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October 1, 2011

Geeky Weeky

The geek in me is just in love with the idea of blogger templates.Can't wait till I have a blog template of my own.By my own,I mean absolutely my own.Designed from scratch,by me.All images and backgrounds will be of my choice and my choice alone.Hell,I will create those images on my own.Know enough about GIMP and Photoshop to pull off sumthing like that with ease!!!!!!!No stupid website names and author names to indicate who had actually created the 3rd party template I will be using.It will totally be me.My current template-I snatched it up from some googled up site-it sucks..:-( I like it,but I hate it too..All these frilly Japanese anime style headers don't do it for me.....But it is kinda different....I haven't seen too many bloggers using it.....So I kinda hooked up my blog with this one...But the wait has not ended....I can't wait to learn enough about blogger templates so that I can start designing one on my own....Just when the hell will my S/w Engineering background come in handy,huh?????;-)



  1. All the best Rahul..! When you do that may be you can custom design for others like me :) It is not geeky my friend. It is creativity- think of yourslef as a modern day Micheal Angelo or Da Vinci!

  2. He he...:-) When I achieve sufficient proficiency to design your blog and when I tell you how I went about achieving that proficiency,you will see what I meant by being geeky...;-)

  3. @Meera And thanks for your encouragement..:-)

  4. Looking forward to seeing a template designed by you:) I have been trying to change my blogger template from past so many days. But, I just don't seem to find the right one. Here I go again in search of the unknown. Catch you later.

  5. @Pooja Best of luck!!!!!!!:-)

  6. arghh!!! tried every template featured on google!!! none suits my blog..when you get to know everything about HTMLs, design one for me!