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October 28, 2011

What next????

So finally my'short' story is over.Frankly speaking,I don't think I would have tried my hand at it.But Saru Singhal  insisted that I do.And I thought,what the heck,let's give it a shot.Problem is,it seemed to me that my story needed at least 3 chapters in order for me to do it justice.But,still,it was a different experience trying to condense all that into one relatively short composition.Sometimes I feel like Karan Johar who can't do without 3+ hours to tell a story properly.:-)

I wanted to be able to write something which will touch readers deeply.That's one area of writing I am still not very comfortable with yet.In "Consumed",I focused more on creating a fast ,pacy short story in which readers won't lose their interest half-way.So as far as my original objective is concerned,I failed.The subject of love destroying individuals and eating up their entire existence has always fascinated me.Maybe I will explore this theme more deeply in some other story.Right now,I think it is time for a happy happy,fairy-tale like romantic comedy to come out of my pen.

"Consumed" was my third story here.The follow-up to Love and other bugs and Complicated.The former had 3 parts and the latter had a whooping nine parts!!!!!!Now I wonder what next . Philo wants me to write a rhyming poem.I want to pen the sequel to Love and other bugs.I wonder if these two can be combined in any way.Hell,it will be a romcom.Plenty of scope for insertion of a mush filled poem here and there.Anyway,I think it is high time that Rohit got united with his 'happily ever after'.So a sequel is coming soon to a monumentally cranky blogspot near you.

And not to forget-a big thank you to all of you.You just make me keep wanting to write more and more......:-D



  1. You are an amazing story-teller! :)
    You should more stories! :)

  2. Hmm!! I missed the stories, but then I have to be in the mood for fiction :( I suck at fictional stories, let me come back and read tomorrow when I am starting to work on the blogs...

  3. You are so good at telling stories...I'm not very good at it though:( Racking brains all the time...doesn't come so naturally as it is in your case...

  4. @Anu Thank you so much...
    @Chintan Ok.....will w8 till then..:-)
    @Manju Thanks.:-) Story writing doesn't come naturally to me as well....I have to rack my brains too..:-D So never shy away from writing stories..just try's fun..

  5. *write* more stories is what I meant! :P
    You're welcome! :)

  6. Okie Dokie!!! :D I'll try and continue with my efforts then! :)