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October 3, 2011

Love and other bugs-Part II

For Part I,go here

"So just what made you want to top the MCP Hall of Shame,Mr.Crow-Shit?"Ankita sneered at Rohit.They were at the Food Court as agreed,and apparently Ankita didn't want to waste time in pleasantries.

"The same thing which made you join the Bullshit Bitches Company," Rohit smirked."And BTW,you must be darn fond of the word 'shit',mustn't you?Ro-shit...crow-shit...make me shit in my pants???...blah blah..You sure got one stinky mouth the size of a football fie.. "

"Shit deserves shit,"Ankita left his sentence hanging mid-way."And BTW,even I was just a wee bit curious....just what made you so fucked up?What's your big problem with women,anyway?"

Problem?He didn't have a problem.Women were the problem.

"Women are living examples that God is a lousy programmer,"he retorted."He riddled the source code of human existence with bugs like you!!!"

"Why you misogynist piece of shi...".She stopped herself seeing the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile."You know something,for you a different definition of MCP has to be found out.Misogynist Crap Pot!!!!!Yep,that sounds like you all right!!!!!!"

Misogynist Crap Pot!!!Rohit noted it down.Could come in handy in some future blogs.Some wit this Amazonian bitch had!!!He could feel the beginnings of a grudging admiration stirring in his heart.

"Ok.Enough with the fluff talk," he tried to put on a matter-of-fact tone."Down to business now.Tell me this.Are we going to spend this conversation rambling about what a huge mistake my parents made by making out on that fateful night...Or do you actually have something important to say?"

"Nothing.I just wanted to see what a misogynist slob with a flair for writing actually feels like talking to," she said eyeing him with defiance.

"And the verdict is?"

"Unimpressive!!!"She laughed out."And I am being lenient here.You obviously can't stand women coz you can't get anywhere with them.Tccch...tccccchh....I think I could have pitied you.But you're just too plain obnoxious!!!!!!!!!"

Damn!!!This bitch was good.

He was already starting to like her.

"Funny,"he smiled wryly."I thought you were going to ask me whether I hate women because I don't get them or whether I don't get them because I hate them."

"Hah!!!Does it make a difference?"

"It does to me.Look,I know I write a whole load of baloney on my blogs.And yep,I do it out of sheer frustration.But it's not just because I'm put off by women.I know gals and chicks have every fucking right to ignore me and dismiss me without even a thought.And trust me,although I  hate them for it,I hate myself  even more.I hate myself coz I'm not just good enough for them.I'm not smart enough or I don't have looks to die for.I get that,ok??"

Ankita opened her mouth to speak but Rohit silenced her with a gesture of  his hand.
"I'm not done yet."He went on."Women just friggin' dismiss my CV without as much as giving it a second glance.I get that.But I can't go on hating myself.So I just blog to let off my steam.I don't care if people read them or not.Or what they think of it.Believe me,when the first few comments started pouring in,I was surprised.I didn't think people would consider the moronic  thoughts of a loser worth reading,let alone commenting.Sure it feels good and all.....right now.Gives my shitty vulnerable self-worth its much needed ego-boost.And maybe that's why,I just keep doing what I do.I  don't want to hurt people,I don't .But if you don't like what I write,you can just stop reading them.Right?"

Rohit stopped to catch his breath.He half-expected her to say something.But she just kept on looking at him with a queer expression he couldn't fathom.

"There,interview over?May I leave now?" he asked,trying to wrest out of her some semblance of a reply.

Seconds passed without any of them exchanging a word.

Rohit was beginning to get impatient when she finally replied with a wide grin,"You know,I came here half wanting to drill some manners into that nut-case brain of yours and half wanting to bash you black and blue.But you are one honest sonofabitch!!I like that."

Rohit didn't know what to say to that;he just kept his lips zipped.

"And stop reading your posts?????Nooo way!!!!,"she continued."Me and my colleagues love them.They sit right there with the Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield strips we dig so much!!!Kinda lits up those dull mornings sometimes!!!Me and my buddies hatch devious plots to screw the shi...uhh...screw the balls out of you!!!!" At this point,she almost giggled.

His writings lit up her mornings?
Damn,her mint-fresh smile and cute dimples were lighting up his dull evening too!!!!
She suddenly wasn't that vicious succubus from that man-hating hell anymore!!She was that bubbly ball of joy he wanted to hug and kiss.
He could surely learn to love this chick.Without an iota of doubt!!!!

After that day,they talked and they  talked often.Evening snacks at the office canteen turned into hang-outs at MacD and PizzaHut.Chat conversations turned into movie outings.Two months flew by like two hours of some breezy romantic comedy flick.He was falling in love and he knew it.He thought she was falling in love too.

But he was wrong...

To be continued...



  1. Ooooh, twist in the plot eh? Go on...

  2. tan tanaaaa...and the blossoms of love can be seen emerging on the barren branches of the dead tree;) haha!! You seem one hard core romantic to me Rohit...or better still..just clear my doubt?;)

  3. see...I had that character in my mind..and instead of writing Rahul..I wrote Rohit!! haha!:P

  4. alright.. I'm all geared up for the next one to come now :)

  5. @Meds Now you gotta tell me what makes you like it so much..;-)

  6. @Aakriti //the blossoms of love can be seen emerging on the barren branches of the dead tree

    Damn!!!That was goooooooood!!!!!Why don't stuff like these occur to my dim-witted brain,I'll never know!!!:-)

  7. @Aakriti Hard-core romantic????Dunno...:-) Might be a soft-core romantic tho.....

  8. @Priyanka Hmmm...hope I can end your wait soon!!!!:-)

  9. hmm.. liked their argument..choicest words.. redefinitions of terms.. it just reminded me that u were the one who told me the standard full form of MCP back in 2006-7..

  10. Rahul I'm confused...Is this fiction or actual happenings with a fictional Rohit ;)...even i'm gonna have to come up with a jhakaas love story soon, with atleast 3 'to -be-continueds'...seems to be all the trend currently.

  11. Hey that is a good one.. both the parts.. and u have ended in a right spot.. it looks more like a fact noted in a diary..
    So this confusion of fact or fiction remains and increases interest..!

    On a lighter note.. is this how people of my generation speak? should I change my vocab?? :)

  12. @The Dragon He he.:-) Fiction,mam.Nothing but fiction.

    @KP //it looks more like a fact noted in a diary..
    It does?:-) Dunno.It wasn't a conscious attempt on my part.Maybe my writing style is just like that.And thanks very much.
    Lighter note-Not really.But I couldn't think of making the usual way of conversing interesting enough to fill an entire story chapter with.:-)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. oh oh oh nooo .. wat happens next .. gosh this was lyk a pizza being taken out ryt frm ur mouth.. i need to read the next bit as well...:P .. love the mcp bit .. ths 1 sounds betta :) ...

  15. @menachery :-)he he...thanks.....let's see what I can cook up in the next part..

  16. First, I want to apologize. I missed your post and the reason is many times, my dashboard doesn't load properly and I miss some posts... Now coming to this story, it's building up nicely and I'm off to the next one...:)

  17. @Saru No apologies needed whatsoever.The fact that you're enjoying the story is rewarding enough!!!!:)