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October 31, 2011

The Sad Clown

You say he makes you laugh,
He knocks out your gloom with a staff.
You say he is so so funny,
He makes your life all bright and sunny.

Little do you know,behind his smile,
Each night he cries a river,cries a Nile.
Behind his bright shell,all colorful and crazy
Lies a tragic story,all dark and hazy.

He hides his sorrow,his plight.
Tries to hide away,fly away on humor's flight.
He smiles,but deep within,his smile is all upside down..
Know him well,he is your friend,the sad clown!!!!!

Every smile hides a frown,
I am the one..I am the sad clown!!!!!!
On his head,he wears a thorny crown
In cranky nonsense,he makes his pain drown
Nothing can describe him,no adjective,no noun-
Just one phrase and one only...the sad clown!!!!!



  1. Hmmm emotions potrayed very well. How do you guys get such nice words to rhyme with every other word? I would have only managed something like May-Day-Lay-Clay-Play-Say-Gay-Ray-Hay-Pay-Way :(

  2. Read this book by Mitch Albom called Five people you meet in Heaven- one of the persons this guy meets in Heaven is a Blue man whose been part of such acts and hates being ridiculed in the way.. I totally got reminded of it!
    And the sad clown..what a beautiful paradox

  3. I know a regional song which translates into something like this ' In the rain of tears, I stand with an umbrella of smiles'

    Its not just a clowns story, even we mask our feelings behind a smile sometimes. Most of the times actually.

  4. @Pooja :-) Rhyming aint tough...I will let you in on the secret later..:-)

  5. @Crystal A paradox it is.....:-( :-)

  6. @RedHanded Sad clowns we all are,my friend...sad clowns we all are.....

  7. I have read somewhere that the people who become clowns have a very very sad story.
    You have written this very well
    and the rhyming is just swell.. ;)

  8. have a very sad past.. not story.. oops..!!

  9. @Arpitha true....charlie chaplin had a very very sad life....:-(

  10. touched!
    People who smile/laugh the most are the people who have suffered the most!
    Very nicely written. And I am always so jealous of people who can write poetry. And, so well at that!

  11. beautiful :) I remembered a very popular song while reading this poem of urs - 'tum itna jo muskura rahe ho , kya ghum hai jisko chupa rahe ho'..actually happens that ways!

    PS : see i read this post within 2 hours...quick na? :D


  12. That was a beautiful portrayal of very do u come up with such beautiful things yaar? You got a great mind and a beautiful thought process...I've become a fan of yours..
    Hats off to you Rahul!

  13. Really touching Poem... Really loved it... That's bitter truth of life. :(

  14. This is beautiful :)
    for some reason it made me think bout men in general and how they are really burdened but at the same time they carry a smile and try and make things ok :)

  15. @Anu No needto be jealous.:-) U write pretty well too...:-)

  16. @Sarah Yep.That was super-quick.:-) And thanks...:-)

  17. @Manju And I had become a fan of your simple but effective portrayal of happenings in your life a long time ago..:-)

  18. @WonderWall...True....bitter it is..:-(

  19. @Rachika Many women do it too...dont u think? :-)

  20. Nice.... It reminds me of some Charlie chaplin quotes... It is so true- he who laughs harder is the one who hides the pain deep down.

    Beautiful read !

  21. @Reicha Yup....charlie chaplin comes first and foremost to mind when we talk of sad clowns...thanks..glad u liked it..:-)

  22. The sad truth of life isnt it??mmmmm ... beautifully written.....

  23. A simple laugh, and a bear hug,
    Are his much needed drug..
    The pain and wrath, hide for a while,
    You can then see the sad clown smile! :)

    This is lovely! :)
    And I totally agree with Crystal! The poem reminded me of the EXACT same thing! :)

  24. @Menachery Sad truth if life it is...:-) Thanks..

  25. @Shagun Not bad!!!!!:-) I am almost tempted to add these lines to my poem.....visited ur blog....will take some time to go thru what u write....thanks for ur lovely comment....:-)

  26. Wow. That means a lot! :D
    You can go ahead and add them, y'know! :P

    Sure. Thankyou! :D

  27. True.. people who make others laugh often have sad stories hidden behind those smiles. Reminds me of the story of "Mera naam joker"- a film far ahead of its times!

  28. @Shagun I can't..This 4 lines of awesomeness belongs to you...let it remain with u...:-)

  29. @Meera Yep....Mera Naam Joker portrayed the life of a sad clown very well..

  30. Never read a poem so profound with a mask of happiness/sadness. Beautiful work!

  31. Hey :)
    This is the first time I came across your blog and This post made me read more and more.
    Love your writing style (The chammak challo was awesome!) :) :)

  32. Women are expected to Rahul (not that am saying that women dont), Women have been considered the ones to be emotional and cry out their worries, and when they do it somehow it is expected out of the fairer sex to forget and move on, where as many forget that all are human and even the man feels, somehow we forget to see that and forget to acknowledge their griefs and sorrows, according to the society we live in (not just Asia), it expects of the man to toughen up and deal with it, hence the smile on the face even when they are broken up inside, tis not considered manly to cry isnt it?

  33. @Rachika Men may toughen up and deal with it....but not everyone does it with a smile on his face..Now does he??:-) In this 'sad clown' poem,I was referring to a group of people who make others laugh despite being very very disappointed themselves...
    :-) But I get ur point....

  34. @Saru Reallly???!!!Thanks so much!!:-)

  35. @Kinara Thanks so much...I will visit your blog and see what you got later.....It will take some time..:-)

  36. Well not to be rude but the poem does say he, so I naturally presumed it to be bout men...
    anyhow it is a very beautiful poem (:, best part bout poetry I think is the different way people interpret it...
    I love how you've mixed the Gothic with the religious side...the whole evil and good part wonderful :)

  37. @Rachika I used the pronoun 'he' coz I was writing this poem on myself.:-) But it applies to anybody else as well....and thanks for your kind appreciation...:-)

  38. I like that, I like that a lot.
    Nobody cares to ask the effervescent clown how he's feeling...
    Good one, mate.

    And I always, ALWAYS envy people who can make rhyming poems:| :P