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October 7, 2011

Love and other bugs-Part III

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Life's a bitch.Love even more so.
Life gives you a low-specs low-config PC.Love makes you want to run high-end software on it.
Rohit didn't have the looks or the money to woo a fab babe like Ankita.And yet,here he was.Head over heels in love.With a software which his hardware was gonna choke to death trying to keep pace with.If only life had given his hardware some good hard sense to keep it company!!!!!

To make matters worse,she was leaving him for good!!!!!!

"Woaah!!!Hyderabad?How come I didn't know any of this?" Rohit shot out incredulously at Ankita.

"I didn't know I'd get selected.So decided to wait before telling you."Ankita replied in a tone which seemed rehearsed to Rohit."I'll be leaving by the end of this month."

"But,must you go?What's so bad about Pune?"He sounded desperate.More desperate than he would have wanted to sound.Less desperate than he actually was.

"Rohit,it's paying me 1.5 times my current package!Plus,it's into product development.Not the shitty service-oriented mess we are in.Would you have let it go?"

He wouldn't.
Or would he?If Ankita was around,he might have.He could have thought about it.He could have stayed with her.....stared dreamily into her eyes...thought about what names their kids would have...dreamt about growing all shriveled-up and old together.
And screwed up his career in the process.
Damn you,love!No wonder people hate you so much!!!!

They didn't talk much after that day.He tried to drown all his single-hood and desperation in a sea of booze.But all that happened was that his S.A.D life  became sadder than he had ever thought possible.

Is it  just a weird freaking coincidence that Single And Desperate abbreviates to S.A.D?
Well,I guess we'll never know.
And so,on one such booze-induced night,Rohit was returning in a cab from a friend's place.With a sloshed mind occupied only with Ankita's dreamy thoughts.
Her flight would be leaving for Hyderabad tonight.He knew for sure he would miss her.He would miss her so very much.
He would miss  the cute dimples on her face as she talked.He would miss the intense light of a hundred emeralds dancing in her eyes as she giggled.
And he would miss her smile.That smile.

He had once found an oyster at a beach as a kid.His curious fingers had pried it open,and his puerile eyes had been put under a spell by the beautiful white pearl peeping out of it.He never knew just how long he had kept staring at it in stunned awe.That sight had taken his sight captive,and the rest of his senses with it.It was by far the most enticing,the most alluring,the most bewitching experience he had ever had.

Her smile always reminded him of that pearl.

But now that pearl was gonna get clamped up in that oyster forever.

"Hey,turn the cab around!!!!"Rohit hollered."I want to go to the airport!!!!!"

Maybe it was all that booze that made him turn around.Rohit was darn sure it was all that booze.The author is pretty darn sure it was something else.
He was drenched in sweat.The four chambers of his heart were beating like the walls of  four 18-inch bass-pounding speakers;the solidness of their output almost drowning out every other sound.

His cab had broken down 2 kms away from the airport.That lousy piece of junkyard shit!!!!With roughly  25 minutes to spare before she boarded her flight,he had made a dash for it.Like his life depended on it.

The stuff love makes you do!!!!

Panting and gasping for breath,he arrived at the airport counter with 12 minutes to spare.They won't let him inside the airport.Not without a ticket.He fished out his debit card to make the 10 grand payment for the earliest flight out of Pune to anywhere.He just had to get inside somehow!!Anyhow!!!!!The thought that all this money might actually go down the drain crossed his mind.Maybe he would be better off just calling her up and telling her not to go.

But no!!That wasn't gonna work.

10 grand!!Dammit!!!Whoever said love don't cost a thing obviously had a sick sense of humor!!!

After a 4 minute long queue for sec check which seemed to drag on forever,he was finally at the waiting lounge.Pune airport is fortunately a very small one.You take 70 odd steps and the entire airport is over.With only just one waiting lounge and about 6 minutes to spare,she shouldn't be too hard to find,should she?

He was wrong.Her flight seemed to have been delayed.And she was nowhere in sight.He frantically looked around,trying to catch a glimpse of her black cascading waterfall of hair.Or her long eyelash-ed eyes.Or her long slender neck......on her gorgeously elegant shoulders.

Nothing.She was nowhere!!!!

"Rohit,what on earth are you doing here??"
He turned around to meet her face to face.She was without any makeup whatsoever but she never seemed so  ravishing before.He could easily pull out his heart,put it in a gift bag cushioned with soft cotton and tissue paper,tie together the floppy handles of the bag with a ribbon,and hand over the bag to her.Just her.

"Ankita,please don't go.I beg you.I love you."
Even a kindergarten kid would have probably proposed  to his puppy love in a more heart-warming fashion.But in these matters, the gift of the gab eluded Rohit eternally.

Why on earth couldn't he just cry his heart out to Rani just like SRK in "Chalte Chalte"?Or maybe have some oldie goldie song ready.A song which she would know he would sing only to his beloved.That sure was a great time-saver trick!!Worked swell for Imran and Genelia in "Jane Tu Ya Jane Na",didn't it?Both these love lost heroes wooed back their lady loves in the airport.

Why the hell couldn't he?

"What?"She almost shrieked."This some kinda joke,Rohit?And how the hell did they allow you in here?"

"Shhh!!!"He moved closer to her and put his finger over her silk-petal-like lips."I spent 10 grand just to be able to spend less than 10 mins with you!Don't take that away from me."

She just stared at him wide-eyed as he resumed speaking."All this talk about feeling complete and everything.I never knew what that meant.Until I met you.I have been going crazy just thinking about you.I am trapped in those thoughts.Funny thing is,I don't think I want any release from them.I want them to stay forever.Just as I want you to stay forever."

