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October 6, 2011


Stuff I plan to do during this 4-day long weekend @ home:
1.Watch She's All That,Captain America,Green Lantern and Mere Brother Ki Dulhaan.
2.Design my own blog template from scratch.Let's just hope I don't end up scratching those grand plans of mine in the first place.
3.Pen the final chapter of my story.

And why on earth am I jotting all these down???
Nuthing to it really.:-)Just the fooolish hope that writing all these down will give me that extra push to stay committed to my plans.;-)

I am back to Kolkata on Doshomi.Visiting Kol @ the last day of Puja celebrations almost feels like having to feed oneself on the leftovers after the sumptuous feast is over.
The pandals are relatively empty;and the people's energy and enthusiasm are reluctantly eyeing the exit just as the MLAs of the party on its way to getting voted out in the next elections .
Ahh well,never liked too much of noise and boisterous display of exuberance anyway.So I guess I ain't complaining....:-)



  1. Your story? A story? As in, a novel? Is it? And trying to design your own template, is one tedious task, actually. Don't forget to take a complete backup of it, before you screw it up bad. I did, and it sucked. And Mere Brother ki Dulhan? Er, save some time, avoid watching it. :p

  2. @Arjit More like a short story divided into chapters...:-) It's on my blog too....And yep,regarding the template thingy...I plan to do all the dissection-engineering-reverse engineering stuff on a test blog made exclusively for this reason alone..Once I am satisfied with that one,I will bring the Emperor's new clothes for this blogsite...;-)

  3. :) Ayyiioooo!! Fiction? Or Real?

    Please to keep it real, I like reading real life stories :)

    And enjoy your long weekend...


  4. Cool, you're designing your blog template. And Story, thats interesting...:)

  5. cut off 'mere brother ki dulhan from ur list' puhleezzz..its a sheer wastage of ur 3 hrs :/

    rest all...go on..good luck..have fun :D


  6. @Everyone The story is right here on this blog,you know-Love and Other Bugs.I have posted 2 parts.Final part is in the works right now.:-D Just scroll down a few posts and you'll see it.

    @Chintan As long as real-life can keep things interesting,I'll keep my fiction as real to life as possible....
    @Saru He he...actually now I'm getting cold feet..designing a template ain't easy....I think I'll take it easy...Customize less in the initial stages and then build up on that...
    @SubtleScribbler....Till now I watched Cap America in full and a quarter of Mere BKD..I don't think I can watch the entire movie.... :-D

  7. Hey...good luck on the template...and yes..I agree on 'Mere brother ki Dulhan'..Nothing new there...

    And which story are you talking about..

    Love and other bugs??

  8. @ Rahul,, Bijoya Greetings to you. Yes doshomi is a sad day to visit Kolkata.. What is your story about? I am writing one too. Infact my fiction blog does not seem to be moving AT ALL ( Extremely challenging to keep up ones efforts on that. All the best!

  9. @Meera Thank u so much for the wishes...:) My story?A romcom..what else???Regarding keeping up one's effort-ohh well!!!!As long as the comments come pouring one,my brain gets the extra dopamine necessary to put itself back to story-writing mode.:-)

  10. Save yourself the pain and 3 hours and skip my brother ki dulhan, please.

  11. I so wanna visit kolkata once in my life !! I'm so J of u ryt now :P

  12. @Sakshi :-) I am sure one day tht wish of urs is gonna get fulfilled.....