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October 25, 2011


You just know you are suffering from an acute case of Writer's Block when you have been unable to proceed with a story you have been toying in your mind for two weeks now.I dunno when my neural networks would fire up again,so for now, let stories take a rest.Let's focus on something else here.Poems. :)

I am a bad poet.My poems are meant for seven-year-olds who think rhyming is still cool.
The thing is-without rhyming,I can't write a poem.It doesn't make any creative sense to me.Why....I would rather write prose in stead,if I am not rhyming.A poem without rhyme and rhythm is just glorified prose right???

Well,that is what I used to think.Until I chanced upon the poems of a few awesome bloggers.They didn't rhyme,but boy,did their poems rock!!!!!The depth,the emotions,the feelings.....they kept me coming back for more...

One of these bloggers is .I went through a dozen or so of her poems,and while I couldn't connect with all of them,the ones I did like,totally blew me away.She is just one of those intelligent poetesses who weave magic and profound thoughts into her poems with awesome ease.

So,if you happen to know of such poem powerhouses,do leave me a link in the comments section.And yep,if you want to write poems of your own,now maybe a good time to try your hand at it. :) If a shitty writer like me can try his hand at it,you can too.:-)

Best of luck...and happy trekking in PoemVille....



  1. Rahul if you think rhyming is kids play then why are Shakespeare or Marlowe or Wordsworth or Keats or Shelley or even Coleridge so revered?
    If you have time look up Christian Boks poems
    he has definitely changed the word poetry, he in the absolute sense is a genius.
    Poetry is more the question to an answer rather than a answer to a question, it feels, it moves, poems have a life source of their own.
    someone said 'Form is the content and content is form.'
    I believe each poem is special, may it be a sonnet or free-verse.
    Happy Writing :) x

    PS link to Boks' site

  2. @Rachika Now your comment seems like a poem in itself.:-) He he.I never thought,rhyming is kid's play.It's just that even a kid can write the poems I write.That's what I meant to convey.:-D

  3. WAO!
    Ahh !! OMG this ws unexpected! Well thanks Rahul. :) hehe I dunno what to say really :) Thank you

  4. @Sakshi Hell,you deserve more!!!!I just wish more people could come and visit your poems and writings.....:-)

  5. Macho Man changed his profile picture again??? :P
    Don't want to be Hercules?? :D

    When I was a kid, I thought that poems had to have rhyming words in them else they weren't poems :)
    But then, I realized that rhyming wasn't necessary :)

    I like reading rhyming poems cause I'm not good at writing them :)
    Do post your poems :) I would love to read them!

  6. @Philo Macho man is scouting for new pics of himself to post here....;-) Till then,this pic will have to do...and thanks so much for your kind words..:-)

  7. So the next picture will be of you lifting your hands and showing your muscles ??? :P Or posing like Hercules draped in a white ancient dress? :P or like a Rockstar with long hair??? :D :D

  8. @Philo The next pic will be a decent,sober,guy-next-door pic..:-D Sorry to disappoint you..;-)

  9. Guess what..i also used to think that poems are boring without rhyming and all that..but when i started reading different kind of them i started to find the meanings in them..guess it happens initially and then you can also master the art of writing a poem
    I don't know if i write poems well or not but i too have mostly poems in my blog...You can check them out if you want to :)

  10. Rahul poetry is something that I just cannot write. But yeah poetry is probably the best medium to express one's inner thoughts! I will take a look at the site and hope your writer's block will unblock itself post Diwali- Happy Diwali and keep blogging!

  11. @Alcina Your poems are lovely.I have already read quite a few of them.Thanks:-)

  12. @Meera Happy Diwali to you too...:-) And I am aiming for a Diwali-unclogging of my writer's block...Let's see...:-)

  13. hmmm...Poemville?? Well I had to read this post of urs...So...u are a shitty writer? Ahan? or are u looking for praises around here, by saying that? Tryint to be modest or what? Share karo...fir hum decide karenge kitni shitty kavita hai tumhari..ya nahi..and well..there's more to poems than just the rhyming..sure it adds a touch of a song and gives the words a musical flow...but think over which poems have flow in them as in rhyme scheme and which do not..there's an unconscious purpose behind everything...n so goes for writing as well...

  14. Must you read Kunal if you already don't! He is my fav these days and wallahhh!! what he writes...


    here is the link....

  16. @Chintan Thank you so much for posting the link..:-)


    I also second by CHintan's link above.

    ps: YOU.ARE.NOT.A.BAD.POET, esp after 'the flower and the bee' :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. @A grain of Sand Thank u so so much...i read the posts...awesome they are..:-)