is hard to get everything perfect. But no matter. She gave me her phone number, and I gave her mine. As we exchanged numbers, I learned that the 10 was Kannagi and the 11 was Shruti. Now it was time to separate the two of them and see if I could get close enough to seal the deal with Shruti.

"I want to show you something," I said to Shruti, as I took her by the hand. I led her to a nearby booth, sat her down, and performed a mind-reading trick.I asked her to pick a number from one to ten and I would guess it.She was amazed when my guess clicked.By the way,the number is usually seven.

Chicks usually dig mystical stuff.So I told her about palmistry,astrology and face-reading,and, with club music and a cacophony of conversations honking around us, we stared into each other's eyes and shared a moment together. In my head, I imagined her as the awkward,ungraceful class six student she used to be. If I'd been thinking about what a knockout she really was, I would have been too nervous to woo her with my lips, as I was about to do.

I slowly moved my head toward hers.

"No kissing,R," she said, quietly.

I held up my index finger, placed it against her lips, and said, "Shhhh."

Then I kissed her—on the lips.

It would have been the most beautiful kiss of my life.But seduction has rules,and it was critical I obeyed them.Because the rules work.I pulled back, looked at her again, and then nibbled on her lower lip.
Her eyes begged me to continue. "Hey,hold on there," I told her, as if she were the one hitting on me.Holding back was almost as important as pushing forward.It's all about timing.You have no idea what I am talking about?Watch Tom Cruise in action with the heroine in the elevator scene of Top Gun,and you will.

We kissed again,this time longer, and then I returned her to Kannagi at the bar. I told them both that it was a pleasure meeting them and I should rejoin my friends. We confirmed our plans to catch a movie together, and I left with my heart in the clouds.

The next two months passed quickly.Shruti and I spent more and more time with each other.The more time we spent together,the more attracted she became towards me,and the less interested I grew in her.So one day,Shruti kept calling me only to have me disconnect all her calls.All her SMS es landed up in my Deleted folder.I was done with her.It was time to move on to the next.Greener pastures beckoned.

To be continued....



  1. Hey Rahul! Nice gain someone's attention you need to be unusual..but it does require a perfect technique...hmmmmm nice fiction...

  2. Ahh ! wao wao wao ! Killer entry haan ! I liked the mention of Jaipur !! :D
    Waiting for it to be continued ! Very mystical story !

  3. loved the suave entry trying to get attention bit, and 10 and 11, ratings!! gosh ... lol, loved it..

    i was done with her!!!!!!grrrr..... jackass(the character)

    i hope the girls get back with vengeance ..

    waiting for the next part

  4. @Amigo Thanks pal!!!!Glad you enjoyed it....anywy..the game's just begun...stay tuned...

  5. @Sakshi Thank u my friend..well..i said I would come back with something good,didnt i??:-)

  6. Ha ha! Its an old tale. Girl gets too interested, boy gives no ghaas as he is only looking for greener pastures. Grr!
    I loved the way R attempted catching their attention. Loved stories or not so lovely love stories are such a cliche that very few experiment, and I am glad you did !
    I liked the sister part. Fun read ! Waiting for more.

  7. @Menachery He he...guy's suave...I made him that way...:-) good to know u liked it...:-)

  8. @Crystal //boy gives no ghaas as he is only looking for greener pastures. Grr!
    LOL!!!:-D Ahh yes...the game's just begun..stay tuned...

  9. Oh.. what a fiction. Ooo la la.. Lol ;) Enjoyed.

  10. Amazing descriptions! You have crafted it well. The guy is such a jerk :P
    Looking forward to the next part :) Post it fast :D

  11. @Shreya But the fun and games have just started here...:-) Thanks..

  12. this is amazing.
    Welcome back though :)

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  15. @Saumya But the story has just started...:-(

  16. The feminist in me is screaming and dying to kick you in the balls for this story...ah well...but it was a great read :)

    Yes, i finally checked out your blog! :D

  17. //Yes, i finally checked out your blog! :D

    You make it sound like a chore.You don't have to read it you obligations or anything...