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October 23, 2011

Life so far

I am a smart guy.It's just that I specialize in making highly unsmart choices.
First,he makes me slog my ass off coming up with smart choices.
Then he goes right ahead to do exactly the opposite!Hmppph!!

But I make some accidentally good ones too.Just like my decision to join Infosys,straight out of college.
This Friday,my stint at Infy ended.It was a 3 years 4 months stint.And just like anything that stretches that long,it had its fair share of ups and downs.It was in Infy,I discovered my passion for writing.And along with that,I unearthed a whole lot of startling and not-so-startling facts about myself as well.
I tested positive for all those psychological disorders??!!Yikeees!!!!

Something which I learnt in these 3 years is-life ain't about making the right choices or the wrong ones.It's about learning to make your choices work for you.There ain't no good choices or bad choices.The merit or demerit of choices lie only in their consequences and outcomes .
The outcome may not be!

No matter,how much thinking and knowledge-gathering goes into arriving at a decision,life has a tendency to take us off-guard,to knock us out when we are most vulnerable,to twist our well planned choices into a mockery of unforeseen and unintended consequences.
Hey Life!Don't punch me so hard,
Just gimme a fair game, one good card!!

Somewhere down the line,I realized that life isn't to be taken too seriously.If life makes us happy,then smile.If life makes us sad,try to find what's funny about it and still smile.
Smile!An everlasting smile.It'll do you good,mile after mile!!

I dunno what lies ahead.I can just hope.:-) It's another thing I learnt in these 3 years.Hope is the last penny in your emotion's bank balance.Never in your life make the mistake of giving it away!:-)
Hope.Cleansing your worries.Since 50,000 B.C.
P.S.Google Images -serving image plunderers like me ever since its conception!! :-)
P.P.S.A friend of mine mentioned I look funny in my new profile pic!!!!Horrors,I say!!!:-(



  1. Haha I couldn't do this expressing-through-pictures thing at all..and the first line had me.:D And hahaha I liked the PS

  2. woaa...good number of things to learn in these three years of urs...and yes HOPE is one thing we gotta cling to even in times of despair!! and yes I agree with Crystal..good job emoting thru pics..

  3. And what are the plans for the future, I ask.
    And I liked the previous DP better, I must say.

  4. @Crystal :-D Thanks..
    @Aakriti Thanks again!!!
    @Priyanka Plans for the future???He he...I am about to join another IT company.:-P And regarding DP,hmm....guess I might have to change it then...

  5. Hmmm..all the best for your future Rahul. Yes, decisions are never right or wrong. People always feel that the decisions I have taken have always been on an impulse and have been wrong most of the times. But, those decisions have worked wonders for me.

  6. Yes Rahul Pinx is the dragon girl!!! What does my signature say dude!!! Ky hai out of sight out of mind is it? Even I joined IBM right out of college...gonna be 4 years in was my dream then, now it's time to move on and I'm frightened beyond my wits....where are you off too now buddy? And that monkey was also photoshopped on you :P ? Nice dole shole yaar :D

  7. @Pooja Thanks.So all your decisions have stood you in good stead,eh???:-) I am glad to know that.Hope that streak continues.....

  8. @Priyanka The Dragon is ur allergy now??All cured?????And no,you were outta sight,but I missed you like hell...I wondered where you were all this time..So,leaving IBM?Where to now???Best of luck for whatever lies ahead...and thanks for the 'dole shole'...:-D

  9. :) I have never signed an infosys offer letter, I hopefully may not either. They do not work the way I like to work...but as they say, never say never :)

    Its a profound post yet funny....

    ps: and I hated *ain't*!! I can not stand american twisted english.....please blame london for this :D

    Cheers :)

  10. I also think that life should not be taken that seriously. Also, I loved this narration here. Thanks for sharing it with lovely pictures and with interesting lines below it!


  11. @Chintan Hmm...working in companies like Infy ain't exactly my dream either..:-D Just waiting for better opportunities to come knocking at my door..:-)

  12. You look like a Macho man in your new profile picture :P Now Smile :D

    I loved the post. You made it funny with your pictures and the write up, but deep down it meant something :) I loved it.

    Hope is indeed something one much never lose..and one must live in the present and should trying smiling whenever possible :)
    Making things work for us is not always easy, but we must not give up :)

    Life teaches us so much..each passing time has something in store for us :)

    Keep writing :)
    Take Care Macho Man =D

  13. @Philo made my day!!!:-) Thank you so much!!!!:-) And I am glad you liked the post...:-D

  14. ahaa..Infosys made u wise indeed, any chance of me getting a job so gain all that wisdom? :P

    And hope is the first as well as last penny in our emotion's bank it away is definitely not a wise thing to do.

    good luck for ur future endevours :)


  15. @Sarah You already are a wise individual!!!You were wise enough to drop by my blog when no one else was interested in it,right???:-D Jokes apart....thank u so much...:-)