"Rohit,I-I don't understand."she said,shaking her head.

"Don't say,you didn't know I like you."He looked at her eyes,searching for the faintest hint of affection in them.

She did know.She had kept herself away from him this whole past month,just so that it would be easy for him to forget her.

"I'm leaving on this flight tonight,Rohit!Nothing's gonna change that."She finally said decisively.

"Look.We can work something out.Don't say No ...pleeeez."

"Like what?Long-distance?That's never gonna work.You know it.I know it.The whole damn world knows it."

"Plllleeeeez don't go!"He almost cried.

"I'm sorry,Rohit.You and me ain't gonna work out.Byee.Take care.I will board my flight now."

"Is there no chance that we..." He stopped mid-way as she turned away from him to join the line of boarding passengers.

He stood rooted to the ground.Hoping,just hoping that she would turn to look at him.See the pain in his eyes,the heaviness settling in his chest,witness every fiber of his being calling out for her to stay back with him.

She didn't glance back at him.Not even once.

He still waited.Until he knew for sure that her flight must have left.Hoping.Just hoping.

He was turning to go away,all lights of his life having dimmed out,when she heard a voice behind him."Hey,aren't you forgetting something?"

She was back?She didn't leave him?Ohh!!!Sweet mother of god!!!!Life wasn't such a bitch after all.

He turned around happily.
Only to see a stranger girl holding a piece of paper in her hands.His 10 grand ticket!!!!Must have slipped out of his pocket.

"Umm.It's ok."He said crest-fallen."I don't need that.I missed the flight I actually came for."And he left.

Little did he know,that the girl holding that ticket would end up holding the ticket to his heart as well.She had seen and heard the entire scene between him and Ankita unfold before her eyes and ears with rapt attention.Her heart went out to him in sympathy.

She was that woman.The one he would have kids with.The one he would lovingly fight with over taking out the garbage.The one.His happily-ever-after delivered to him in a FedEx package.He just didn't know that yet.And neither did she.

But of course,that story was just beginning.:-)

*The End*



  1. Whaaa?! You can't just 'The End' it at the beginning of the damn story man!!-_- Finish it off, tell us how he ended up arguing about garbage with her, lovingly that too..

    What a twist:D You sure know how to pick your plots...

  2. Loved the way it end 'It was just the beginning :D...good ya Rahul, I won't say the plot was not very predictable, but phrases like fed-ex delivered, the software-hardware thingy make it fun to read. The comparison to a pearl was really lovely. Are men capable of doing this only in blogs/plots/novels? Why do they clamp shut when it comes to real life?

  3. @PeeVee Finish it off?????:-O Whaaat??And give up the opportunity to spin off a sequel???No way!!!!:-D Sequels are the in-things nowadays...No way am I gonna let that go!!!:-) And thanks..Hope u enjoyed it..

  4. @TheDragon He he.Now I don't write stories which are filled with twists and turns.I just try to make them entertaining.So yeah,my stories never really score beyond 1 or 2 on 10,as far as predictability is concerned.:-)
    And regarding that men clamping shut part,well I dunno.I personally shut up in real life as well...I can only imagine myself saying these kinda mush stuff to someone some day...;-)
    And thanks for liking it....

  5. Oh boy! You're such an amazing storyteller :)
    I'm running now to read your other posts! :P

    Take cre...

    Indie :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You're quite a story teller. The ending was very good and nicely worded...Try writing small fictions...:)

  8. @Amrita Glad you liked it.:-) Thanks...

  9. @Saru Short fiction?Hmm,well I'll try my hand at that too..:-)

  10. i was going all awww n aaahhh.. reading this one,it def fits in for a rom-com, i loved it loved it loved it.. were/how do you come up with - He could easily pull out his heart,put it in a gift bag cushioned with soft cotton and tissue paper,tie together the floppy handles of the bag with a ribbon,and hand over the bag to her... lol.. awesome one .. keep writing more n more n more.. :P

  11. @Menachery Wow!!!!!Thanks a lot!!!:-) Hehe...comments like this surely wanna make me write more and more...

  12. i like it, the ending,
    very Portrait Of A Lady like. :)
    Good work lad, well done you :) x

  13. @Rachika Portrait of a Lady?:-) Ok.So now I have to find out what that one is all about.And thanks a lot.:-)

  14. Your thighs are appletrees
    whose blossoms touch the sky.
    Which sky? The sky
    where Watteau hung a lady's
    slipper. Your knees
    are a southern breeze—or
    a gust of snow. Agh! what
    sort of man was Fragonard?
    —As if that answered
    anything.—Ah, yes. Below
    the knees, since the tune
    drops that way, it is
    one of those white summer days,
    the tall grass of your ankles
    flickers upon the shore
    Which shore?
    the sand clings to my lips
    Which shore?
    Agh, petals maybe. How
    should I know?
    Which shore? Which shore?
    the petals from some hidden
    appletree—Which shore?
    I said petals from an appletree.

  15. Portrait of a lady - William Carlos William
    enjoy :) x

  16. @Rachika :-) I get it...Thanks for posting this...

  17. epic series ! Waiting for the next one!

  18. Loved it loved it loved it. :)

    can't wait for the next one. Too cute this was. :D

    Btw, where IS that followers ka widget? :P

  19. @Sakshi This is epic????You should read my Complicated story........;-) And thanks so much!!!

    @Meghana Thanks for dropping by!!!!!:-) And followers widget is right the side....