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October 13, 2011

The flower and the bee

There she was-pretty,yellow and bright,

But her tiny heart wasn't quite feeling right!!!

She was a sensuous sight,an alluring flower,

But for no fault of hers ,her mood was sour!!

Her smile gone,she had no pleasure,no glee,

'Cause none visited her-not even a single bee.

Angry and alone,she one day asked a passing bee-

'Is my pollen and nectar not sweet enough for thee?'

Surprised,the bee answered-'You're gorgeous and grand,

Proudly and bewitchingly with spread petals you stand!

I would have gladly sipped your honey,dipped into your juice,

But then the friendship of the leaf below you I would lose.

You see he loves you deeply and truly-that shy fellow,

He can give up his life to protect your petals so mellow.

He asked us all to leave you alone,to leave you at peace

So our plundering visits to you have been caused to cease!!

He always loved you,from the day you were born,

He sings about you-evening,noon,night and morn!!

Go and talk to him now,you silly girl,you foolish lass,

Lest before you know true love-this moment shall pass!!!'

P.S. Often we seek love and companionship outside,above us,in places beyond our control and reach.While all the time,a leaf sitting quietly below us goes on loving us to no end......This is a poem dedicated to all such silent lovers and admirers.....Hope your love gets rewarded one day!!!!:-)



  1. So true..there is always darkness below the candle ..hmm. Btw even I wrote a poem on 'bee' when I was a 9yr old..and is on my blog but not worth reading ;)

  2. He he....gimme that link....I wanna read it right now..:-)


    Don't blame me later:p

  4. :-) Hmmm...looks like you and your bee have a fascination with 'ghee'...:-D I liked's's's's something I would probably sing aloud to my kid(when I have one) as a lullaby.....:-)

  5. It was for some on the spot poetry competition I guess and this is all I could manage:)

  6. I like it....:-) Any 9 year old who makes such an endearing sweet poem on the spot has got me as a fan!!!!!

  7. vei true...n wonderfully emoted... :)

  8. aww you are so good with poems..
    this reminded me of the song
    *sabse peeche ham khde by mohit chauhan*


  9. nice one..but I like the prose more :)

  10. you read them romantics a lot then?

    PS by romantics i mean Coleridge and Wordsworth,Keats and Shelley, etc.

  11. @Puji Thanks so much...
    @Chintan I gotta listen to that song.:-)
    @Sakshi Yeah,my poems suck!!!:-(
    @Rachika I don't know if u'll believe me-but I don't read poems at all....:-) Maybe tht's why I suck at them so bad....

  12. We often ignore the love of many, concentrating on that which cannot ever be ours. This was good! And hey, the point of a poem is not neat rhyming, its a neat potrayal of emotion! And you did too that. Plus, you don't need to read poems to be good at em. :D

  13. @Crystal Thanks so much for encouraging me...:-) It meant a lot to me....

  14. I really liked the way it flows... :)

  15. Ah!!hai main mar jawan gud khake!!;) kya metaphor hai!! wah waah!!...lovely words Rahul..see u are growing in ur writing with every post of urs...I can see that...oh!! don't thank me now for being ur first follower...ok fine ..go ahead u can thank me:P...:D

  16. @Aakriti I can thank you in each and every post...and not get tired of it...;-) Har Ek First Zaroori hota hai,remember???The first footstep in a journey of a million miles....the first drop of water in a mighty ocean..everything!!!!!And I am just glad,my first follower was you....Guess I have to thank Leonardo for it...after all,it was all becoz of that l8r u wrote to him..;-)

  17. haha!!!oh yea..!!hmm...yup thank him;)

  18. lovely poem & the dedication to silent lovers :)

  19. @Sujatha Glad you liked it...:-)

  20. This was so good Rahul...I'm going through this phase of poems boring me to death, even if they are good, I'm like OMG not another poem, blame it one some people who over do the good things, but now I'm other poems nowadays I skimmed through this intially but what got me back is this line 'He gave up his life to protect your petals so mellow'...It's just so beautiful. Way to go dude. I'm happy I follow you :D.

  21. @The Dragon I am even happier.Your comments make my day!!!!!!:-D

  22. Hahahaah I'd beg to defer with u on that though... Seem to have a pretty good flare for the poems. :)
    hope I get to read a few more :) xx

  23. omg! u got such a great flair for writing poems too! Now, this makes u happy i found ur blog. the message was wonderfully given but its not always the sch silent leaves exist, most of the time u need to put in ur share of love and affection to nurture the plant of relations :)


  24. @Sarah Thank you so much for your kind words..And yep,you made a very valid point..:-)

  25. Amazing! this was so sweet yet so profound...
    lovely, m short for adjectives..i really liked it :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. @A grain Thank u so much!!!!:-D